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🕌Mosques in Jammu and Kashmir :
1. Hazratbal Mosque :
The #Hazratbal Shrine in Hazratbal, Srinagar situated on the Northern bank of the #DalLake, #Srinagar. The silvery-white #Hazratbal #Mosque is revered for housing a relic, the Prophet’s hair. #Kashmir #Srinagar #Muslim .
The name of the shrine comes from the Farsi word Hazrat, meaning "#respected", and the #Kashmiri word Bal, meaning "Place". Thus it means the place which is given high regard and is respected among the people.The place is also known as Assar-e-Sharif, #Dargah Sharif, #HazratBal .
2. 𝐉𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐚 𝐌𝐚𝐣𝐢𝐝 𝐒𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐠𝐚𝐫: A 600-year-old #Mosque in #Srinagar,located in the Nowhatta area in the middle of the old city. The tranquil #Mosque is known for its unique #architecture, the highlight being the 378 wooden Deodar pillars.#kashmirvalley #Kashmiriyat .
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People of #Pakistan & some politicians from #Turkey boast a lot about their friendship

Being a true #Hypocrite @ImranKhanPTI head of 1st islamic state has shaken hands with #China

Here is a thread on how Turkic Muslims #Uighur are treated in China

#Shame 👇

First of all. Lets us get to know #Uighur Muslims

Who are they ? ? ? ? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

#Uighur Turkic muslim follow Sunni #Islam the same religion that is followed by 75% - 95% of #Pakistan

👇 Their Introduction


What is happening with the #Uighur the Turkic muslims in #China ?


Systematically Oppressed

Horrific stories of separating mothers from children

Traditional muslim names not allowed for new borns

Spy apps on muslims phones to keep a check

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1)BREAKING: #ISIS Furqan promoting upcoming release. Will be from either Baghdadi’s successor or spox. ISIS’ current spox has issued 2 audios since taking the position -in Oct 2019 & Jan 2020. Thus far, leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurashi has yet to be featured in vid/audio
2)#ISIS former spox notably killed 1 day after #Baghdadi, leaving the reigns to Abu Hamza al-Qurashi. This release comes on heels of #Ramadan 2020 & ISIS Battle of Attrition military campaign, both of which spelled a substantial uptick in ops across #Iraq #Syria & global provs
3)In preparation for the new speech from #ISIS leadership, group supporters have been creating channels and groups on various platforms to prepare for the dissemination of the piece, be it video or audio.
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We the teams of @Iftar4All plan to make your #Eid more special.

Our team member Afsar Raza conducted a robust survey and identified around a 100 beneficiaries so that our iftar reached everyone we could in the village
For this a research was conducted in the villages of Charkhawan and Raj Bigha and New Area. We conducted this distribution with all necessary social distancing norms etc and in collaboration with the district administration in the district.
This is the true spirit of #Ramadan
This year, the holy fasting month was be a sombre affair and opportunity to be close and serve each other. We hope to inspire others to share an iftar and take care of each other just like our team members.

Seen here, the birthday boy Afsar Raza packing iftar kits.
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Al-Allamah Shaykh Abdul-Azeez Ibn Baz (Rahimahullah) was asked:

What is meant by the saying of the Prophet (SAW):
“Fasting, the day of fasting, and breaking fast, the day of breaking fast, and the day of sacrifice, the day of sacrifice?” (Saheeh Tirmidhi).

He answered:

Its meaning is clear, do not decide to fast alone without other people. If you see the crescent of Ramadan,
and the people refuse to take your words and they do not believe you, do not depend on your sighting, because the crescent is about people starting the fast of #Ramadan together and dropping it when they sight the crescent 🌙 of Shawwal also together.

~(Fataawa Ibn Baz).
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FAQs about Zakaat-ul-Fitr by DCL/Feed A Soul (A Thread).

Q: What is Zakaat al-Fitr?

A: Zakaat al-Fitr is the charity paid at the end of Ramadaan by every Muslim who possesses food that is more than their needs (i.e they have enough to eat during 'Eid & more).
Q: Who is to pay Zakaat al-Fitr?

A : Every Muslim who has food to eat on the day of 'Eid. They have to pay Zakaat al-Fitr 4rm what's left (of their food) after they would have taken enough for themselves & their family.

Q: Is it paid by only adults?

2/8 #ZakaatalFitr
A: No. The head of household can also pay Zakaat-ul-Fitr 4 their children & other dependent relatives.

Q: When is Zakat al-Fitr paid?

A: Zakat al-Fitr is paid towards d end of Ramadaan. However, it must be paid unfailingly before 'Eid prayer, so that d poor can eat well on Eid
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#Muslims continue to battle the demons of division and bigotry. The senseless murder of #AyaHachem is so painful and yet her beliefs have overshadowed her death 💔

#Ramadan is a time to step back and self-reflect - your collective conscious is screaming otherwise 🙄 /1
When will you understand that this is fuel and arsenal for Islamaphobic right-wing nutjobs? Its a feeding frenzy for the degenerates

You forget that by identifying yourself as #Muslims, you tarnish the reputation of #Islam by giving into your bigotries. /2
Its also a painful reminder that you believe in #peace but your actions display inhumane practices. You are completely disconnected from the reality of your faith. Your cruel indulgences have become your own undoing. Your ignorance breeds intolerance! 🙄 /3
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It has been beautiful to listen to Mujesira from Bosnia and Herzegovina reciting Qur'an as part of our live mukabela with many #femalereciters. Mujesira kindly agreed to share her recitation for the #femalereciters campaign.
Surah Ali 'Imran (3:144-145).
Mujesira also sings the Bosnian ilahija, 'Oprosti ja Rabb' so incredibly beautifully mA…
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What is Laylat al-Qadr? Here’s all you need to know about what is considered to be the holiest night of the Islamic holy month of #Ramadan |
The exact date of Laylat al-Qadr is unspecified, but it is believed to occur on one of the last 10 days of #Ramadan |
Since no one knows exactly which night marks Laylat al-Qadr, most Muslims observe all of the last 10 evenings of #Ramadan by offering extra prayers and reciting the Quran
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Laziness In Prayer Is A Trait of The Hypocrites! Guard Your Obligatory & Tarāweeḥ Prayers. [THREAD] Image
Shaykh Muḥammad Ṣāliḥ al-'Uthaymīn رحمه الله said: "Whomsoever performs the Prayer upon a manner of laziness then in him is a resemblance to the Hypocrites, so be wary & cautioned from resembling the Hypocrites.
Perform the prayer with energy and happiness & pleasure; and by Allāh, indeed the believer in reality is certainly pleased when the (time for) prayer arrived because he will stand before Allāh and call upon Him.
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A thread on the “Night of Power” (Laylat al-Qadr), one of the holy nights in the last ten nights of Ramadan.

In honor of approaching the last nights of #Ramadan, known as Laylat al-Qadr, the Night of Power, Night of Destiny, a thread on: #Laylatalqadr #Nightofpower #Ramazan
Hidden in the last ten nights of Ramadan is a night called Night of Power (Laylat al-qadr). This is a night that Muslims cherish, a night that according to the Qur’an, the angels and the Spirit descend down.
Commentators differ on the identity of the “Spirit”. Some think it refers to the archangel Jibril (Gabriel), others say that it refers directly to God’s mercy.
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#Ramadan Reminder.

Dear Muslim Men,

Kindness to your wife & satisfying her sexually, based on the concept of, "Wa lahunna mithlul lazee alaihinna bil ma'a roof"... IS A MUST!

“Women have rights over you the same way you have rights over them!”

Issa thread.
2/ Among some of the great things Islam did to humanity is wiping out racial & gender prejudices, & inequalities.

This, at a time when a girl child is being buried alive because in the pre-Islamic era, she signifies doom. A woman is inherited alongside her husband's properties,
3/ she cannot inherit anything neither from her father nor her husband, a woman would be taken to the backyard upon commencement of her menstruation & treated like a trash until she becomes pure again amongst other injustices meted on the women folks. Islam stopped all that!
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With mass religious gatherings suspended in most countries, #COVID19 has forced drastic changes to how Muslims observe #Ramadan.

But it is not the first time. Here's how Muslim worship has been adapted throughout history | #AJInRamadan Image
1. Qarmatian raid, 930

The annual Hajj pilgrimage was cancelled after the leader of the Qarmatian tribe, based in eastern Arabia (present-day Bahrain), attacked Mecca.

According to some accounts, as many as 30,000 were killed
2. Cholera outbreak, 19th century

At least 27 cholera outbreaks flared in Mecca between 1830 & 1930. Hajj was suspended as a result in 1837 & 1846.

Quarantine ports were set up for Hajj in 1866 to limit the spread of the disease Image
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1️⃣Yep, #Obama was the Antichrist, but there’s no need to fear him.
He is no super human demon.

He was just a CIA puppet playing the role of #Antichrist & #Mahdi to bring in the Caliphate to cause WW3.

WakeUp you are in the Blessed Day! 🐍leave not us!
2️⃣The Mahdi is the M_sl_m end times messiah who was to appear after great conflict & violence (🚨believe they can bring on their own prophecy).

They hinted to the Isl_m_c 🌍 that he was their Mahdi, by using their common language of history!
3️⃣With his trip to Egypt he instigated conflict by insisting the #MuslimBrotherhood be at his
Cairo speech.

He had the gall to have Egypt’s enemies given FRONT ROW SEATs!

The Islamic history of this day was no coincidence! It was the day of the 1st MuslimCivilWar!!!
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Shaykh Allaamah Ibn Uthaymeen (Rahimahullah) was asked this question & this was his reply:

This questioner believes there is a difference between the two. In reality, there's no difference between them.
Taraweeh is part of Qiyamul Layl (or Tahajjud). Thus, we consider Muslims that stand (in prayer) in the month of #Ramadan from the beginning of the night. This is because, the saying of the Noble Prophet (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) that: "Whoever stand (in prayers) the nights of
#Ramadhan with faith & seeking Allah's reward, then Allaah Has forgiven him/her whatever he/she has sinned in the past", comprises of Taraweeh, because it is part of Qiyaamul Layl, without any doubt. However, it has become a culture in some people that the night prayer in which
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I distinctly remember at the beginning of #Ramadan I told one of my friends how I was going to miss running outside during this month....and she suggested that I just go on my daily run after Iftar...when the sun is down. /1
Today that same friend texted me the story of #AhmaudArbery and profusely apologized for being so insensitive and not recognizing that I don’t have the same privileges as some. /2
At the time I didn’t even have the capacity to delve into a lengthy conversation about why I, a larger black male, did not feel comfortable running at night in a mostly white neighborhood. /3
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From Bangkok to Gaza - here's how some worshippers have continued with their #Ramadan rituals amid the #coronavirus outbreak — in pictures | #AJinRamadan

1. A Muslim man prays at a mosque on the first day of the of Ramadan in Bangkok, April 24, 2020
2. A Palestinian Muazzin (a person who does the call to prayer) reads the Quran in an almost empty mosque in the northern Gaza Strip, April 24, 2020 | #AJinRamadan
3. Worshippers pray near the Kaaba in the Grand Mosque while practicing social distancing in the holy city of Mecca, May 4th, 2020 | #AJinRamadan
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#Thread : the #humanitarian responses by #Muslim individuals n orgs during d #COVIDー19. This is not to please anyone but to put things on record. When hate has become d new normal, it becomes imperative to spread love n compassion. Mera paigham #Mohabbat hai jaha tak pahunche…
In #Bengaluru: Muslim Neighbours Step In To Help Bereaved Hindu Family via @BangaloreMirror

More here :
In #Indore : Muslim men carry a Hindu woman’s bier when relatives refused to help the family via @the_hindu

More here :
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Some thoughts about using #Ramadan to help our patients.

Ramadan usually lasts 29-30days depending on the lunar calendar.

We're about a third of the way in...the middle part is about asking for forgiveness.
Praying-Help a person structure their routine according to the 5daily prayers. Not everyone can manage all 5 prayers. Start with the easiest and build up

They can shorten their prayers and only read the obligatory (fard) units for each prayer time and build up
Are they losing their concentration? No problem. Try some attention training exercises or mindfulness.

Get them to notice when their mind wanders and bring it back to their breath and/ or a focus point on their prayer mat

Take a bit longer when prostrating. Very grounding
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🔭LIVE FROM SACRAMENTO, it’s #science #trivia night! Welcome to @TriviaWithBens hosted for @CapSciComm🌶️ #CapSciCommLive! Follow the game here on Twitter or find dial-in for the live audio (instructions:…) Tonight's theme: Islam. #Ramadan Mubarak! [1/n]
🐶@TriviaWithBens Rules: No limit on how many people to a team—solo, with family/roommates, or virtually with friends! Come up with your team name and have a great time. Tweet selfies with your team and team name all night long by tagging @TriviaWithBens and #CapSciCommLive 🌶️!
🐶@TriviaWithBens Rules for #CapSciCommLive 🌶️: We will score answers after each round. Y'all are on your honor to score your own sheets. No checking your phone/internet or your home bookshelf for answers while playing! This isn't a Google-contest 😂🧐…
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A hadith on praying in mosuqes and tarabeeh:
When Prophet Muhammad SAW first started praying in the mosque during the night in the month of #Ramadan, his companions started gathering behind him. ( Something that was later given the name #Taraweeh)+(1/5)
Word spread that Prophet SAW is leading the Qiyam and soon the masjid was overflowing with people.  It went on for three days, and on the fourth day the companions who assembled there couldn’t hear his voice leading the prayers. (2/5)
They waited by the door and then Prophet came out and said, you continued doing what I saw you doing until I was afraid that this prayer might become enjoined upon you. And if it becomes mandatory you may not be able to fulfil it. So he asked them to offer it at their homes.(3/5)
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1. Sleep Daily by 10pm.
2. Wake up 3am.
3. Tahajjud 3:30am till 4:15am
4. Study Quran for 20mins, at least 10verses with meaning. 4:15am - 4:35am. Observe your Dua for 10mins, ask all your desires from Allah 4:35-4:4
5. Eat Sahur 4:45am till 5:05am
6. Rest till 5:20am but do not sleep.
7. Pray Solat Subhi: 5:30am
8. Do Morning Azkar till 6am/6:30am
9. Rest/Prepare for the day till 7am.
10. 11am - 11:30am
Pray Solat Duha, at least 4 Rakats.
11 Constantly Listen to Quran.
12. Pray Solat Zuhri by 1pm. Do 20mins Azkar.
13. Pray Solat Asr by 4pm & Do 20mins Evening Azkar.
14. 7pm break your fast with what you can afford. But pray and ask Allah for anything and everything you want before breaking the fast. Pray Solat Magrib, your Dua will not be rejected.
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Wishing #Ramadan mubarak to all those observing the holy month/ Ramazan ayınız mübarek olsun

In 1896 the #Ottoman newspaper Servet-i Fünun featured a drawing of a mosque adorned with illuminations spelling ‘merhaba’ (hello) to greet Ramadan. But the picture came with a story...
Inside is a piece by the newspaper’s editor, Ahmed İhsan. He loved the atmosphere and meaning of Ramadan, so he decided to write a reflection on the holy month in his newspaper. I’ll let him tell his own (slightly edited for space) story:
Kalemi kağıdı elime almış, muhterem karilerime bir ramazan sohbeti yazayım demiştim.

I picked up my pen and paper, and said to myself that I’d write a Ramadan note to my esteemed readers.
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I seriously didn't want to tweet today. I wanted @MBuhari and his people to 'dey their dey so I can dey my day'. But, @AishaYesufu's video provoked me.

I don't get it, how are you not sad that Nigeria is still a crawling child after 60 years of existence? How?

After 60 years of independence you are still providing excuses for mediocrity?

After 60 years of independence, we still struggle with power supply, with bad roads, with poor education system, with corruption, with healthcare system, et al.

Why? Why make excuses for incompetence and ineptitude? Why make excuses for failure?

#RedefineNigeria #Ramadan
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