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Special Days of Dhu al-Hijjah:🧵 Image
The first ten days of this month are called al-ayyam alma`lumat (The Stated Days)
Holy #Quran. (22:28)
During this month Muslim pilgrims from all around the world congregate at Mecca to visit the Kaaba. The Hajj is performed on the eighth, ninth and the tenth of this month. 1/8
Day of Arafah takes place on the ninth of the month. Eid al-Adha, the "Festival of the Sacrifice", begins on the tenth day and ends on sunset of the 13th.
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There is no concept of Engagement in Islam :A Thread🧵 Image
Engagement is the time between acceptance of the marriage proposal (khitba) and the marriage ceremony (‘aqd). Once the proposal is accepted, the man and the woman are known as “engaged to be married or simply “engaged”. Engagement has no recognition in Islamic laws Image
Who Proposes?

#Traditionally in all #cultures, it is the man who proposes to the woman; and it is done either directly by the man himself or on his behalf by his family. In the
West, even now man is expected to get down on his one knee to propose to the woman he wants to marry Image
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Breaking news: #Banda
Jihadi Muslim put a condition on his wife "if you want to live with me then do HALALA with my brother and brother-in-law" if you refuse this then i will kill you.

#WATCH this video to understand what हलाला is?
The case pertains to a locality of Kotwali city, where a woman living in the area was married on July 22, 2015. It is alleged that the in-laws torture her for dowry, she is beaten up for not giving dowry.After a year of marriage, the husband had gone to #SaudiArabia. Image
From Saudi he used to threaten his wife with #tripletalaq. The victim has been in her maternal home for almost 4 years.

#Islam #Quran Image
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In this thread, I’ll be breaking down my #PhD thesis completed @IMESuoe in 2022 with the support of @alwaleed_centre. I aimed to explore the early development of Tafsīr through the exegetical contributions of Sufyān al-Thawrī (d. 161/778).
#Tafsir #Quran #Exegesis
The complete thesis is available @EdUniMainLib Research Archive:…

Principal supervisor: Andreas Görke, @IMESuoe
External examiner: Nicolai Sinai, @FAMESOx
I analyzed exegetical traditions attributed to Sufyān, recorded in a unique and fragmentary manuscript in @RazaLibrary Rāmpūr. It has largely escaped a detailed historical-critical assessment in previous scholarship.
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#Quran #Wonder
Pulsar is a Neutron star or white dwarf that emits a beam of electromagnetic radiation. Pulsar have very strong magnetic fields which funnel jets of particles out along the two magnetic poles. These accelerated particles  produce very powerful beams of light. +
Now, let’s see what Qur’an says
وَٱلسَّمَآءِ وَٱلطَّارِقِ
By the sky and the Knocker
وَمَآ أَدْرَىٰكَ مَا ٱلطَّارِقُ
And what can make you know what the Knocker is
ٱلنَّجْمُ ٱلثَّاقِبُ
It is the piercing star –
[Surah Tariq, ayah: 1-3]
In this Surah the word “طارق” stems from the root “طرق” meaning “knocking or striking”. In many translations of the Qur’an ,this word was taken as a name or as “the night comer”. The word may also mean “to pulsate” like beating heart.  From which the word “طارق” is derived. +
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At least 1650 homes of Hindus burnt with arson, 343 Hindu temples vandalized and destroyed with arson, more than 14 Hindus brutally murdered, 26 Hindu women and girls raped, 17 Hindus are missing.
This all happened in just 11 days between 13-24 oct 2021.
#Bangladesh #durgapuja
+ ImageImageImageImage
Durga Puja Massacre, October 2021

As you all know Hindus have played a big role in liberating Bangladesh from Pakistan, Army sent by India to fight against Pakistan forces and save a Bangladeshi from being Massacred by Pak Army constitutes 70% Hindus, still every year we see+ Image
+ reports of hundreds of #Hindu being Massacred in Bangladesh in the name of Jihad, Hindu #population in Bangladesh is continuously declining, in 1951 there were 22% hindus which decreased to just 7.9% in 2022.
#hindustanunderattack Image
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@Aminbchy @McrMuseum @OfficialUoM @nazirafzal @WakkasKhan @ManchesterSAHM @RahmanCllr @k4shf @M_R_ULLAH @GMLO_UK @QaisraShahraz @ManchesterISOC @NusratAhmedMM @mcr_msf @ward_esme @TasteRamadan @mmuisoc The #Iftar at @McrMuseum was a great opportunity to share with all what #Islam is about and what #Muslims do too. @TasteRamadan made a number of posters for people attending with some simple facts that may be of interest for those wanting to know more @MuslimCouncil @bmhcentre
@Aminbchy @McrMuseum @OfficialUoM @nazirafzal @WakkasKhan @ManchesterSAHM @RahmanCllr @k4shf @M_R_ULLAH @GMLO_UK @QaisraShahraz @ManchesterISOC @NusratAhmedMM @mcr_msf @ward_esme @TasteRamadan @mmuisoc @MuslimCouncil @bmhcentre There are considered 5 pillars in Islam
1. Shahada (to testify/witness)
2. Salah (to supplicate / pray)
3. Zakat (to purify, grow, increase - compulsory alms for certain groups of people)
4. Sawm (to abstain from / fast)
5. Hajj (pilgrimage made to the ka’ba)
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1/ #Ukraine #Sudan #Denmark #hackers #Quran #aviation

Russian KILLNET Hackers target Danish airports

Quote: Our friends from Sudan carried out attacks on the infrastructure of Danish airports due to the burning of the Koran:
2/ 🔴 | Copenhagen Airport…

🔴 | Aalborg Airport…

🔴 | Vesthimmerland Airport…
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Demise of Hazrat Abu Talib (a) uncle of Holy Prophet (pbuh): 🧵
Abu Talib the father of Ali b.Abi Talib (a) and the uncle of Muhammaﷺ, was among the nobles of Mecca and the Tribe of Banu Hashim. After Abd al-Muttalib, his father, passed away, he took the guardianship of Rasol (s), his nephew, and greatly supported him during his mission.1/10
There are different reports on the day and month Abu Talib passed away, but according to al-Shaykh al-Tusi , he passed away on Rajab 26, 10th of bi'tha (Rajab 26, After mentioning the date Lady Khadija (a) passed away,/2
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“The male is not like the female” (#Quran 30:36). The difference in genders is not simply biological. It is a sacred sign, a manifestation on earth of the complementarity between God’s names and qualities. 1/
Cooperation between men and women, the male and female, is not only a social necessity. It is a means of spiritual realization. 2/
Thus God says, "Among His signs is that He created spouses for you from your selves, that you may trust in them, and He set love and mercy between you. Surely in that are signs for people who reflect" (30:21). 3/
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Le Qurʾān vu par Ṭabarī

« (...) al-Ṭabarī doit l’essentiel de sa gloire à deux ouvrages, son Taʾrīkh al-rusul wa l-mulūk wa l-khulafāʾ, et le Jāmiʿ al-bayān ʿan taʾwīl āy al-Qurʾān. Le premier, sorte d’Histoire universelle, traite du récit des Hommes dans un cadre...

...géographique bien précis, le Moyen-Orient, depuis la Création jusqu’à lui. S’y trouvent les histoires des Prophètes, des dirigeants de l’Antiquité mais également le récit des Juifs et Perses, puis l’histoire du Prophète Muḥammad ﷺ, celle des califes bien-guidés, des..

..Omeyyades et Abbassides. La seconde de ses œuvres magistrales, le Jāmiʿ al-bayān ʿan taʾwīl āy al-Qurʾān, ou le Tafsīr al-Ṭabarī, est une exégèse coranique que chacun avait très vite considérée comme un classique. Publié autour de l’an 287H (900G), il s’agit de l’un...

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@Juha_Korh2 @oikeusasiamies @RSF_fi @oikeuskansleri @Haavisto @anttikaikkonen @SuomenEduskunta @MarinSanna #ValehtelevatMinisterit.
#WEF -regiimin sepustus sotarikollisjärjestö #NATO'on liittymisestä alkaa törkeällä valheella.
- "Venäjä käynnisti 24. helmikuuta 2022 hyökkäyksen Ukrainaan."
Valehtelu jatkuu ministeriaitiossa @Haavisto… ImageImage
@Juha_Korh2 @oikeusasiamies @RSF_fi @oikeuskansleri @Haavisto @anttikaikkonen @SuomenEduskunta @MarinSanna The conflict in #Ukraine was not opened by #Russia on Feb 24, but by Ukraine a week before.
- The #OSCE #France is a witness to this:
#BULLETINNo27 | MAR 2022
- Il pourrait s’agir de #mercenaires de la #CIA...
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@Juha_Korh2 @oikeusasiamies @RSF_fi @oikeuskansleri
Huomiota herätti, että kaikki kiittelivät #Sähkö-Pekkaa @Haavisto ja #Nuorisosäätiö -sankaria @anttikaikkonen, jotka äärimäisen härskisti #valehtelivat #NATO'n muka 'suuresta kansan suosiosta.'
@Juha_Korh2 @oikeusasiamies @RSF_fi @oikeuskansleri @Haavisto @anttikaikkonen @SuomenEduskunta
Pj oli #Lautakasa-Matti.
kiersi #persut -kysymyksen #Ydinasekielto -sopimuksesta, jota Suomi ei ole hyväksynyt ja ratifioinut, lukemalla paperista 'liirum-laarum' ja liukeni paikalta.
- Koko tilaisuus oli #NATO'n maksama, arvoton #ilveily Image
@Juha_Korh2 @oikeusasiamies @RSF_fi @oikeuskansleri @Haavisto @anttikaikkonen @SuomenEduskunta @MarinSanna #Mediapooli-#Yle.
Suomalaisia veronmaksajia ja äänestäjiä yritetään kohdella kuin sinisilmäisiä idiootteja.
- Hehkutettiin 'historiallista #NATO -päätöstä', mutta vain kourallinen #korruptoituja paikalla.

#Eduskunta Täysistunto 13.12.2022 klo 12.… Image
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ANNOUNCEMENT: Alhamdulilah, the entire Pinnacle Papers series (so far!) is now available in paperback from Amazon!…

The hardback editions will be available soon, insha'Allah.
#Albouti #البوطي #NawaBooks
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“This is 20-year-old Qatari, Ghanim Al-Muftah. He starred alongside Morgan Freeman and recited the #Quran in the #QatarWorldCup2022 opening ceremony.

Ghanim was born with a rare condition known as Caudal Regression Syndrome, affecting the development of the lower half of the👇👇 Image

Many suggested his mother abort Ghanim but she decided to have him: “I will be his left leg and you will be his right leg”.

Ghanim became Qatar's youngest entrepreneur, having founded an ice-cream business. He plays multiple sports despite physical disabilities. At 👇👇
school, Ghanim used to play football wearing shoes on his hands and would chase after the ball with his "normal-sized" friends.

Rather than allowing the condition to stunt his life, Ghanim has learned to overcome obstacles with positivity. He is currently pursuing his👇👇
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1/🧵This is Nabia Abbott. She was a groundbreaking scholar of #Arabic manuscripts, the first woman to be a professor at @UChicago’s Oriental Institute, and once sent me on a wild goose chase spanning 3 continents. She deserves a lot more than one thread, but here's a start.
2/Nabīha ʿAbūd (نبيهة عبود), later known as Nabia Abbott, was born in 1897 to a Christian family in Mardin (then the Ottoman Empire, now modern Turkey). Her family moved around a lot, which led to her attending school in India and completing a BA degree in Lucknow in 1919.
3/In 1923, Abbott moved to the US and earned her MA at @BU_Tweets. From 1925 on she taught at Asbury College (in Kentucky) where she eventually became the head of the Department of History. In 1933, she began a PhD at the @Orientalinst in Chicago (…).
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If a Muslim man is not capable of fostering his first wife and children then as per the mandate of the Holy Quran, he cannot marry another woman: Allahabad High Court
#Quran #bigamy #allahabadhighcourt
Religious mandate of Sura 4 Ayat 3 is binding on all Muslim men which specifically mandates all Muslim men to deal justly with orphans and only then they can marry 2,3 or 4 women but if a Muslim man fears that he'll not be able to do so then he can marry only one: Allahabad HC
The court observed this while rejecting a Muslim man's plea seeking restoration of conjugal rights whose first wife had refused to live with him as he married another woman without informing her and later asked her to share his consortium with the other woman.
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1/Centuries before the #printingpress took off in Europe, printers in Egypt employed a type of woodblock printing known as “tarsh” (طرش). Only around 100 of these tarsh prints are known to exist. They are also very cool, so here’s a 🧵on #Arabic block prints in @theUL. #Cambridge
2/“Woodblock printing” is a term historians use to talk about making a big stamp and slapping paper onto it. Block printers would carve wood so the negative space looked like whatever image or text they wanted to print. Then they’d coat it in ink and stamp some paper. Easy.
3/Except it wasn’t easy. It takes a lot of skill to carve the negative image of Arabic calligraphy into a piece of wood. I mean just look at this thing. It’s an amulet quoting the #Quran that would have been carried for protection. Most tarsh prints are amulets like this.
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Vikings & musulmans, le clash

« (...) Partis à la conquête du monde depuis la Scandinavie, les Vikings vont longtemps tenter de poser le pied en al-Andalus, alors le siège de l’un des plus puissants État islamiques de l’Histoire. En 230H (844G)...

...une centaine de vaisseaux débarquent sur les rives d’al-Andalus, alors un État islamique dominé par une branche des Omeyyades. Mais l’ennemi n’est ni abbasside, ni même chrétien. Ce sont des Vikings. Pour les musulmans locaux, ce sont des Majūs, des mages...

...un terme jusqu’ici attribué aux zoroastriens accusés d’adorer le feu. Ce premier contact avec les Vikings est violent. Après plusieurs semaines de raids, les guerriers nordiques vont remonter le Guadalquivir et envahir Séville. Mal défendue, Séville est pillée...

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#Iran is mobilizing Shia Azerbaijani fighters belonging to the Huseyncilar militia. If #Baku invades #Armenia, the militia will invade #Azerbaijan.
the Shia group Huseyncilar, formed by the Quds Force has been active in recent days by holding meetings and recruiting new members. Image
if anyone wants to read more about it :…
or read about their history here on wikipedia :…
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📌Hate Speeches across the state against Muslims & Islam

"Not only Muslim orgs but the entire #Islam is hazardous to the whole world. All the Killings which happened earlier are made by Communal Islam & Muslim. Islam is very very dangerous": @hjvkar leader SriKrishna Upadhyaya +
"Media should put the same in their reports, I will start by saying directly that as long as Islam is there in this country, this kind of brutality will not end here, only when Islam will be removed from this country, then Peace can be established here": @hjvkar Narasimha Maani +
"#Quran is a criminal book, it orders to k*ll people by stoning & beheading who doesn't believe in it, those who follow Quran won't they do what it says, All of them who read Quran hve became terr0ri$ts": #Sanghparivar leader at #Kolar during protest against #Udaipur incident. +
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وَاعْبُدُوا اللَّهَ وَلَا تُشْرِكُوا بِهِ شَيْئًا

{Worship Allah [alone], and do not ascribe partners with Him} [04:36]

أَطِيعُوا اللَّهَ وَرَسُولَهُ وَلا تَوَلَّوْا عَنْهُ

{Obey #Allah, and His Messenger, and do not turn away from him} [08:20]

وَأَقِيمُوا الصَّلَاةَ وَآتُوا الزَّكَاةَ

{Establish Salah, and give Zakah} [02:83]
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അറബി ഭാഷയിൽ എഴുതപ്പെട്ടത് കൊണ്ടും പലരുടെയും വിമർശനങ്ങളിൽ നിന്നു ഖുർആൻ നെ അറിഞ്ഞത് കൊണ്ടും എനിക്കും മനസിലാക്കിയതിൽ തെറ്റ് പറ്റാമല്ലോ...

അത് കൊണ്ട് മലയാള പരിഭാഷ തന്നെ വായിച്ചു തുടങ്ങണമെന്ന് വിചാരിച്ചു....ചില ഭാഗങ്ങൾ വഴിയേ ചേർക്കുന്നു.

#Quaran ImageImageImage
"അവരെ കണ്ടുമുട്ടുന്നിടത്തുവെച്ചു കൊന്നുകളയുകയും,അവർ നിങ്ങളെ പുറത്താക്കിയിടത്ത് വെച്ചു പുറത്താക്കുകയും ചെയ്യുക."
ഖുർആൻ 2 : 191

#Quran Image
" മർദനം ഇല്ലാതാവുകയും മതം അല്ലാഹുവിനു വേണ്ടിയാവുകയും ചെയ്യുന്നത് വരെ നിങ്ങളാവരോട് യുദ്ധം നടത്തിക്കൊള്ളുക..."

ഖുർആൻ 2: 193

#Quran Image
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Le miracle Bukhārī

« (...) Peint tel un imposteur ayant œuvré pour le compte d’un pouvoir cherchant sa légitimité dans les dires du Prophète ﷺ, tourné en dérision pour sa mémoire qui n’aurait été qu’un mythe servant le roman sunnite, certains ont même été jusqu’à voir en al-Bukhārī...

...une construction historique née dans les salons orientalistes du continent européen. En usant seulement de raison, l’on ne peut en effet que s’étonner de ces récits faisant état de l’exceptionnelle capacité de rétention ayant fait la renommée de notre personnage.

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