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― Polygamy in Islam ―
What are the Rules and Purposes?

A thread🧵

#Islam #Quran #Polygamy
The Holy Quran says “And if you fear that you will not be fair in dealing with the orphans, then marry of women as may be agreeable to you, two, or three, or four; and if you fear you will not deal justly, then marry only one or what your right hands possess” (An Nisa 4:4)
Another verse states: “And you cannot keep perfect balance between wives, however much you may desire it....” (An Nisa 4:130)

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Custody hearing at 1pm AST. Curious what new slanderous claims are going to be introduced.

At our last 'meeting' with #SocialDevelopment, we were informed that someone 'worried about my son' claimed I had a firearm in the events of #ForWhatItsWorth.

Only firearm that was involved the evening of March 10th belonged to young Mister #FANCYPANTS of #FPF. They really didn't like my flashlight; the most dangerous thing I'd presented that fateful eve was my white ass-dance moves; even did a Statutory Declaration for the fools. 🤣🤘
Last night could've gone very differently for me, as a man with #ASD. The last time the cops were threatened be me, they threatened to end me and couldn't quote Law, those are common trends when dealing with scared/timid wittle predator chads, FYI.
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Supreme Court to hear a review plea by Former Shia Waqf Board Chairman, Waseem Rizvi against the dismissal of his petition seeking deletion of certain verses from the Holy #Quran alleging that they violate the law of the land and promote extremism
Bench of Justices Rohinton Fali Nariman, BR Gavai and Hrishikesh Roy had earlier imposed costs of Rs. 50,000 on Waseem Rizvi…
Matter to be taken up now
#supremecourt #Quran
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#FatwaAlamgiri, the official book governing Mughal law and Justice during the time of #IslamicInvader #Aurangzeb, approves using Kafirs as slaves as slavery of NonBelievers is allowed as per #Quran and #Hadith!

Here are a few key rules of that time:

#AurangzebTheBastard 1/5
"If 2 or more Muslims enter a non-Muslim controlled area for the purpose of pillage even without the permission of Imam, and seize parts/complete property belonging to Kafirs, then donate it to Imam, that property will officially become Islamic"

#AurangzebTheBastard 2/5
"Every Muslim has rights to purchase and own Kafirs as slaves in accordance with the guidance provided in #Sharia"

#AurangzebTheBastard 3/5
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A thread.

The Holy Prophet Muhammad(ﷺ)’s migration from Mecca (hometown) to Medina.

#ProphetMuhammad #mecca #medina #migration #hijra
The Prophet and his followers started preparations for the migration. Family after the family began to disappear; sometimes a whole lane would be emptied in the course of a night.
In the morning, Meccans would see the doors locked and realize that the residents had migrated to Medina. The growing influence of Islam amazed them.
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Ibn al-Qayyim said: الحزن (#sadness) does not appear in the #Quran except for forbidding it (ولاتحزنوا) or negating it (ولا هم يحزنون). There is no benefit in sadness & it is most beloved 2 Shaytān 4 derailing a believer from his goals. The Prophet (ﷺ) sought refuge from sadness
I think Ibn al-Qayyim understood the verse better. If you really want to understand the āyah in-depth, I suggest first start with understanding the linguistics of it:
وقوله تَهِنُوا من الوهن- بسكون الهاء وفتحها- وهو الضعف. وأصله ضعف الذات كما في قوله- تعالى- حكاية عن زكريا: قالَ رَبِّ إِنِّي وَهَنَ الْعَظْمُ مِنِّي أى ضعف جسمي.
وهو هنا مجاز عن خور العزيمة، وضعف الإرادة، وانقلاب الرجاء يأسا والشجاعة جبنا، واليقين شكا، ولذلك نهوا عنه.
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Vakkom Moulavi a renowned freedom fighter from Kerala translated the #Quran and its exegesis in Malayalam language. In newspaper Deepika he serialised this translation of Quran, together with his brief commentary and original text written in an elegant calligraphic style
He was influenced by Shaikh Muhammad Abduh, Mufti-e-Azam of Egypt. Influenced by his writings Moulvi modelled his journals in Arabi-Malayalam and in Malayalam modelled on Al Manar. The Muslim was launched in January 1906 and was followed by Al-Islam(1918) and Deepika(1931).
He deftly used these platforms to reach out to the Muslim community in a very effective way. Al-Islam was launched in 1918. This journal without any iota of doubt, played a pivotal role in #Muslim renaissance in #Kerala. It opposed Nerchas and Uroos festivals amongst the Muslim
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Th 20th of #Ramadan marks the conquest of Makkah: A thread
Before the Conquest:

The Treaty of Ḥudaybiyyah was written. It was a peace agreement between the Muslims in Madīnah and the Quraysh in Makkah.

The treaty would provide peace between each other for a period of 10 years.
The treaty allowed other tribes of Arabia to choose to be allies with either the Quraysh or the Muslims.

This meant that if there were any attacks or fighting, the allies would have the right to help and fight for the group they gave their support to.
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The fiery Pakistani Islamists seen in the photo below (via @nytimes) are misquoting the #Quran.

Verse 8:59 that they apparently sloganized to justify "killing blasphemers" - their big passion - has nothing to do with punishing blasphemy...…
The verse says, "Those who disbelieve think they will escape; they will not."

According to great the Sunni exegete Fakhr al-Din al-Razi, this may be a reference to a punishment by God in the afterlife - not by Muslims on earth.

And even the latter option isn't about blasphemy.
Because the context of the verse makes it clear that these specific "Those who disbelieve" were Meccan polytheists who attacked and persecuted Muslims in the first place.

No wonder 2 verses later, in 8:61, we read:

"if they incline to peace, then incline to it [also]."
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#Ahmadiyya #FridaySermon #16thApril2021

***The summary below is not official and may therefore contain errors and inaccuracies!!!***

Huzoor began the sermon by reciting verses from the Holy #Quran which relate to the month of #Ramadan and the act of fasting, and he then....
... presented their #Urdu translation.

Huzoor said that merely being alive during this holy month, or merely going through it, or merely doing only Suhoor and Iftaar, are not enough, and neither are these the purposes of #Ramadan. Its significance, in terms of spirituality,...
... runs much deeper than that. Good and righteous deeds, especially prayers, are most accepted by Allah in this month, and Huzoor also cited a verse of the Holy #Quran which mentions of Allah being near His servants and Him hearing our prayers.

Huzoor then presented passages...
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Ramadan is about to start!
What is Ramadan???? Why it is celebrated????
Know all about Ramadan👇👇
A small thread!

The month of Ramadan is a significant for Muslims and Islam
Significance of Ramadan

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Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman led bench of #SupremeCourt to hear a plea by former Shia Waqf Board Chairman Waseem Rizvi to remove 26 verses of the Quran. Rizvi describes the Quranic verses as "terror-promoting" & that they were added later to the holy book of Muslims
Advocate: Madarasas are entrusted to maintain the standard of teaching. The holy book is apart of imparting education in Madarasas. Children at tender age is in captivity of schools for few hours.
Senior Adv RK Raizada: This is not protected under Artcile 25. There is alternate interpretation is possible, these things are taught in school and thus no place for interpretation in market place for ideas. I have written to Centre but nothing is happening.
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A short thread on "HU":

The great sage Ahmad Sam'ani wrote an exquisite commentary on the Asma al-Husna (Beautiful Names of God). In it, he brings out something powerful about breath, prayer, and the Names of God. (1/4)
In Rawh al-arwah, Sam'ani mentions the the litany of names mentioned in the Qur'an
(هُوَ اللَّهُ الَّذِي لَا إِلَٰهَ إِلَّا هُوَ الْمَلِكُ الْقُدُّوسُ السَّلَامُ الْمُؤْمِنُ الْمُهَيْمِنُ الْعَزِيزُ الْجَبَّارُ الْمُتَكَبِّرُ)

Sam'ani mentions that every other name (al-Malik, al-Quddus, al-Salam, al-Mu'min, al-Muhaymin, al-'Aziz, al-Jabbar, al-mutikabbir, etc.) is made through moving the tongue and the lips. But the first name, HU, is simply the breath coming from the chest. [3/5]
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Bang @ridlwandjogja. Mungkin orang2 @muhammadiyah pada sibuk bekerja, kurang banyak mengabarkan hal-hal baik yang sudah dilakukan. 😅

Tapi saya sepakat 100%, Muhammadiyah perlu lebih giat mengabarkan kebaikan. Ini cara untuk mengimbangi konten negatif.

Ini topik selama 2020..
Sudah cukup bagus perkembangannya beberapa tahun terakhir ini. Dulu @muhammadiyah kurang muncul di media sosial. Sekarang sudah mulai anak-anak mudanya meramaikan.

Dan pendekatannya bukan bikin kontra narasi atas hoaks, tetapi: own narrative, #IslamBerkemajuan. Ini bagus.
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Daily Checklist ☑️

1. Fajr Prayer with Morning Dhikr (Remembrance)

2. Duha Sitting - From Fajr Till Sunrise (Reading #Quran, #Dhikr, #Dua …etc)

3. Duha Prayer (At Least 2 rakahs)
4. Read At Least One Part Everyday + Memorize and Reflect on the Verses of The Quran (

5. Praying Much On The Prophet (peace be upon him)

6. Charity (#Sadaqah). Even if it's a very small amount

7. Seeking Knowledge (
8. Calling To The Way of Allah (Dawah - Enjoining Good / Forbidding Evil)

9. Upholding Family Ties

10. Reviving A Lost Sunnah (Ex. Using a Siwak Before Each Prayer)
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Sadly,in todays age many have spread lies abt the character of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad AS.Below r statements of Non-Ahmadi scholars shows how truthful #PromisedMessiah was&how he emerged as a defender of islam duringhis lifetime #MessiahHasCome
(It’s going to be a long thread) Image
It’s clear, before the claims of the Prophets,even their enemies testify to their pure character.But after their claims,people begin to raise allegations against their character as they have nothing else to raise.Those same people who praised the Prophet Muhammad SAW rejected him ImageImage
But in keeping with prophecies,it was inescapable that I too should be denied.Therefore,those whose hearts are in veils dont accept me.I know well tht God will surely support me as He’s always supported His Messengers.None can ever succeed against me(Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad AS) Image
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Story of #Indonesia that #Twitter does not want you to know:

Until the 16th century, Indonesia was 100% #Hindu-#Buddhist(except the negligible elite of Kedah sultanate).

Today, Hindus and Buddhists are not even 1% and #Muslims are 88%. What led to such a drastic change?
Expect for a handful of people on #Bali Island, #Hinduism in Indonesia is extinct.

The #Mosque shown in (1/7) is known as Meenara Kudus mosque. Built-in 1549, it is the oldest lasting mosque of #Indonesia. It is a Dargah of a Sufi wali-Sanga (saint) known as Sunan kudus.
The Dargah tells us a lot about how Sufi #Islam spread in #Indonesia. It is built by demolishing a #HinduTemple. The temple ruins can still be seen.

There is an interesting story. When #temples were destroyed to make way for mosques, #Hindus did not enter the mosques.
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In September 1990, Petition for special leave to appeal (Civil) was filed against the judgement dated August 30, 1990, passed by Bombay High Court.
(1/n) @TOIIndiaNews #TipuSultan #TipuSultanJayanti Image
The Petitioners had produced the relevant Gazetteers of #Mysore and #Kerala and the letters of #TipuSultan at the time of hearing at the #BombayHighCourt. They had proved that:
1. He claimed to be a #Paigambar.

2. He adopted the title of #Baadshah.

3. He sometimes designated his own State as "Sircar-e-Khodadad -e- usud-ilhye -e- Ahmady" - in plain language, an #IslamicState.
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1) Islamic calligraphy is the artistic practice of handwriting and calligraphy, based upon the alphabet in the lands sharing a common Islamic cultural heritage. It includes Arabic, Persian, Ottoman, Afghan, Pakistan and Indian calligraphy...1/3
#Islam #History #art #Quran Surat Az-Zumar in an Andalusi script, from the Nasrid period
2) Islamic calligraphy developed from two major styles: Kufic and Naskh. There are several variations of each, as well as regionally specific styles, for centuries, the art of writing has fulfilled a central iconographic function in Islamic art...2/3
#Islam #History #art #Quran Muhaqqaq script in a 15th-century Qur'an from Turkey
3) Although the academic tradition of Islamic calligraphy began in Baghdad, the center of the Islamic empire during much of its early history, it eventually spread as far as India and Spain. Coins were another support for calligraphy...3/3
#Islam #History #art #Quran
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Many #Muslims want to see (even enforce) a world without any #blasphemy against Islam, any offense.

But that is NOT going to happen - as the #Quran tells us in 3:186. It rather tells that Muslims will SURELY hear "much abuse" from others.

In return, it just advises #patience.
And how this #patience looks like?

The #Quran specifies that in 6:68 and then 4:140. It just says "do not sit with" those who mock your faith.

Today, perhaps it could also mean don't buy their publications, don't follow them on social media.

No killing. Not even censorship.
In other words, as I noted before (as in the linked piece) there is absolutely no basis in the Qur'an for attacking blasphemers, even silencing them.

The problem, as in the case of apostasy, only comes from post-Quranic texts - all open to doubt & debate.…
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“Belief in the Unseen”
"ایمان بالغیب"
From the book
“Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge & Truth”
To believe in the unseen is a fundamental constituent of the Muslim faith as mentioned in the verse ... it is a guidance for the righteous, Who believe in the unseen...(2:3-4)
The lack of knowledge about things does not necessarily mean that they do not exist. They may exist, but lie hidden behind the veil of the unknown.
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#Islam, #Quran, other Islamic holy texts, prophet and other Islamic figures, and social media posts.
Let me start by stating certain facts.
1. Islam is a world religion, is in the public domain and its doctrines are published in the public domain.
2. The Quran is similarly 1/n
available in the public domain. It is propagated as the fount of all wisdom by certain people.
3. The prophet is held up as the ideal human being by some people, as an important world figure by others.
4. #Islamic doctrines, #Quran are published on social media.2/n
Nothing wrong so far. However, there is nothing right about the things that happen next.
Consider the following situation. Somebody publishes a post on social media saying that Islam and its prophet reformed some pre islamic society, somebody publishes a post comparing Islam 3/n
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#Sweden #Malmo #riots
For right Extremists Run Riot In Sweden's Malmo Town
Riots engulfed Sweden's Malmo city on Friday hours after far-right Danish politician #rasmuspaludan (is he 🕎? 🤔)was blocked from attending a #Quran-burning rally.

The video seems to be in the usa 😂
Riot in southern Sweden after anti-Muslim Danish leader banned
Protesters threw stones at police and burned tires in southern Sweden late on Friday (August 28, 2020), authorities said, hours after an anti-Muslim Koran-burning rally nearby.

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Thread ( Part-1)
In this part we have covered 4 subjects
The Holy Quran: Defender of Human Rights :
1. Human Rights
2. Parents
3. Children
4. Orphans
Extracts from the Concluding Address by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad at Jalsa Salana UK 2019
The Holy Quran’s teachings were never changed & will remain until the Last Day. The Quran covers all topics; covers academia, science,the rights of Allah & rights of people. It contains teachings for social interactions amongst the community to national & international relations.
The teachings mentioned in the Holy Qur'an are relevant till the Day of Judgement, and are applicable to people of every age. Hence Holy Quran is a comprehensive and a perfect Book, which details the rights of Allah and His creations.
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