This is a REALLY good thread by @Dragnet_News. The chronology laid out in it will be SUPER useful to QAnon specialists.

In fact, I've been getting more and more pilled, lately, on the idea that the Q account *didn't* change hands in January 2018. I'm not ALL the way there...
in part because it raises questions like: OK, then what *did* happen around January 5th, 2018? Why do we see so much drama?

Dragnet offers a theory: perhaps Furber himself was trying to hijack the Q identity.

I'm not 100% sold on that, but the thread is especially valuable...
because of the chronology it lays out re: Q's change of tripcodes.

In the past, I've said that Q started using the tripcode generated by "M@tl0ck!" in 1/2018, after "Matlock" was cracked. (Yes, those really were Q's first two passwords.)

But I was wrong.
Q first used it in mid-December 2017, in the midst of some confusing bullshit involving Paul Furber and tripcodes.

Why does this matter? Well, because I should correct my own dumb mistakes when I make them, but also: if pre-"coup" Q and post-"coup" Q used the same password...
then perhaps they're the same person.

That's not ironclad, since tripcodes aren't what you'd call super secure. But, viewed in the context of some not-yet-ready-for-primetime content I've been pokin' at, it could be additional evidence that there really was only one Q...
at least up until the 8kun switch, when we lose all semblance of a chain of custody and Q's behavior changes pretty drastically.

Or maybe there WAS a coup and I'm spinning my wheels on this. Hard to say which for sure! 🤷

• • •

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2 May
Oh boy! @SaveSequim is back on the hellsite. They've pointed me to an incredibly interesting blog post:

Neon Revolt documents a LARPer who spun off from Q and started doing his own thing. And anons were happy to bake.

And he even paid homage to Q!
I really wonder why 666 5th Avenue Anon didn't take off. Part of it, no doubt, is the lack of a tripcode for continuity.

But for the rest, I'd have to make a detailed study, which... nah, not even gonna try. Not a sane use of my time rn.

But it's *fascinating.*
I *would* guess that part of the issue is that 666 5th Avenue Anon A) is a shitty name and B) focused on some VERY old-school conspiracy theories (RFID chips as the Mark of the Beast, for example), bringing in some 5G gibbering as well.
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20 Apr
Damn, I don't think I've ever seen Marc-Andre this mad. This thread is almost as long as one of MINE!

"A weak grasp on QAnon" is, um, bad, but later he adds: "That data sample is a fraction of what I collected from January to August 2020," and the fraction is roughly ONE-TENTH.
"Considering they claim a full year of collection," he writes with considerable understatement, "I do not think their sample is large enough."

But wait, somehow there's MORE. Powerful "AND ANOTHER THING" energy right here -- and he's right about it, too.

However, the REAL reason to read this thread isn't that Marc-Andre is big mad (appropriately so) but that, at last, we get some hints of Very Important Data Points™ that Marc-Andre hasn't really written up yet.

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15 Apr
This finally closes the loop between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence. So, yes, children: collusion IS real.

But for QAnon watchers, the most satisfying part of this release is:

"Kilimnik was designated pursuant to E.O. 13848..."

Why? Read on! 1/3
During the weeks after the election, QAnon believers kept claiming that EO 13848 would let Trump overturn the election by saying that foreign countries had interfered.

It confers no such power on the President, obviously. It's far more limited in scope.
But it DOES allow sanctions to be levied against foreign agents and bodies who interfere in presidential elections,

saaaaaaaaaay by receiving internal material from the Trump campaign *by way of the campaign director himself* and running to provide it to Russian intelligence. 😃
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15 Apr
Longer version of @nickmartin's excellent tweets: the Arizona Senate's "election audit" is being run by right-wing conspiracists, for right-wing conspiracists, and is being funded by Trump supporters.

The "cyber ninjas" running it promote the Big Lie.…
The purpose of this exercise is, of course, to *claim* they have discovered fraud -- big, earthshaking fraud! -- and undoubtedly, that's the result that the "auditors" and their leaders (a Big Lie conspiracy theorist & a notorious birther) will fart out.
What will happen *after* that?

Fox News will cover it wall to wall, of course.

"Respectable" conservative outlets (which are now... I mean, the National Review and what else? The Wall Street Journal, I suppose, but that's it) will act like it's Very Serious & Definitel Real™.
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15 Apr
If you're curious about Q's predecessors -- that is, other successful and long-running 4chan LARPs -- there are archives of a BUNCH of them.

Here's High Level Insider, for example.
Now, I assume you won't read all 2,067 posts. Even I haven't! But...
HLI is one of the most *interesting* LARPers because his narrative was all over the place (for instance, he had an elaborate mythology about the life of the historical Jesus AND weighed in on the invention of calculus with: "Newton was a fraud put forth by British intelligence").
Heck, he wasn't even ardently pro-Trump, despite flourishing during the 2016 campaign and lasting into the early months of the Trump administration.

You would expect, therefore, that /pol/ would brush him off. But no! Those 2,067 posts come from question-and-answer sessions.
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13 Apr
I *greatly* enjoyed giving this presentation -- thank you to @jamesfitz2 for inviting me, and thanks for the kind words. :)

A summary is below, but the TL;DR is that QAnon has made "let's kill all the elites & everything will get better" a more popular idea worldwide. Image
That will *probably* be one of its most lasting impacts on world history -- it's going to be *enormously* destabilizing for American politics going forward, but even in other democracies, QAnon's pairing of:

* a violent cleansing &
* a utopian future

... is gonna have legs.
I'm not saying that belief *in QAnon specifically* is going to increase worldwide. I expect the opposite.

Rather, I'm saying that the *next* successful conspiracy theory is going to draw on the ideological underpinnings of QAnon, and will borrow its apocalyptic/millenarian tone
Read 6 tweets

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