Revered Yogi Adityanath ji has one step left to climb before ascending to PMship of India. 2022 Uttar Pradesh assembly elections.

His opponents will play dirty games with Retrograde Jupiter in Dhanishtha from July 2021 onwards but wouldn't be able to halt his juggernaut.
Saket ji, I haven't used Yogi ji's birth details to make this prediction because there is no confirmed way to get the correct ones. Once he becomes PM, I will explain the detailed astrological reason behind this prediction. Let the time come. 🙏
If I ever get a chance to meet Yogi ji, I will get correct and required details myself. I don't intend to hurt you, but if any astro really got it, I don't see a reason for him to disclose it to others and make them public.
High Court directed to complete panchayat elections before 30 April.

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1 May

Considering tomorrow's planetary position, there is no extraordinary transit in BJP, NaMo or Amit Shah ji's chart to claim BJP would win WB. For BJP to outshine TMC in WB, Didi's ongoing time has to be really troublesome (but her correct details aren't available).

How much has wheelchair harmed Didi (activating 12th H) would be seen tomorrow, but only this factor may not be enough to pin her defeat.

In Assam, BJP had a CM face, so should be judged per his chart too. In TN, charts of ADMK need to be considered. I haven't done so.

In Kerala, BJP didn't have a CM face, so has to be studied like Bengal. BJP will definitely make inroads but winning WB might just be too much on a day with ordinary transit (wrt chart).

So Assam and TN need study alike and WB +Kerala have to be studied separately.
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26 Apr
Just have a look at replies of this tweet by Pat.

Some people are hell bent to malign India and are speaking rubbish about PM-CARES fund even though it is now to release funds to raise one oxygen plant in every district & gave ventilators in the past.

Then, they beg for oxygen.
Many people are running after oxygen as we don't have enough production of it. Now when govt. plans oxygen plans 'by funds of PM-CARES', even those having opposite ideology should support it. But they aren't. Oxygen plants will help all of us.
Many people are helplessly running around for oxygen. Who would oppose the funds meant for raising oxygen plant in every district under such circumstances? Those cribbing on Pat's tweet need to shun political ideology and support govt. on correct steps.

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11 Apr

Check image to understand how Saturn in Shravan puts Jupiter in Dhanishtha under its Drishti.

Writing it for Jyotish enthusiasts. The Drishti on Nakshatra and Vedhan of other boxes (like Tithi, Vaar, Rashi, Akshar, Swar) in this image by Grahas are judged by this tool.

Mahabharat does not deal in Rashis. It mentions transits in terms of Nakshatras only, and shlokas in it discuss concept of Nakshatra Peeda expressly/impliedly. Nakshatra Peeda can be studied only by SBC. Grahas impact different points through their different speeds.
.@FizzzzAppy and @HellBatFE, this is how Drishti of Grahas on Nakshatras is ascertained.

While moving through one Rashi, a Graha crosses three Nakshatras. A Graha, through varying speeds in each Nakshatra impacts different Nakshatras, Rashi, Vaar, Tithi. Swar and Akshar.
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9 Apr
People are at liberty to disagree with the views of JV ji but never knew it makes them "right wing extremists".

Please address people with different views sensibly - they are also Hindus else there would be no difference between you and people coining the term "Hindu Terrorism".
Some people are questioning the disputed statements of JV ji, even I have done so. It is not a crime by any stretch of imagination. Has @SadhguruJV ji ever said he feels harassed by questioning? This act of labelling genuine critics as "right wing extremists" is reprehensible.
Get your facts right. JV ji is campaigning only for free only Tamil temples calling them "Dravidian pride". Why shouldn't he be condemned for furthering Aryan-Dravidian divide? And his followers too abuse. Should they also be generalized?
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8 Apr
My 4.5 yr old kid sits more seriously during his online classes than Delhi CM sitting in meeting with PM when cases in Delhi have risen to about 7,500.

Should've displayed better behaviour.
He can step down if he thinks he has no power. He does not step down because he 'has' powers. Upto you to find out which powers.

Are you trying to justify that this behaviour suits a public servant even if he was an IITian at some point of time in past?

If yes, then his powers have been correctly clipped under GNCTD (Amendment) Act, 2021.

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6 Apr
A college-going kid wanted to understand Adhyaya 4, Shlok 34 of Bhagawad Gita. He had a copy, popular in circulation, containing English translation. I took no time to realize that it was deliberate incorrect translation (reason best known to publisher). I was dismayed seeing it.
I explained him the verse (that didn't match the translation he had read). To his satisfaction, I took out the copy of Sanskrit Text and English translation published by Gita Press. He became convinced at my explanation and later on by the translation mentioned here.
If you do a little bit of Google search, you will also find out incorrect translation presented to me.

My Guru had gifted me a this Gita (by Gita Press) a decade back saying it would sail me through the toughest dilemmas in life. Guess price mentioned on it. Its merely ₹12.
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