A college-going kid wanted to understand Adhyaya 4, Shlok 34 of Bhagawad Gita. He had a copy, popular in circulation, containing English translation. I took no time to realize that it was deliberate incorrect translation (reason best known to publisher). I was dismayed seeing it.
I explained him the verse (that didn't match the translation he had read). To his satisfaction, I took out the copy of Sanskrit Text and English translation published by Gita Press. He became convinced at my explanation and later on by the translation mentioned here.
If you do a little bit of Google search, you will also find out incorrect translation presented to me.

My Guru had gifted me a this Gita (by Gita Press) a decade back saying it would sail me through the toughest dilemmas in life. Guess price mentioned on it. Its merely ₹12.
When I now checked on Amazon, Gita Press offers the copy having Sanskrit Text, Hindi + English translation only in ₹29.

Do yourself a favour. Buy such gems, and study. Reading one chapter of Gita a day will take 18 days to finish this marvel. 🙏

A question on Quora had confused him - do Gita 4:34 and 10:2 contradict each other?

After reading correct translation, this doubt dispersed automatically. Before that, I explained him both and also said, Bhagwan spoke Gita Himself in Kurukshetra. Confusion is ruled out.
If you manage to read Bhagwad Gita in 18 days and repeat this practice every month for a year, be assured that you will have read it more than and understood it better than many "spiritual" Gurus around. Not naming anyone, my main message is that don't shy away from reading. 🙏
In this thread, I have refrained from criticizing anyone as my intention was to make aware of the correct source. I could've named the publisher/organization, but that incorrect translation floats virtually everywhere.

You can compare incorrect & correct translations.

• • •

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3 Apr
Since I'm not much active on Koo (though a daily poster), I don't get mentions for chart reading. But off late, I have been getting such mentions.

Not implying anything but I find it to be a designed plan (purpose best known to them). Stay safe, and no baseless responses Pls.
Yogesh Ji, not scary for me, but I definitely find it odd. Hence shared here to inform others and to see plausible thoughts that might have missed my mind.

Thank you for your prayers sir. Mahadev is capable of shooing away all dark forces that tempt to terrify me and I have firm belief of his guard around me. So, I live without any fear.

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1 Apr
Apart from the usual presentation of horoscope in North, East and South Indian styles, this is an additional method to diagrammatically mapping to represent twelve houses and positions of Grahas and Rashis therein.

Not used much these days, but you ought to know it too.
All are equally easy, just different in representation. Whichever we have practised more on appears easier to us.
Late Shri Patel ji preferred representation in this manner but it's not from his book. But yes, he was a great mind, no second thought about it.
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21 Mar

From today, we will memorize the names of 27 Nakshatras in Vedic Jyotish to never forget in life.

I will write 4 names. Repeat them in SAME sequence twice in morning, noon, evening. Each day, revise new names + recall all previously learnt names.

Pls RT if you are in.

Today's Nakshatras are:-

1. Ashwini - अश्विनी

2. Bharani - भरणी

3. Krittika - कृत्तिका

4. Rohini - रोहिणी

Ashwini - अश्विनी is the FIRST Nakshatra.

Repeat these names TWICE now, tomorrow morning, noon and evening. Like this tweet if you have revised 8 times as told.

Today's Nakshatras are:-

5. Mrigashira - मृगशिरा

6. Ardra - आर्द्रा

7. Punarvasu - पुनर्वसु

8. Pushya - पुष्य

First recall previously learnt Nakshatras twice. Then recite these TWICE now, tomorrow morning, noon & evening in SAME order. Like this tweet only after doing so.
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19 Mar
Respected sir managing Twitter account @Somnath_Temple, deleting tweet will not help.

You tweeted this image but have deleted now. But is this package tour facility that includes visit to Church still active and valid? If yes, did you delete only to avoid genuine criticism?
This was the link to tweet that now stands deleted :
Here is the screenshot:
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19 Mar

There are 12 Rashis, each having 9 Charans (quarters) of Nakshatras. This gives 108 Charans. Vishnu SahasraNaama coincidentally has 108 Shloks. So, as a remedy, many learned people recommend chanting the shloka from it according to the Charan one is born in. Very effective.

someone born in-
👉 1st Charan (पद/quarter) of Ashwini can chant 1st Shlok,
👉 2nd Charan (पद/quarter) of Bharani Nakshatra can chant 6th Shlok,
👉 3rd Charan of Revati can chant 107th shlok.

You can use following image for help.

Pls RT the first tweet.
Yes, entire Vishnu SahasraNaama has 108 shlokas, so when it isn't possible to chant entire version daily, chanting of a single Shlok (corresponding to Charan of a native at birth time) has been advised to increase benefits and to reduce problems.

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16 Mar

Peacock feather (मोरपंख) is closely associated to Bhagwan Shri Krishna. Let us see how you can use it as an effective remedy for various purposes.

Please RT this tweet so that others can read it.

Click on this tweet to load entire thread.

Keep a Peacock Feather (मोरपंख) in your locker or at a place where you keep money. It attracts more wealth and provides financial stability. It will give substantial help in reducing your unnecessary expenses.

Put some Peacock Feathers (मोरपंख) or their image at the entrance of your home. It will block the negative aura/energy from entering your home. The close association with Shri Krishna plays a dominant role in this remedy.
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