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3 May, 12 tweets, 2 min read
State media operations, including what most of American media has become, are the most pervasive danger to journalism. Nothing degrades real journalism and erodes public trust in media more than sycophantic propaganda ops that claim to be "news networks."
Press freedom orgs are rightly concerned about hardcore oppression - reporters thrown in jail by tyrants or murdered by mobs - but they underestimate the danger of state media. They have trouble understanding that journalists can be the biggest threat to journalism.
Politicized media has a powerful corrupting influence. There is less and less room for real journalism as politicized newsrooms eat up more of the information space. Agendas dominate all coverage and push aside reporting that doesn't fit the ruling party narratives.
And while it's bad to have politicized media that undermines elected government because the "wrong" party won the last election, it is far worse to have journalists become state media operatives because the "right" party won and they support its agenda or adore its leaders.
At least when corrupt and politicized media opposes the party in power, a little useful and valid information might leak out from time to time. State media is wall-to-wall propaganda, turning the full power of both government and massive media organizations against dissenters.
The State has a huge amount of power to manipulate media coverage. At least when the media's favored party is not in power, reporters might make some effort to resist, although during the Trump years we saw the permanent bureaucracy feeding plenty of garbage to friendly press.
It's becoming questionable whether real journalism is even possible in the mega-State. Can you have meaningful journalism when the ruling party has so much power to manipulate Big Media, and Big Media has so much power to control, marginalize, or even silence small competitors?
But press freedom advocates tend to focus on anything that smacks of confrontation between politicians and journalists. They don't see how coordination can be a greater danger to the public interest than confrontation, corruption a greater danger than suppression.
The big press freedom orgs tend to embrace a guild model of journalism in Western societies. Once you're in the guild, you cannot possibly be a threat to journalism. You're off the radar screen. Only outside forces can be a menace to the guild or its work product.
Of course, this is party because there is so much commonality of interest, culture, and even personnel between Western Big Media and press freedom advocacy groups. The orgs are often staffed and guided by veterans of Big Media, or graduates from the same schools.
It's long past time for press freedom advocates who wish to be taken seriously to separate themselves from the journalism guild and understand that some of the worst threats to Western journalism are coming from within the media.
The primary measure of press freedom cannot be the number of reporters in jail, or the number of times government officials have tried to shut down media organizations. Corruption is a far worse danger in the Western world right now than suppression. /end

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5 May
One of the great schisms in conservatism and GOP politics - a key difference between passive and active conservatism, peacetime vs. wartime - is whether or not the Left is credited with having good intentions. The Left, of course, never reciprocates this concession.
Unfortunately, the Left is dedicated to attacking the very moral and philosophical pillars of the American republic and Western civilization, and they utterly dominate culture and academia, so conceding good intentions is a zero-sum game.
This is why so many GOP politicians and conservative pundits are of little use in pitched political battle, or eagerly turn against other conservatives. Having conceded the good intentions of the Left, they have also tacitly agreed to question the intentions of their own side.
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30 Apr
Human labor is the most abundant and important capital America possesses. There are two ways to allocate that resource. One of them is capitalism. Everything else is slavery. Choose wisely.
The miracle of capitalism is that it allows individuals - every last person in a free society - to own capital and invest it for a profit. That's what you're doing when you freely accept employment. You make the most profitable investment of your capital that you can find.
Your employer hires you because they value your labor more than the money they pay you. They believe they can turn a profit on the money they invest to buy your labor. Both you and the employer are free to seek better investments if either is unhappy with their profits.
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29 Apr
The vicious racist hatred toward Tim Scott from Democrats isn't exactly "hypocrisy," in the sense that they aren't acting contrary to their true principles. The Left has never for an instant thought racism was inherently wrong. Like everything else, it's a power dynamic to them.
After all, the Left is passionately dedicated to the idea that racial prejudice and discrimination are GOOD, provided the people subjected to prejudice, hatred, and discriminatory treatment are white or Asian. This isn't just a talking point - it's a core policy element.
"Racism" to Democrats is the result of a power and political calculation, not an absolute evil. Honestly, they've never really pretended otherwise. Hoodwinked voters just forget about it sometimes, or give institutionalized Dem racism a pass because they "mean well."
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28 Apr
Loss of trust in government is an inevitable consequence of government growing huge and constantly insisting that all of its policy preferences are "emergencies" that require compulsory "unity."
Few Americans alive today can remember a time when their political class wasn't constantly screaming at them about "emergencies" and "crises" that supposedly justified discarding the restraints on government, and even dispensing with democracy. The Fierce Urgency of Now!
We lived in a perpetual state of emergency, a constant state of "war" against various social issues. The better things were, the louder our political and media class railed against our complacency and screamed at us to get up and DO SOMETHING RIGHT NOW.
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23 Apr
You have to understand that the Left sees people purely in terms of ideology. Your politics define your very existence to them. You're just a bag of meat and blood wrapped around a little spark of power they wish to harvest. Black Republicans aren't "really black."
As we've seen over the past few days, the Left doesn't even care if the supposed objects of its maternal political affection are gutted with knives in schoolyards. They don't care about the tidal wave of murders their ideology has unleashed, or black people killed in BLM riots.
But long before that, leftists routinely stripped sacred markers of identity from people with the "wrong" politics. Black conservatives aren't black, conservative women aren't women, etc. The protections of political correctness apply only to members of the Party.
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22 Apr
I think about maps like this when I read my friend John Nolte's taunts about blue cities getting the corruption and chaos they voted for, while life is good out in MAGA Land:…

The Abolish the Police Party is dedicated to urbanizing flyover country.
The Abolish the Police Party (aka the Democrat Party) doesn't feel a moment of shame when reminded that its policies turn every city into a hellhole. They just redouble their efforts into making EVERY INCH of America a hellhole. They'll bring Chicago to YOU.
As I wrote at length yesterday, one of the animating principles of Abolish the Police is the desire to strip middle-class suburbs of their protection against blue-city pathologies. They Left loathes the notion of middle-class security.

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