11 unpopular opinions that will make you very, very rich.

1. Getting rich is a habit.

Habits are the things we do without thinking about them.

Rich people's habits are different than most.

Rich people:

▫ Think long-term
▫ Have tangible goals
▫ Believe that time is money
▫ Diet and exercise regularly
2. Making money is easy.

Value sells.

All you need to do is identify a skill that you have that people want to pay for.

I firmly believe *all of us* have marketable skills.

Rich people identify them, use them, and monetize them.
3. Most millionaires are self-made.

Yes, we all "get help". But, the vast majority don't just inherit our wealth.

Most rich people earn it.

▫ They started a business
▫ They invested in real estate
▫ They invented a new product

They provide value.
4. You don't need to hustle 24/7.

Burnout doesn't help get you rich.

In fact, it makes you less effective.

Burnout means:

▫ Poor decisions
▫ More fatigue
▫ Less motivation

Proper rest and sleep mean you can push harder during the day.
5. Growing up poor doesn't mean you're screwed.

It might be tougher for you, yes.

But, that also means your success will *mean more to you*.

There are enough "rags to riches" stories these days to prove that growing up poor won't kill your chances of getting rich.
6. Money doesn't have favorites.

If you live in the 1st world, you have way more access to money than you think.

Money is everywhere.

▫ Side hustles
▫ Business loans
▫ Gov't handouts

People want to pay you.
You just need to let them.
7. Investing is not gambling.

With gambling, your odds are not good.

Investments, however, have a clear and direct history of making a LOT of people filthy rich.

▫ Not your salary
▫ Not your savings
▫ Not your upbringing

Your investments.
8. Your significant other will make or break you.

Find a loving and supportive spouse, and together, you stand a much better chance at getting rich.

Find a spouse that fights every move you make and your chances of getting rich just got infinitely more difficult.
9. You have more opportunities today than anyone in history.

People have NEVER had it easier.

▫ Scholarships
▫ Mentorships
▫ The Internet
▫ Cell phones

Excuses don't make people rich.
Take advantage of your opportunities.
10. Your passion won't pay the bills.

Of course, there are exceptions. But generally, your strengths pay the bills.

▫ Our passions tend to be more creative
▫ Our strengths tend to be more marketable
11. A designer degree won't make you rich.

The best decision I ever made was going to college. The second best was choosing an inexpensive state school.


▫ Go in-state
▫ Start at a community college
▫ Choose a highly marketable degree

You'll do fine.
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2: You don't need to *be* good to look good.

▫ Show up
▫ Act like you belong
▫ Speak confidently

This opens opportunities.
All you need to do is take them.
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