Sir, they have never and they will never. But can the party with a difference stop pandering to them and look after its own cadre first? From abandoning its core constituents now to its own cadre. Fantastic 🙏🏾
The cadre did not support the BJP in the hope that d Left (not "liberals!") wud protect them from d wrath of d imported goons of d TMC. They hoped,as they should have,that their own party would anticipate this carnage & be prepared to protect them. But they have been left to die.
Central forces shuda been sent not just to preserve the integrity of the electoral process but also to prevent political violence post the results. That's the sign of a party that cares for its cadre as opposed to treating them as fodder to be thrown into the meat grinder.
If election results matter more than the lives of the cadre,such cynicism typically comes back to haunt.The truth is that Karyakartas are safe neither in victory nor defeat.That much has become clear after the results of 2014, 2019 and now 2021.Their lives are taken for granted.
I didn't comment on Bengal election results bcoz I am not qualified to except for hoping that d efforts of d Karyakartas would not go in vain.The credit, not blame,for d outcome must go to d cadre because they supported d party and did well in an extremely hostile atmosphere.
But for them to be thrown to the wolves like this indicates the continuing dehumanisation of an organisation which was built on the backs of committed and disciplined cadre. No success, let alone defeat, is worth it if the cadre feels abandoned and unprotected.
As someone who is hoping against hope that the "party with a difference" will find value in vertebracy and respect for the lives of its cadre and core constituency, I pray that the Gods, in particular Ma Durga, protect the Karyakartas and their families who serve Ma Bharati.
Some have asked me "is PIL se kya hoga?" & there r a few others saying "they should have gone to d HC instead of d SC". To both,within 24 hours a petition with a clear legal basis has been filed by a team that has taken d situation seriously enough to act on it. Wat have u done?
None can guarantee success in a legal proceeding,but what matters is the intent & commitment to knock the doors of d Apex Court instead of whining on Twitter or acting as arm-chaired critics with no real skin in the game. So far,we have done what we can and we will continue to.
With the best of intentions, I hope that everyone who is interested in saving lives in Bengal walks the talk instead of needlessly and joblessly trying to pull down a team which has gone about its work professionally and has supported all well-meaning initiatives of others.
In any case, whether one succeeds or fails is in the hands of the Gods. We will do our duty.If our initiative and your lack of one are the reasons for your heartburn,you need to introspect, and if you are incapable of it, you need serious professional help.Get well soon bachcha.
Those who can't learn to put the cause above themselves,especially those who have discovered their Indic sides fairly recently & have had to brush a lot under the carpet,shud think twice before hurling stones at others.Don't poke the bear.Doesn't help anyone, certainly not you.
The priority is to protect lives in Bengal. It's best if ppl can channel their energies in that direction. Learn to focus on the big picture if you are truly committed to Dharma.

• • •

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21 Nov 20
Says the guy who consumes colonialised versions of Indian history lock, stock and barrel. Lol. Stay in your shoes and continue living the life of an embarrassing troll. An original informed discussion is well above your pay grade.
Position 1- firecrackers have nothing to do with Deepawali. Deepawali is all about Diyas.
Response - Nope. It is a ritual not a mere festivity.
Position 2- Firecrackers cause pollution. They must be banned.
Response - OK. Ban everything that causes all forms of pollution.
Position 3- firecrackers cause most pollution.
Response - show me d proof. IIT Delhi's Report on d causes of pollution in NCR goes against you. Firecrackers aren't even in d top 5. Stubble burning and year round construction activity are among the top causes.
Read 13 tweets
23 Sep 20
1. Absolutely scintillating judgement delivered by d Madurai Bench of the Madras HC on 22/9/2020 in a petition filed by Shri @trramesh, President of d @indiccollective, challenging a tender notification issued by d Executive Officer of d Palani Temple. Sharing a few screenshots.
2. Read
3. The Court has recognised that the EO overstayed his welcome without justification.
Read 7 tweets
6 Sep 20
1. If Hindutva is Hinduism that resists, well, it includes resisting the caricaturing of our Deities by Abrahamics, atheists or otherwise, & non-Abrahamics, atheists or otherwise. Given d history of oppression of Dharmic faith systems by Abrahamics, there is no room for symmetry.
2. Celebrate free speech and expression, sure, but do realise that their application isn't uniform and cannot be uniform because they are bound to land differently for the oppressor and the oppressed. After all, that's the underlying premise behind the SC/ST atrocities Act.
3. Abrahamic Athiests see Hinduism in d same light as their faiths. That's where d fundamental problem is. As long as this false equivalence is accepted, Abrahamic Athiests pose more of a threat to Hindus than their own faith systems for multiple reasons, which I will set out.
Read 18 tweets
5 Sep 20
Here is the link to the Writ Petition filed in November 2019 by the guardians of the Tiruchendur Sri Subrahmanya Swamy Temple along with the @indiccollective challenging over 45 provisions of the TNHRCE Act 1959 and the rules framed thereunder-…
On December 18, 2019, the said Petition, W. P. (C) No. 1432/2019, was tagged with the Writ Petition filed by the late Swami Dayananda Saraswathi ji, W. P. (C) No. 476/2012 and the Writ Petition filed by the Podu Dikshitars of the Chidambaram Temple W. P. (C) No. 544/2009. Image
I will be shortly writing a series of pieces to factually take down brick by brick the motivated, manufactured & baseless myths pushed by those who stand in the way of Temple Freedom. None of the bogeys cited to defend State Control of Temples holds water on the ground.
Read 4 tweets
3 Aug 20
Respond with facts, honesty and dignity. Stand your ground even if you are outnumbered regardless of who the opponents are and what their affiliation may be. Conviction is the key and it doesn't come from knowledge alone. Practice your Dharma & be true to it. Never abandon it.
This appears to be a period of churn,which must be embraced.The battle of ideas & ideologies is not going to be strictly limited to d Left v the Non Left,or one political party v another.What comes out of this churn may decide the future of Dharma and its Civilization. So be it.
I don't believe in water-tight camps. My position has usually been issue-based. No amount of churn within d non-Left will dilute my focus as to who is truly anti-Dharmic.That said,there r a few non-negotiable deal breakers & I sincerely hope V don't collectively cross d Rubicon.
Read 9 tweets
29 Jul 20
I have to respond to this tweet @AankhiGM ji. The Govt is d Usurper.Frankly, your tweet flies in d face of facts since Govt control of Temples isn't limited to one particular denomination or group within d Hindu community.The assumptions underlying ur tweet have no factual basis.
The @SwarajyaMag article does raise valid questions but unfortunately it does so with a few incorrect assumptions. For instance, it assumes or at least insinuates that only members of one group are "traditional custodians of the Temple".This is ahistoric and factually untenable.
What is actually surprising is that nobody has even bothered to read the Petitions filed by the Late Swami Dayananda Saraswathi ji or by the Priests of the Tiruchendur Petition. The Petitions will bust these misconceptions.
Read 37 tweets

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