He makes $15k a month off plants?

Maybe PLANTS should be your next biz? Or wait for our plant tax credit play manana 😱

How to profit off plants (the legal kind 🤫):
U.S. house plant sales have increased by 50% in the last 3 years.
- collective spending value to a whopping $1.7 billion!
A $250,000 tree? Weird flex…
Apparently, mega-cars are so 2009, today = boujeeiest of zen gardens.
- WSJ says there’s an entire lux market for finding old cool trees, buying them, then shipping them to mansions & hotels.
Can you buy tree futures??
- I'm sure gonna check my land for trees I can sell before I ever have to cut one again.
Saw this trend first hand at my local nursery doing what apparently all us chicks do, buy some mfing succulents.

- I wanted this guy: The Staghorn Fern.
So I looked at the price tag…
Like 3 ETH.

Turns out the Staghorn isn’t alone:
Why? We Millennials are weird:
1. People are waiting to have kids or just don’t want kids. I mean parenting during a pandemic 😶
2. Prefer renting over owning (“preference” ahem “priced-out”).
3. Nature ain't cheap... Home Depot = camp ground.
- You can buy 1 plant, get anywhere from 5- 25 cuttings (baby plants) a year.
- Where else do u buy 1 product and it produces other products for you to profit off of?
Check out these #'s:
Marcus Kirby was a server at a Chicago Native Foods.
He’s the founder of Succulent City, a houseplant store raking in $15K a month
- 70% profit margins
Here's the How: First Where to Sell?
Option 1: Etsy- get high-quality pics, research to make sure prices align w marketplace & double down on good branding/descriptions

Option 2: Launch website & leverage IG/ FB ads. Marcus makes $15k/month w/ just 7K IG followers.
Fiddle Leaf Fig it To Me:
Not all houseplants are created equal.

- Most popular are low maintenance which translates to low light and watering needs
- OR - special hard to find ones - that go for 10's or $$$

Hop on google trends....
Margin Increase:
Set yourself apart and justify a higher price easily by pairing your plants with a trademark planter box or arrangement style.

Marcus sells unique planters, increasing his order size & margin.
How do I find these fing golden plants??
1 - Grow yourself.
First batch from nursery/seed then propagate & multiply stock. Easy to learn on YT

2- Buy in bulk from growers.
Essentially dropship plant selling. Could be a local nursery w full-grown plants or seedlings
Regulations + shipping is a b*tch
Understand what your shipping restrictions
- vary from state to state AND from plant to plant
- (another good reason to limit your product options)

USDA has a nifty chart
Ship it To me:

1: Ship yourself (FedEx has a packing guide for plants.)
Few things to remember:
Plants need to breathe
Waterproof bags
Fragile disclaimer
Extra cushioning

Option 2: Outsource through drop shipping services or partner w grower
Doesn't matter if you're a stay-at-home parent looking for some extra cash or a serial entrepreneur, this is a space RIPE for disruption and new hustles to emerge.

Don't let Silicon Valley have all the fun (3 startups raised $100M+)
Also, we're dropping a thread a day for the next 30 days (generally on cash-flowing business ideas) so make sure to SMASH that follow button so you don't miss ANY of these

And check out my newsletter, link in bio ;)

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Cashflow off Real Estate the unconventional way.

Real estate foreclosures are going to go up.

Shadow inventory, which means foreclosures in waiting (aka a moratorium)

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Enter my bud, @amaconstruct:
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If you own a property and pay taxes on it... You're gonna wanna read this bad boy. (earmuffs govt)

How to apply for and get agricultural tax credits by selling $1500 plants a year?
If you own a home in Texas let's say it's worth $1M.
You're paying almost $20k a year in property taxes. Yikes.

So when my bud Cody told me I'm an idiot and forgot something I listened....

He said you could get 25-75% off your tax bill by selling some leafy greens...
Since Cody is no slouch - he runs multiple 7 fig businesses while hunting something like 200 days a year, my ears perked.


*then let us know what we missed* @baldridgecpa since you're the man on taxes!
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Another Cashflow Idea: 💸

We created a course, generated $50k in rev ($20k Monthly) PRELAUNCH, w/ no employees, investors, and really no fing idea what we were doing. Now it'll do $1M+ in ARR. @uacquisitions

Here's our blueprint, may be worth ripping off:
Step 1: Choose a topic
Framework: 4 P's find where..
- People: interested already (ie big FB groups on subject)
- Profits: ways to make people $ (we like that)
- Paychecks: peeps r spending on it already
- Perspective: you have insight, expertise, or just share as you learn
Ours is about M&A.
- 10 steps to buying your 1st biz for $100k in passive(ish) income
- People: big FB groups & a few courses (BAD ones ahem Ninja?)
- Profits: Market is RIPE, 2.5M biz's for sale in US in micro PE
- I know a thing or 7 bout that (I've done 60+ transactions)
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How to create an unfair investor advantage?
I’m no genius. But I've made a few nickles:
Built investment biz's in:
- ETFs '08: $531B assets; now $3.4T+. (540%)
- LatAM '10: $1.5T ; now $3T+. (100%)
- Cannabis '14: $3.5B; now $20B+. (471%)

A thread on getting an edge early:
Here’s where I stop being obnoxious (someone call @vcbrags already), and say how this is useful to you.

Being early can be a superpower.

When people ask you, “What? Why would you do that?”

You just may be on to something my friend.
When I first got into cannabis (and proceeded to raise a $200MM Fund in the space), my Latina Catholic mother about had a heart attack. I think she thought I did this all day?

That was a trigger..
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21 Apr
Mike makes $180k-1M a year by owning NFL season tickets on the side?
The 50-80% profit margin play that sports fanatics are going to LOVE.

We have a Contrarian Thinking member in FB group (shameless plug join!) who shared this lil diddy on big $ w/ tix.

Thread: Image
Mike is a college dropout, now a SVP at a Fortune 25 Co.
But he hasn't forgotten the hustle... not about that one-income game.
SO: 7 Figures in revenue all started w/ a Bull....
Michael Jordan was retiring and going to play against the Hornets.
- Mike's wife, wanted to go (duh)... but the tickets were ridiculous.
- $1k each (aka NFT level prices)
- but ya know happy wife happy life
- so he said bye to 2 weeks salary Image
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16 Apr
I have this theory: we have to unlearn what we were "taught" in school

Fancy, expensive schools, big companies -> don't teach what we should really learn.

Thread on 5 things I wished I learned earlier:
#1 Negotiate EVERYTHING
You will NEVER get what you don't ask for.
Graph: Difference in same salary over course of career for those who negotiate &who don't is $2MM.

Most people don't negotiate. Don't be most people.
#2 The Top 1% - Have $ Make $
View the world as a business owner- real wealth is made through equity and ownership.

How to get equity?
Start thinking like an owner.
Take on more tasks.
Ask what work you could do to get equity. Then crush it.
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