Mike makes $180k-1M a year by owning NFL season tickets on the side?
The 50-80% profit margin play that sports fanatics are going to LOVE.

We have a Contrarian Thinking member in FB group (shameless plug join!) who shared this lil diddy on big $ w/ tix.

Thread: Image
Mike is a college dropout, now a SVP at a Fortune 25 Co.
But he hasn't forgotten the hustle... not about that one-income game.
SO: 7 Figures in revenue all started w/ a Bull....
Michael Jordan was retiring and going to play against the Hornets.
- Mike's wife, wanted to go (duh)... but the tickets were ridiculous.
- $1k each (aka NFT level prices)
- but ya know happy wife happy life
- so he said bye to 2 weeks salary Image
When the tickets arrived...
The face value was $22 each (very sad face)
To which he said, "I need to get a piece of this!"
As @Jason says... lil beak wetting please
So he & his wifey started working for brokers “pulling tickets.”
WTF is that?
Brokers send a weekly list of what they want that is going on sale.
If you buy them they will immediately pay you a commission.
(Imagine getting a bot on that).
They kept a spreadsheet to learn what events were marketable, what sections & games. Started small, then grew.
- I imagine it like a more closed-loop stock market.
- Less players more fatty margin.
After a few months of making others rich, they bought their 1st NFL season tickets.

Why sports? Why NFL?
There is skill to predicting concerts. You can grab great tix & an artist can add a show, making your tix worthless.
2 Reasons:
1) NFL is insanely popular vs other big sports.
- despite the recent political drama
- 7 of top 10 telecasts of 2020 are NFL
2) Tick-flipping is based on scarcity.
- Only 8 home games per year for NFL.
- Compare to baseball w/ 81 games!
- Less games, bigger rivalries, huge stars, all contribute to better ROI.
How do they sell the tix?
- 100% StubHub
- fees are low, and it is so easy.
- they don’t ever talk to customers (how do I get in this biz 😭).

No charge backs.
No advertising.
No shipping. It's electronic b*tches.
Pay comes 3 days later.
The kicker --> how much time he spends...
- 5 hours a week between August to January. (I spent more on this GD thread)
- It can be done anywhere with a laptop.
Let's talk MONEY: ($180k - $1M+ profits)
Mike uses the word portfolio. Why?
- He now has 30 teams and many seats per teams (ahem 1000+)
- 90% of years ALL 30 teams make $$.
- In 1-year, 2 teams lost money (aka 2020).

Each year since da Bulls, he's finished w/ 50-80% margins
- NFL Average season ticket cost is $1900.
- 50% margin is $950. So he makes $950-$1520 for every $ spent.
- So every 100,000 in tickets brings back 150-180k.
Can it scale? - Kind of, but getting season tickets is harder than it sounds.
Cash - Ya gotta pay in advance for the tix.
The Play:
- Target actual season ticket holders and try to purchase their seasons ticket rights or games they don’t use.
- So you pay out in full by March-May.
- You lose scary amounts of $ on the two preseason games each year.
- "Been doing this for 2 decades and I still can’t look at the financials during preseason as we are losing 5 digits per weekend."
Fun facts:
- Deal exclusively in season tickets.
- Some teams charge simply for the tickets.
- Others have seat licenses. A seat license is a fee paid to “own” rights to then buy the tickets annually. Fairly brilliant for the NFL - not brilliant for your pocketbook.
- the Bears have two types of season tickets.
- One has no license which means you can’t sell your rights or leave in a will.
- Other that does have a license, means you can sell rights or leave to ur degenerate beer drinking Chicagoan kids.😜
You don't have to play the game to make 7 figs on sports.

IF you like this... hit that signup button baby. More Contrarian Cashflow goodness coming at ya.

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