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4 May, 12 tweets, 5 min read
1. One of the things that it's sometimes hard to communicate about being a finalist for an award is one might genuinely be happy for any of the people to win. To make this point, let me talk about why I would be thrilled on a personal level no matter who wins this Locus Award.
2. Elizabeth Bear (@matociquala) was the Astounding Award winner just before me and one of my oldest friends in SF/F, and we used to teach together at @ViableParadise. A terrific writer and pal. It would be thrilling to have her win.
3. At my very first SF convention, Cory Doctorow (@doctorow) was literally pulled out of a crowd in a hotel lobby by our editor to be my con buddy and we have been compatriots since. A great social thinker and writer, and would be a deserved award winner.
4. Kate Elliott (@KateElliottSFF) I had the pleasure of hanging out with in Hawaii a few years ago; she was the best of company as we talked writing craft and other things. Her work is never less than excellent; how could I not want her to win?
5. William Gibson (@GreatDismal) literally changed the course of written science fiction and has been challenging the way we think about the world for decades. And is a hell of fine person. I could not imagine being upset to lose the category to him.
6. Mary Robinette Kowal (@MaryRobinette) is one of my best friends in the world and there's no one who has worked harder or more deserves their acclaim. Her "Lady Astronaut" series is groundbreaking and winning this award would reconfirm this.
7. Paul McCauley (@UnlikelyWorlds) is the only person on this list I do not know! But I do know his work, and it is very fine. A win here would be an excellent recognition of his talent and effort.
8. Kim Stanley Robinson (@ksrinfo) is the kindest and most decent of people, the deepest of thinkers, and the creator of some of the most fascinating worlds in science fiction. He doesn't need to prove himself at this point, but this award would underscore his brilliance.
9. Martha Wells (@marthawells1) is my favorite SF/F success story, a reminder that as long as you keep writing it's never too late to make the world notice your work. Murderbot is not only liked; it's beloved. This award would be richly deserved.
10. Gene Wolfe was and is an acknowledged grand master of the SF/F genre; I should know because as president of SFWA I had the distinct honor of naming him as one. Which only confirmed what everyone already knew. A win here would be a perfect swan song.
11. You see my point: Everyone here is deserving, and to get to call myself their peer in the category is a deep personal and professional honor in itself. I'd be happy to win. But I will not be at all disappointed to lose. I will genuinely cheer on any and all. What a group!
12. And now, as tradition, I end on a cat picture. The cat is not a finalist for the Locus Award. This year. Spice, among books.

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30 Apr
In the mail today: My @RockSugarBand challenge coins for their albums, including the long-awaited "Reinventinator" -- 14 new mash-ups of hard rock and pop songs. My favorite so far: "Faithful Child 'O Mine," because how can you not like Journey and GnR all smooshed up. You can't! The challenge coins in question: Brass and pewter!
For those of you going "wha"?, here's @RockSugarBand's best known single, "Don't Stop the Sandman." This kills at the dances I DJ, I'll have you know.

Also, my favorite nugget of trivia about @rocksugarband is that the lead singer is @JessHarnell, who you know from just about every single cartoon you (or possibly your children) ever grew up with, especially this one.

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26 Apr
1. So, indulge me for a minute while I say something here about a thing my detractors do, and why, and what I think about it. The thing is to avow that I am no Heinlein, or Asimov or Ellison or [Insert Revered White Male Science Fiction Writer Who They Consider a Great Here].
2. Why do they go out of their way to do it? Because it's very important for those they admire to be "great," for whatever values they consider great, and this is their way of telling themselves (and me, in a distaff fashion) that I will never measure up: I'll never be "great..."
3. matter how many books I write or sell or how notable I become in the genre or out of it. They are denying to me the thing they consider to be the most important thing, and what they assume I consider important as well. Don't we all want to be "great"?
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24 Apr
I am attempting something strange and possibly objectively terrifying in the kitchen right now. No, it is not related to burritos. You will know more if it is successful. WHAT'S IN THE POT, SCALZI?!?
Update: the culinary experiment is cooling now. My friends, allow me to present to you:

Pickle juice caramels (pre-cut). They are shiny and glossy and look like caramels.
(Dill, to clarify)
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23 Apr
Hey, @FedEx, I'm pretty sure you delivered my package to someone else's house, and both your online and phone help are being notably unhelpful about it. This is not a great look for you.
(I normally don't have a problem with @FedEx, so this is a little weird. I got the email notification of delivery, but there's no delivery. Either I had the first door robbery in 20 years of living on a rural road where there is no foot traffic, or it was delivered elsewhere.)
Update: package magically appeared. Gray minivan drove off down the driveway. I'll take it. This is where the box appea...
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22 Apr
Just arrived at the Scalzi Compound: The signed limited edition of Murder By Other Means, the latest installment of the "Dispatcher" series. If you preordered from @SubPress, they're on their way! Also, SubPress has the ebook edition up on their site:… The book, propped up by an award whilst a porg looks on.
You can also still get the signed, limited hardcover edition from @subpress, although hurry, since "limited" means just that -- once it sells through, it's gone forever. It is, he said, with absolutely NO bias whatsoever, a gorgeous little book.…
ALSO ALSO, let me give a shoutout to artist Michael Koelsch, who did such a terrific job on the cover art, which is taken from a scene in the book. It's so good! A dude has been checked off a water tower. He seems a little
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7 Mar
1. So, as a follow-up to yesterday's thread and comments about copyrights and lengths thereof, some additional thoughts about the practical and theoretical issues revolving copyrights, their length and copyrightable intellectual property in general. Ready? Here we go:
2. To begin, the pipe dream of a 30-year-term of copyright really is just that, a pipe dream. 179 countries including the US are signatories to the Berne Convention, a treaty tightly wound into the World Trade Organization. Here's the actual text:…
3. Basically, the Berne Convention and its terms the "floor" for copyrights; you can't offer less protection than it offers and be a signatory. A copyright term of 30 years-and-out is, uhh, *less.* It is not seriously going to be considered any time soon. So, it's Life+50, folks.
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