1./ I wonder if @thealiceroberts will tell @HistoryHit how many sexes there are? She blocked me after I politely quizzed her claim there’s some spectrum of sex and so it’s really hard to tell who’s male or female. 🧐 In her defence she cited @Fausto_Sterling’s famous work. Yes...
2./ ..that’ll be the same work Fausto-Sterling now says was misinterpreted. Her description of 5 sexes she claims was intended to be ironic, a sophisticated joke not a scientific argument. What’s worse Roberts quoted her claim that 4% of people might be “intersex”. When....
3./ ...that figure was a plain error in Fausto-Sterling’s early work. She had said she derived it from the work of Professor John Money; but he wrote to the New York Times to complain and disavow such an absurdly high figure (as I’ve pointed out)👇
4./ Alice Roberts is a great science communicator. But on the subject at the heart of so much science and history too - biological sex- she has sided with an anti-science cult that plays fast and loose with the facts. Funny place to be for a humanist. Never mind a scientist.

• • •

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2 May
1./ Insightful comments by @soniasodha on David Bell and the Tavistock and a pattern of NHS silencing of whistleblowers. It's a particular problem when activist medics get into positions of authority and view any criticism as an assault on their cherished ideological position.
2./ But medical institutions have many other powerful incentives to ignore or silence criticism. In the 80s at the Bristol Royal Infirmary Stephen Bolsin, an anaesthetist, noticed kids suffered much poorer outcomes there from heart surgery than elsewhere.👇independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/…
3./ At the inquiry a decade later he explained the department was anxious to keep its funding. Had an investigation been launched or news leaked about high death rates the doctors feared their funding would be cut. So babies just kept dying. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/P…
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2 May
1./ A thread on gay erasure and the dangers of a ban on conversion therapy. This wonderful interview by @MsRachelCooke in @ObserverUK captures the gentleness and quiet determination of Dr David Bell who became appalled by homophobia at the @TaviAndPort theguardian.com/society/2021/m…
2./ Dr Bell was alarmed at how homophobic parents often seemed keener on their kids transitioning than the kids themselves. Why would a homophobic dad want a "straight" daughter rather than a gay son? Yep, I think we know the answer. Worse, staff went along with this outrage.
3./ The Tavistock had carelessly and incompetently moved to an "affirmation model" where any kid's suspicion they were trans had to be affirmed. Anyone who questioned this poorly researched approach found themselves bullied, silenced or accused of transphobia. Sound familiar?
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28 Apr
1./ Maya Forstater's case is all about the defence of FACTS so I was intrigued to see @SkyNews put trans activist @BobbityP up against @MForstater. Bobbi says Maya's tweets were deeply offensive and deny "hormonal development in the brain".🤦‍♂️So what is Bobbi's record on FACTS?
2./ When @Commonswomequ dared even to consult women's organisations like @Womans_Place_UK on GRA Reform ,Bobbi compared it to consulting with the KKK on racism. Bobbi said she had no faith in the process which is surprising since Bobbi has achieved so much in such a short time.
3./ A top BP exec, Bobbi's won a slew of awards since transitioning in 2017; including Nestle's 2020 LGBT Award as a Diversity Hero. Bobbi's living proof corporate capitalism embraces gender identity ideology and intends to impose it from the top down.👇
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27 Apr
1./ Happy 101st birthday to one of the great Scottish poets of the 20th Century, Edwin Morgan; who died in 2010. He often hinted at his sexuality as in the lovely 'Strawberries' 👇but only came out in 1990. In 1995 he gifted a poem to Glasgow's new Lesbian and Gay Centre.
2./ It was a cheeky tribute to all things gay:-
"Come all ye persons of goodwill,
from Newton Mearns to Maryhill,
Rattle the chains and launch the boat
And get it properly afloat.
I bash this poem against the bow,
Name it GGLC and endow
Its future cruise with benedictions..."
3./ The University has the manuscript and this essay points out he speculated on who might visit the centre including the "Straightest of straights, bentest of bents, Carbolic scrub, Armani scents, Doc Martens girls, minikilt boys, buyers of exotic toys."👇…versityofglasgowlibrary.wordpress.com/2014/02/20/lgb…
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27 Apr
1./ True or False? Time to check another claim by John Nicolson MP. You'll know John has a tendency to fantasise. Imagine my surprise when his campaign to be Rector of Glasgow University claimed, as a student on the Students' Council, he'd set up a Sexual Harassment Committee.👇
2./ By the way, his suggestion of an e-learning course (a 'moodle') for Freshers is a great idea. But something jarred. Was John REALLY the driving force for the committee as implied? I checked with friends from Yooni days and their memories were different. As in VERY different.
3./ They claimed the Committee was the idea of women in response to a decidedly dodgy atmosphere on a very conservative campus in which the old Men's Union, the notoriously sexist University Union, regularly showed porn and organised strip shows. John happened to be on its Board.
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24 Apr
1./ Do Scotland's self-appointed LGBTQ+ warriors actually give a damn about homophobia? They bang on about @ALLIANCELGB but spend next to no time speaking out about a real issue closer to home: a billionaire homophobe's cult on a Scottish island. 👇mumbaimirror.indiatimes.com/news/india/bab…
2./ In 2009 a couple who made millions from care homes in Scotland "donated" the island of Little Cumbrae off the Ayrshire coast to Baba Ramdev, an Indian yogi who claims to cure homosexuality. Yes ACTUAL conversion therapy, and not the made up stuff.👇rediff.com/news/slide-sho…
3./ According to Ramdev, a big supporter of the equally awful Narendra Modi, homosexuality is an addiction. He claims to cure it with intense yoga, and ayurvedic medicine (ie quack potions) ...all set in a residential conversion camp, sorry ashram. 👇deccanchronicle.com/131211/news-cu…
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