#TipuSultan family origin
Today is 222nd death anniversary of Tipu Sultan, the lion of Mysore. He was only ruler in India who died while fighting English colonial masters. Others, including Peshwas, Sindhiyas, Gaikwars, Nizams, all sided with The EIC and fought against him.
THE history of Tipu Sultan’s family, until it was raised to prominence by his grandfather, Fath Muhammad, is for the most part obscure. But one thing is certain, that Tipu was descended from the Quraish of Mecca; 1 and it was probably at the end of

#TipuSultan family origin
...the sixteenth century that his ancestors arrived in India by sea 2 instead of following the usual land route from the north-west. Beyond these facts nothing is known regarding them before their emigration to India.
#TipuSultan family origin
The first person belonging to the family about whom some tradition has been preserved was Shaikh Wali Muhammad who according to Kirmani, came to Gulbarga from Delhi with his son Muhammad Ali during the reign of Muhammad Adil Shah (1626-56) of Bijapur
#TipuSultan family origin
He was a religious man and attached himself to the shrine of Jamal-ud-din Husaini, nicknamed Gisu Daraz, 5 and was given according to an anonymous version preserved in Kamama - i-Haidari (pp. 687-04), origin of the family is traced to one Hasan b. Yahya
#TipuSultan family origin
...a Quraish, who was Sharif of Mecca. His grandson, Ahmad, proceeded to Sana in Yemen, married daughter of its chief and after latters death became its ruler. But in a conspiracy organised by some of nobles of Sana to depose him, he was assassinated.
#TipuSultan family origin
His thirteen-year- old son Muhammad, succeeded in escaping to Baghdad where he started business n soon became a prosperous merchant. It was Hasan b. Ibrahim (d. 1075/1664), 6th in descent from Yahya who, having lost all his money owing to the dishonesty
#TipuSultan family origin
...of his father’s employees, migrated to India m search of a livelihood. Hasan began to live in Ajmere with mutawalli of shrine of Khwaja Muin-ud-din Chishti and married his daughter. After his death a son was born to him and was named Wali Muhammad.
#TipuSultan family origin
When the latter grew up, he, with his son Muhammad Ali proceeded to Shahjahanabad, and from there to Delhi. The rest of the family history is the same as given by Kirmani.
Source: A HISTORY OF TIPU SULTAN By Mohibbul Hasan
#TipuSultan family origin

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