We have a major divide on the side of good. Some good guys think that their blood, sweat and tears they spend fighting the good fight makes the bills they pass unassailable even if it leaves millions out in the cold because they see their efforts and feel that is progress.
The people left behind cry out "hey, I got left behind and I don't want to die either!" And that juxtaposition between those who fought for and won incremental progress take offense when the people that are left hurting cry out and say they aren't satisfied. A tragedy isn't it?
That whole union ethos of an injury to one is an injury to all needs to be true north. It needs to be our guide post. No backslapping as we get some off the Titanic and watch the rest drown.
Neoliberals like to means test & create divisions that always leave many behind. The ACA is a primary example. So are 401k plans. We keep getting the neoliberal two step tossed at us and we think we've won. It is actually diabolical & brilliant how they make us celebrate crumbs.
Once you understand that the public money isn't some scarce thing we have to dig out of the ground, you stop accepting these fiscal rules as barriers to saving lives.

Again... many good guys, people who we know & love... aren't there yet. The question is... will it be too late?
I gotta tell you, the toughest part, I repeat, the toughest part is the shutdown, canceling that occurs when you make the light shine on the inadequacy of legislation being passed and the energy suck that drains movements as they reflexively defend the indefensible.

• • •

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24 Apr
Sorry, probably too heavy for most of you but this band and this video qualify as the most awesome in the world to me

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23 Apr
1. We are not on the gold standard and thus the constraints imposed are no longer in play.

2. We have a sovereign, non-pegged, non-convertible fiat currency not backed by oil, gold, bees wax or chicken necks...

3. The Fed is a creature of CONGRESS not a private banking cartel
4. We aren't broke and can never go broke without an intentional act of congress. The debt ceiling is a garbage construct used for politics to force "tough decisions" and is a relic of the gold standard era.
5. The national debt is not debt as you and I know it at all but is instead savings accounts at the fed for people who want to save in US dollars. It's also can be thought of as the net money supply or the money not yet destroyed as a tax.
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23 Apr
Educate the masses about #MMT will do 1 of 2 things:

1. People will make demands, government will make incremental change and people keep pushing for more change or:

2. The government and media keep lying & they fuck around & find out what the radicalized will do to survive.
5 years ago a movement thought I was nuts saying "Taxes don't fund spending" and now we should all know that to be empirically true. The only apology required is why we are not United in demanding this truth guide policy NOW!
If we had a Federal Job Guarantee, Medicare for All, Free College, ending and cancelling all student loans and a Green New Deal with infrastructure, how much better off would we ALL be? #MMT
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21 Apr
So the plan is always to privatize as much as possible all in the name of creating markets.

This is neoliberalism.

It can only thrive based on lies.

Based on the idea that the government is broke, in debt to foreign nations or conspiracies like the Rothschilds etc.

It can only thrive as long as you believe that your "hard earned tax dollar" is paying for someone's bad decisions.

They can make the case repeatedly that we cannot afford to do nice things.
Worthlessly, many in the political sphere advance this lie and we believe them. We allow them to represent us with falsehoods.
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21 Apr
Those who keep fighting against Federal spending, spreading fearporn about the National Debt and bullshit about "reducing deficits" are the reason we have not simply nationalized payroll and had the government cover rent/mortgage/utilities and provide Medicare for All NOW.
So this is a bit of "Progressives" & "MAGA" NOT investing in learning how the damn economy works & failing to make the correct, SUSTAINED demands.
Most people ignored Bernie's Economic Advisor... Most ignored the subject for years. Even with the Deficit Myth!

Now people will die over it.

Think about how many already have.
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12 Apr
I am surrounded by people in real life and the virtual world that think the Federal Government should be run like a household budget even now. It's debilitating.
This probably doesn't resonate with anyone other than myself and probably is going to die along with me... But I am still suffering intensely from the last global financial crisis. So I turned my pain into activism and education.

@PatrickLovell1 gets it
All these years later I see the same people saying the same dumb stuff about taxes and "bankrupting the nation" even as the nation creates its own currency. Every single day. Every single dollar spent by the Federal Government is new money. Every single dollar.

Yet here we are.
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