Sleep: Most people don’t realize that when we sleep, our spirit doesn’t just sit there asleep too? It, goes out of the body and explores. But it is still tied to the body by a silver string.
We experience these nighttime adventures as dreams. But since most people aren’t connected with their subconscious minds, they don’t have 100% control over their dream states.
The next time you get into bed, try this. Say “I will be able to remember and control my dreams. “
When you are able to fully gain control bad dreams become a thing of the past. You will be able to guide the directions of your dreams and actually go places. It’s really easy and fun!
If you become really good you will even be able to to do this while you’re awake too! This is how I bi-locate and travel to far off places to learn stuff!!! So, sleep is a magical time where our spirits have fun.

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3 May
@TiffanyBlueSkys Do you remember when you told me that you thought I might have been Willie in a past life? I think I now know what was going on. I think that life was 10%. That life was not a full incarnation.
Last night after i had i got back from dinner. I had visions of that life as Willie L. And another life where i was a young man in France durring WW1. I was killed in the war. My guide says that this splitting of a spirit is how one spirit can have...
Multiple simultaneous lives. But in my case during these other lives most of my spirit remained at home and was directing the energies down into these two bodies. These lives were research lives.
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2 May
My spirit guide has had past lives on other planets. He tells me, that on one of these planets there are 30 foot tall reptiles similar to dinosaurs on earth. He says that when this planet was being explored?
The race of being he used to be, had issues with these giant reptiles. On occasion one of their nests was accidentally stumbled upon and the beings were forced to defend themselves against these reptiles.
My guide says that it was not considered appropriate to immediately kill these reptiles. Instead these beings used a shocking or stunning device to repel the reptiles. This device would be the equivalent of a shark stunner or a pole with a electrode...
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2 May
My Lakota spirit guide has been telling me about the inner earth passage that is in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
He keeps telling me that they have lights down there that don’t use electrical power. They are crystal in nature and draw their power from the universe. He wants me to go down there to show me the main passage.
He says that it has a bunch of these crystals sprayed onto the ceiling and walls and these crystals all light up so you can see your way down. He says that at the middle of this entrance there is a small pyramid that’s made from this crystal.
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8 Apr
When I was in 5th Grade, I had an encounter with the spirit of a sophisticated gentleman by the name of Charles W. White. Charles was dressed in an expensive suit and I noticed that in his breast pocket he had a pen.
I immediately took notice of this pen and this caused him to pull it out of his pocket. And he said: “Young man, you have good taste”. “This is my Conklin self filler” “He added that the guy who invented this pen was an employee of his.
So, I took note of the name of this pen and ever since, I wished that I could find one? His wasn’t a physical pen. It was something that his spirit was manifesting.
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Update: lets see if the Flying Fox goes near the Evergiven?
See the red ship still in the canal at the bottom? Thats the Flying Fox its headed north towards the Evergiven.
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6 Apr
Spiritual Amnesia, what causes it and why it is a thing:
When a baby is born, the spirit does not just immediately occupy or enter the body. This is actually a slow deliberate process. That takes five years to complete in most people.
For the first few years the spirit is coming and going from the babies body. During sleep the babies spirit leaves to reevaluate wether it has chosen the right parents. If they spirit decides that the circumstances of its future life...
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