So John Curtice should be listened to:-
‘ given that the Conservatives have chosen Leave, and 80 per cent of Labour's vote now comes from Remain supporters, the only realistic choice open to ⁦@UKLabour⁩ is to -…
open to @UKLabour is to craft an appeal that will maintain and enhance its support among Remain voters, be they working class or not’
I agree and we shouldn’t waste our time chasing the voters who values at the moment are so different from ours that they vote for this Tory HMG.
@Keir_Starmer should maximise the vote of people with values very different from the right-wing corrupt xenophobic Tories among remain and simply those with non Tory attitudes.
but electoral form commitment is essential from labour now whether in outright power or sharing it.
That includes working class middle class or any class who support decent values. Labour chasing so-called working-class vote in leave areas is a mugs game. It’s alienating those of us who voted remain and have a liberal social attitudes.

A commitment to PR will transform all.
The old labour of working-class virtues supporting community education and tolerance has been corrupted increasingly since Thatcher. They are now often represented in red wall areas by the Johnson form of conservatism. But progressive working-class people will stay with Labour.
The key is to build upon the majority of progressive liberal remain people. As Sir John Curtice argued the Corbyn equivocation on Brexit killed @UKLabour in 2019. See link at top of thread. A bold approach is needed now and I don’t think @Keir_Starmer has much to lose in that.
As Curtice says in his important impeccably researched article
“Labour's attempt at a more nuanced position – backing a referendum but not being clear about which side it would back in that ballot – was both insufficient to unite the Remain vote behind it,-
- ‘while among Leave supporters it was too weak a counterweight to the invitation from the Conservatives to ‘get Brexit done’

The Brexit issue. as Sir John Curtice predicted has not yet worked its way through out politics in a way some may have hopes including @Keir_Starmer -
As for John Curtice point out @Keir_Starmer hardly ever mentions Brexit at PMQs. I am sympathetic to lotto on that because he had hoped the issue would die down. Unfortunately it’s quite clear that its impact has been profound on voting intentions and not in a good way for now.
Which is why so John Curtice is surely right in suggesting a new tranche of voters are out there yearning for a clear lead on this in particular. Brexit has proved to be a disaster incontrovertibly now. The Tory Brexit needs to be attacked more vigorously but more than this -
@Keir_Starmer & @UKLabour need to form an attacking electoral coalition to rid the country of it’s obvious venal corruption & unite around not only reform of electoral process but to implement progressive social green & Biden style economic recovery. If not now when? Let’s do it
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23 Apr
‘80% of Labour's vote now comes from Remain supporters, the only realistic choice open to the party is to craft an appeal that will maintain & enhance its support among Remain voters, be they working class or not.’

- Curtice - Wiley Online Library…
2/ I have found this a real dilemma. I have supported @Keir_Starmer in his attempt to win back Brexit red wall voters but many, working class or not, seem to have values more in common with right wing Tories so as Curtice implies they may not return to @UKLabour as hoped. -
3/ So is @UKLabour & @Keir_Starmer chasing a ‘will o’ the wisp’ if hoping to build a recovery upon Red wall voters. If they cannot by now have seen the harm Brexit has done to the U.K. will they ever do so? Some may but probably many will not & meanwhile remainers alienated?
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25 Oct 20
1.Tory MPs threats to shops feeding children & saying food vouchers are used by poor for brothels & crack dens - claim their EXACT word are ‘taken out of context’. When did ‘context’ become an Orwellian concept of ‘double think’ where we are to pretend opposite of what’s said?
2. There is no other “context“ or surrounding framework set out in the original tweets by Tory MPs. threatening shops providing food for children for free, with hostile treatment from HMG. Nor for the quite dreadful slur on poor that they use food vouchers for brothels or Crack.
3. For the record in my work as a criminal lawyer I have never known food vouchers exchanges for Brothels or crack.
The real context is that this generation of Conservatives, with a few exceptions are far nastier than those once complained of by Mrs May as the ‘nasty party’.
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9 Oct 20
Great letter in the Guardian from His honour Michael Heath.
Lawyers are “made of stern stuff. Unlike politicians they do not crave popularity. Johnson will take them on at his peril. That he appears to contemplate doing so shows his lack of judgement.”
We need to make him pay.
I wonder whether the next Tory MP charged with an offence will enjoy the thought that a jury may regard his or her defence lawyer as a “do gooding lefty lawyer”whose advocacy they should dismiss because of the lack of credibility after attacks from the PM and Home Secretary?
If the rumours are true and I will not say any more about it here we may find out soon enough if the damage done by the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary has in fact hamstrung the criminal justice system. It is this government which is a threat to justice not lawyers.
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6 Oct 20
I think we should withdraw all professional cooperation with the government at every level until we receive a public apology. I think @TheLawSociety @thebarcouncil @TheCriminalBar @CrimeSolicitors @lccsa etc should demand an immediate clarification of PM’s & Home secs comment
2/ Apart from anything else withdrawal of cooperation and further action will focus public attention on the lies being told by the government about lawyers. We need to fight back and make them sorry they came to this fight. I’ve had enough of them. They underpay us & insult us
3/ I know we’re going to hear now from the “what’s the point of the public don’t care brigade” but we are advocates and well-connected and we can make the government pay in adverse publicity at least for their disgusting & dishonest utterances about lawyers. We have to fight NOW
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6 Oct 20
1/ Mr Johnson has launched another attack. This time on criminal Lawyers.…. He said he wanted to stop ‘ the whole CJS from being hamstrung by what the home secretary would doubtless and rightly call the lefty human rights lawyers and other do-gooders.’
2/ My whole career, along with many other dedicated lawyers has been dedicated to ensuring that people are properly represented and to ensuring only the guilty are convicted whilst the innocent go free. We have done this whilst being grossly under funded. I say that Johnson’s
3/ his remarks are even more unfair and discreditable than those of his strange Home Secretary. I have at times been placed at personal risk in doing my duty. See this previous article on the dangers of public denigration of criminal Lawyers.….
Read 5 tweets
18 Sep 20
How disgusting it is that Tory MP,s are cutting & pasting an utterly false equation of Parliamentary sovereignty in the Miller Supreme Court case with UK’s obligation to obey the law especially as many disagreed with the SC at the time. Here @thatginamiller puts them straight.👇
2/ Which is exactly what I have been hammering on about for days now. The @neill_bob backstop amendment has nothing to do with parliamentary sovereignty - it is all to do with providing political cover for existing illegality. It is too late by then because if the IMB is passed-
3/ by that time the IMB is already existing evidence itself of the UK’s illegal behaviour because it breaches a negotiated treaty obligations recognised in international law under articles 4:2 & 5. The Rubicon to illegality will have already been crossed by our pound shop Caesar.
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