@mattyglesias If people are "sniping" you, it's probably because Liberal anti-science propaganda is only a pale shade morally less repugnant than fascist anti-science propaganda.
@mattyglesias "Allow me to repeat that in case you didn’t catch it the first time: the structure that HIV uses to evade the human immune system, COVID uses to evade humanity’s defense systems."

@mattyglesias "COVID is a deadly, aerosolized pathogen that approaches an infection rate on par with measles that generates one new mutation per mammalian host every two weeks."

@mattyglesias Politically, we're at odds, but Nature doesn't give a fuck about your politics. Go ahead. Test her. See if I care . . .
@mattyglesias Also, consider who you'll be spending time with in large gatherings: no one cool; a bunch of pencil pushing wine drinkers, fascist social darwinists and ingrates.
@mattyglesias I understand COVID puts a damper on everyone's life plans, but too bad. I read the record and follow the science because I value my life and life in general more than all the stuff we consume to fill the gaping hole that's been carved into our spiritual lives.
@mattyglesias I'd be completely unsurprised if a large number of Americans ignorantly place themselves and others in danger. It appears, lacking community or a common sense of purpose, that's their prerogative, but you'll be interacting with a well-defined subset of the population.
@mattyglesias What are you defending, @mattyglesias? Jalapeno poppers, late night drug binges, a plate of nachos, a steak done mid-rare, an all-night rager at a sold-out amphitheater? I was a bartender for 6 years, and a damn good one, but I won't do it any more because it's fucking unethical.
@mattyglesias Spare me your tears and laughter until after you've talked to every family member who has had a relative die from COVID19.
@mattyglesias Besides, your hospitality jobs were always a Liberal placeholder for our manufacturing and the unions that were taken from us, and if you want throw that back in my face, be sure not to do it in person.
@mattyglesias @threadreaderapp unroll please. Thank you.

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4 May
This narrative of "'the Rapture" is charged with mythos, making it highly attractive to a people deprived of mythos and community, which includes most people on planet Earth, but it hinges on magical thinking.
The Shakers referred to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Prior to the Civil War, 9 out of 10 Shakers left the society to re-join "the World's people," and these Utopian Reformers discussed a Cooperative Commonwealth.
The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth was only discussed as an inevitability by the Shakers because they couldn't conceive of a world where people give up on such a project. The Cooperative Commonwealth was always meant to be built by humankind; not delivered on a platter after tragedy.
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3 May
I received the J&J vaccine and would like to take this opportunity to emphasize the importance of global vaccine equity. Thank you @POTUS, the US central government and @USCongress.
1st noticeable side effect: arcs of shooting needle-like pain followed by significant arm soreness.
Side effects (continued): aches throughout the body radiating from the injection site; that tingling feeling of spiders crawling up the spine and nerve endings when one feels sick with infection (malaise); slight nausea; fatigue; a desire for chicken soup.
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30 Apr
Since when has the fasces bookended the podium in the House chambers?
The fasces were axes carried by Lictors, a caste within the Roman Empire that served as both body guard and executioner. On paper, Tribunes were elected from among the people to act as a check on laws passed by the patricians.
If memory serves, on paper, the Tribunes could veto any Roman law, and if they were interrupted, censored and prevented from executing their obligations to the people, the Lictors would execute whomever censored or interrupted them . . .
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Mark Twain wrote an article about white violence against Chinese immigrants and the paper, the San Francisco Morning Call, killed it.
Then he wrote about violence and corruption in the San Francisco police department, and the editor killed it.
So he sent it to an old employer, who published the piece. The paper was sued for libel and Mark Twain was fired.
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27 Apr
According to "aspiring physician" Edward Nirenberg, "The collective conclusion from our understanding of these biological process is that a naked mRNA in the cytosol has no potential to end up in a cellular compartment that contains our own DNA . . ."

Not entirely convincing, but it's a start.
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