On international tests, American kids score very well in reading and very badly at math.


My hypothesis: We de-emphasize math because we treat it as an IQ test, instead of a skill that anyone can learn.
I am not worried about top-end math education. Top students will find a way to learn.

I am worried about average students' math education. These are the students whose parents have not prepared them as much. But they have plenty ability to do math!!

Everyone is arguing about tracking tracking tracking. Excellence vs. equity, blah blah blah.

No one seems to be talking about expecting the average student to learn more math!

I am not worried about "gifted" kids' math education. Gifted kids are well-prepared by their parents and will find ways to learn. I learned calc from a textbook and slept through the class. Whatever.

I'm worried about the AVERAGE student, whose parents don't prepare them!!
The reason things like this worry me is NOT because I think we're entering some Harrison Bergeron world where the top kids won't get a chance to shine.

It's because I worry that we're canceling math classes for the AVERAGE student.

I'm worried that when educators want to cut math classes out of a concern for "equity", that what they really think is that average students are uneducable and don't have the natural IQ to do basic math.

Which I view as BULLSHIT.
If American kids can learn to READ better than Swiss or Danish or Taiwanese or Japanese or Norwegian or German kids, they can learn to do MATH too!

American kids can do a lot better at math than they're doing, because they're already excellent at reading.
My anger at education documents that try to de-emphasize math is not part of some right-wing moral panic about equity.

In fact, I believe that believing and investing in the average American kid's ability to learn more and better math will ENHANCE equity.
It all comes back to the fact that Americans think math is an IQ test.

It is not. It's a skill anyone can learn, like reading.

And if we treated it as such, we'd have a more capable, better-prepared workforce. A workforce able to "run the fabs".



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The purpose of making noise about China's increased desire and capability to invade Taiwan is to strengthen deterrence and avert a war.

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Sometimes research tells us things we don't like to hear.

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