I really like this tweet, and one of my favorite people rt'd it, but... Think about this from my perspective.
What the white people brought to this continent was climate change in its infancy.
That worldview that brought slavery, that's definitely the same one that causes cc.
The biggest single difference between slavery and high energy machines is that slavery killed and tortured currently living people, while high energy machines are killing and torturing people not yet born.
They exist for the same reason.
3. Why slavery?
So one man could hog more ground than he could work with his own hands and family.
So he could make more profit than he could earn.
So he could steal earnings from others.
From the end of slavery to the onset of fossil energy powered work was a blink.
Don't pay.
4. I hear every day that there are too many people.
If Bill Fucking Gates didn't own all the best farmland in America there'd be a lot more room for the rest of everybody.
Every giant bulldozer tractor exists for the same reason as slaves and overseers. And it is as violent.
5. I not only believe the Earth is alive, we know that most of what's out there was alive 200 years ago. Before we bulldozed and paved it.
There is a derogatory term, "Anthropomorphise." Taking other "lower" life forms as people.
The mistake is exactly the other way around.
7. The dominant worldview de-life-izes humanity, sets us apart as some different thing, waves our conceit that we should transcend this, our planet, our body.
There exists no human who exists apart from Earth and her services, because we are made out of Earth by her services.
8. Explain to me the processes by which a human lives without being constantly exchanged with the rest of Earth. Explain to me the process that results in a human existing which does not also result in every bacteria, protozoa, amoeba, snake, chimpanzee, and whale. From whence?
9. When our (my) white ancestors came here, they came here an brought a worldview which said, I, Civilized Man, am superior to all other life forms.
We still say that.
We don't care that our roads destroy billions upon billions of living creatures, their homes and their Earth.
10. Sure it was fine to chase the living humans off the living land and cut it down and kill it. We were higher. Civilized Man.
Sure it was fine to take people who didn't have plows and anyway, were black almost, and enslave them.
We were Civilized Man.
That is why climate chg.
11. The line from genocide to slavery to ecocide to climate change is all one line.
We brought it here with us from Europe.
We. Are. Not. Superior.
We can have that revelation, or it will be shown to us.
12. Every single voice that says to me, People won't do that, says, "We are superior. Our whims are more important than any other species' existence."
That's it.
Like I keep saying, it's our value system.
Those people who were here before we got here - they were humans too.
13. So the recurrent theme of "human nature" doesn't wash.
They were humans. It was their nature to see themselves as what they scientifically, provably were: component parts of their ecosystem.
As are we.
We have drastically simplified our ecosystem, and complexified our culture
14. But - what we were the day we got here, we still are. Civilized Man.
I don't think it's going to work forever. And frankly, I'm not impressed.

• • •

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2 May
About a third of all the people believe all the lies.
That really matters. More than words can express.
Think how simple the human operating system is. We have these senses which detect energy and chemicals from our surroundings, and what they tell us is absolute fact. It is warm. It is cold. It is bright. It is dark. I see other humans and animals. They are all undisputably real.
Everything we perceive is fact. We aren't even wired to evaluate that question. What could possibly create the illusion of warmth where there was none? Energy flows inward through our skin. Facts exist.
Time passes.
Depending on when you want to count, say 50,000 years pass.
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26 Apr
Have you noticed mostly the Administration isn't referring to an "infrastructure" plan.
It's a Jobs plan.
Bless his heart, Joe Biden is an honest-to-god Democrat. Build stuff, hire people to build it, get everyone out of the dumps, catch up on their bills.
Half of me approves.
2. There are well meaning people who sincerely believe that humankind can uphold our current style of living / interacting with the ecosystem indefinitely if we get rid of fossil fuels.
I disagree, but neither position, mine nor theirs, can be proven. The future is like that.
3. If those people are right, then Joe is right, and whatever you call his plan it is a good one.
All those redneck assholes would be a lot easier to deal with if they were knocking down a fat paycheck working their asses off in the weather, building stuff.
They'd have money and
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26 Apr
Tonight my old band (not "mine" in a leadership sense, just: the band I play with) got together for the first time in a year.
Our bass player died of Covid between Christmas and New Year.
His widow came to the jam today.
They were married 54 years.
2. Jim was more than a bass player. He was an arranger, a singer, a song chooser. We don't have an official leadership structure but he was a leader.
Sandy on 12 string, Bob on fiddle (Bob turns 92 next week), me on pedal steel, Matt on drums, Shawn on keyboard & vocals.
3. Sandy sings too. I used to, but the pedal steel takes all my brain power and I don't have any left to sing with. Hard to explain.
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25 Apr
Entirely reasonable question. Why not mules, why not horses, why donkeys?
Tools tend to define the job. To the man whose only tool is a hammer, you know that one.
2. The biggest reason I failed with draft horses is that their ideal skill set was not well suited to what my hilly land needed.
And I was *stone* ignorant. Grasping at straws of knowledge and information. Lynn Miller at the Small Farmers Journal was a beacon of knowledge.
3. What I need on this farm, more than anything else, is something to carry my stuff while I piddle around planting and pruning and observing and staking. I don't plow fields. Image
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24 Apr
Anybody in the mood for a Jeffie ramble?
I've got some thoughts jumbled up inside me, and gonna sort on them a little.
Last night I was talking to a guy I know but not well - friend of a friend. And I said I'm trying to learn how to do this - farm - with donkeys, and it's hard.
2. And he said like, "huh, why d'ya think they invented tractors?"
I didn't answer that question, but the answer is, to make money.
They invented tractors to sell them at a profit.
There was not universal agreement they were better. It depended what you measured.
3. Tractors are the children of Capitalism.
Without capitalism there would never have been a tractor.
My grandfather covered the state of Iowa with red tractors between WWI and 1956.
Part of the way they did it was kill all the horses.
They'd pay a king's ransom trade in,
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24 Apr
Scientists have understood the energy capturing nature of airborne carbon (i.e. emissions driven climate change) since at least the 1890s. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Svante_Ar…
The first World Meteorological Conference on Climate came some 80+ years later. google.com/url?q=https://…
Another decade brought Jim Hansen to the Senate to speak on the issue. google.com/url?q=https://…
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