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5 May, 4 tweets, 1 min read
This is a really telling exchange. Some people believe in trying to convince others to make good choices while also recognizing the harm and limits of force. Others believe in abusing government power to force people to do what they think is right.
Btw Tom, as usual, has no idea what he's talking about. He's spewing generalities because he looks down on people who are reluctant to get vaccinated and assumes they all have specific politics. The reality is there are a diverse group & can be convinced w the right messaging.
I know doctors that spend a lot of time convincing patients to get vaccinated now. Most of the people they convince just need to hear it is safe and there are real benefits to it (inc return to normal), they aren't crazy political people. Real-life isn't political Twitter.
And it matters when you undermine that and downplay the benefits of vaccinations. Some people don't care about persuasion, they just want to look down on people they disagree with. But not effective when you need those people to come around to defeat this pandemic.

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30 Apr
We live in very stupid times.

Apparently a bunch of former jeopardy contestants wanted to prove they are complete morons by trying to cancel a current contestant for using the word "Gypsy" and holding up 3 fingers to represent 3 wins.…
Again, you can't just change language overnight and then expect everyone to conform to your whims or be labeled a bigot. Furthermore, hand gestures that are common don't suddenly become white supremacist symbols because you & random 4chan trolls declare them to be so. Go away.
It's embarrassing when even Snopes has to tell you that you're being complete jackasses.

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28 Apr
Rogan can do what he wants and the risk of someone who is 21 dying from Covid-19 is very low, but that is not the point of them getting the vaccine. The point is to prevent spread to people who are at much greater risk and reduce overall community spread to unnoticeable.
You don't need everyone to vaccinate to do that. Ex: Israel has basically reached that point and has said kids under 12 will not be vaccinated. But you do need an overwhelming majority of adults vaccinated so we still need a lot of younger adults to do it to stop the virus.
Also, if you don't reach that point and continue to have high levels of community spread, you risk further variants that can eventually overcome vaccine + natural immunity. It's a recipe for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
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28 Apr
Absolutely nuts. This is like an alternate reality. Giving Biden credit for things he had 0 to do with and just completely lying about the situation that existed when he took office.
This isn't about Trump vs. Biden. Thousands and thousands of people devoted their lives for a year to make the current results a possibility. Operation Warpspeed helped make this a reality. To try to rewrite history just to give the current admin credit is deplorable.
The article doesn't mention Operation Warp Speed once. Instead, their evidence is the Biden team setting a ridiculously low goal we were already on pace to achieve and a relief package that had little to do with Covid-19.

Pure propaganda.
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25 Apr
Does @TheSharkDaymond think David Duke has given any nice speeches lately?
Btw weird how the Capitol attacker that killed a Capitol police officer just disappeared from the news as soon as he was identified as a Farrakhan devotee...
One of the biggest antisemites in the country is consistently being normalized by major public figures and organizations, but no one wants to talk about it. Then those normalizing that bigotry act confused about the wave of violent hate crimes targeting Jews and Asians.
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22 Apr
A lot of people never read beyond headlines and rely on the press to serve as gatekeepers, but the number keeps decreasing as press credibility continues to diminish. That's why journalists are so upset at competition (ex substack) now bc they want the audience w/o accountability
Ton of Americans have been actively misinformed by press outlets on many issues (Covid-19 risk, FL-NY response, Covington Catholic, Kavanaugh allegations, GA law, police shootings etc.)

On all those issues, those that rely on national news are convinced of things that are false.
You want people to stop tuning you out or view you as less trustworthy than a used car salesman? Focus a little less on trying to censor competition and a little more on holding your colleagues and industry accountable for their consistent failings.
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21 Apr
LeBron is the most irresponsible and hypocritical athlete to regularly discuss news topics. The guy insisted Daryl Morey must be poorly informed to express support for Hong Kong activists, but actively encourages harassment of a police officer that saved a young girl’s life.
That cop did nothing wrong by any reasonable standard, and now someone with 50 million followers is encouraging attacks against him. That’s on top countless news organizations lying about his actions. Decent people need to speak out. Real people will get hurt by this stuff.
And I’m not just talking about the cop here. I’m also talking about the next young girl/boy being attacked by someone when a cop shows up that is killed because the cop hesitated to protect them.

That’s what these irresponsible idiots are encouraging.
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