We get new members every week! We love seeing their beautiful melanated faces show up every week to unite with us against colonialism and yt power ✊🏽🔨

“I’m here because I’m tired of these crumbs from the colony that come from the death of my peoples.” Yass new comrade Houria!!
New comrade Thaté tired of these hamster wheel protests and so are we! The protests happen every year, and all they do is get our people brutalized, arrested and killed. We here to get free, period!
yt chauvinist leftists out here getting our people involved in protests for their ego, all while they go back to their suburban gated communities built on stolen indigenous land.
We need a new system to build for people of color: one free of genocide, theft, rape, and pillage of our lands by dusty kkkrusty colonizers
New Comrade Share Bear coming to us because they’re seeking actual #revolution, not chant #abolition to a colonial imperialist state that will never listen to our demands.
New Comrade Jesus joining us because they saw we LIBERATED 200 acres of land and could see their liberation! And we say liberated bc the land is part of the collective, and Mother Earth is our greatest comrade. Join us blackhammer.org/join today to be part of Hammer City 🔨🔥
Our very own Chief Turey, Chief Of Propaganda , was named Hammer of The Week for recruiting several more comrades and their brilliant work!🤩🤩 We love to see it!
Join this live RIGHT NOW to see all this colonized excellence!

“We’re looking to see what contradictions our people are facing locally, water insecurity, food insecurity, community clean ups, etc” - Chief Ina!
We’re really out here doing the WORK for our people 💓🔨
Chief Suh and our SciTech commitee are really saving our people!!

Come join this live to see all this life saving information that will protect us from the colony!!


“Every colonized person can do science, it Is time that we use science to liberate ourselves from this system ” - Chief Suh!!
and that’s on PURR🔨😌

Join our SciTech committee right now to use science to liberate our people!


• • •

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5 May
We have events, shows and much more coming up 🥳! Come join us on our FB Live happening right now and get in on these incredible events! And you can join and create events by joining us at blackhammer.org/join

We’re reading Part II of Dr. Haunani-Kay Trask’s “From A Native Daughter” this week on Sunday at 11am EST on our FB Live! Come get this incredible political education
We also offer defense, workout, cultural, educational and other events designed to forge our comrades and liberate all Colonized peoples 🙏🏽💕
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4 May
Real talk though, if you are colonized and you want to see your people FREE from pig lynchings, vicious landlords, from kkkovid and colonizers, join Black Hammer today! We protect the people, unlike what these parasites have to say! blackhammer.org/join!
We feed, house, and clothe the people! How many colonizers can say that? 🧐 We also give out PPE to our colonized communities, defense training, gardening skills, the list goes ON. Don't let the kkkolony tell you what to think, caring about Anne Frank isn't going to get us free🤷‍♀️
Our people are being GENOCIDED TODAY. People mad protective about Anne Frank but what about the children at the border? In Africa? In Afghanistan? Literally being killed before our eyes. CARING ABOUT ANNE FRANK WILL NOT GET US FREE!! COLONIZED UNITY WILL!
Read 4 tweets
4 May
Dumba$$ coon reny here with no historical analysis of how Jonestown was led by a yt european who killed hundreds of African & colonized peoples
While your bio says “political education” if you actually had any, you’d understand how cults are yt people culture, and built on furthering the genocide of African & colonized peoples.
Instead you’re here defending the colonizers that ripped your ancestors out of Africa and have since genocided your people for over 600+ years. And for what? A few crumbs at the seat of the white man’s table built on the bones of African & colonized people.
Read 5 tweets
4 May
europeans really came here, massacred over 200 million indigenous people, enslaved Africans, established a colonial imperialist empire, then call themselves “communists” and think that makes them on our side. A parasite will always be a parasite though.
We place the blame of colonialism on all yt people because we understand poor and petit-bourgeoisie yts act as the foot soldiers of the yt ruling class to carry out colonialism.
Just because you call yourself a Marxist-Leninist or anarchist while settled on stolen indigenous land your ancestors killed for doesn’t make you on our side.
Read 5 tweets
4 May
Colonizers have enslaved, genocided, ate, tortured, and oppressed us for centuries, but get mad when we say we’re going to “burn” a yt girl’s diary.

Sorry, but we don’t share the same material reality with daughters of german imperialists in armies that killed our people.
From Christopher Columbus to Andrew Jackson to George Bush, we have endured countless “Hitlers” who first applied those genocidal tactics used against european jews against us.
And where were white jews when the slave trade was occurring? Or the genocide of over 100 million indigenous people of Turtle Island? Or the over 10 million people killed in the Congo under king Leopold II? Or the Scramble for Africa?
Read 7 tweets
4 May
@TheCPLUC so y’all oppose reparations to African & colonized peoples, but think you’re communists and on our side? Y’all really a book club at a yt jesuit colonizing institution and think you have moral high ground over us. How about we give a history lesson on the jesuits?
The jesuits were one of the most active christian groups in the sale and enslavement of African peoples, traveling to lands to indoctrinate and colonize African peoples before sending them to the americas to be enslaved journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.117…
And then y’all established universities on land you dispossessed from indigenous peoples to really conduct violent slave trades, and disguise those slave trades through “church” and “education”. Y’all were some of the biggest slave sellers in amerikkka en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/1838_Jesu…
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