Big shout out to @HamillHimself this #MayTheFourth for taking an email request from a random political hack to craft an ad focusing on ensuring that every military ballot was counted on election day. Funny story too. It was a long shot email and I wasn't ready for 'yes'.
I wrote the script and shipped it off to Mark. While out for lunch with my son I got a call from CA. It was the lovely @MarilouHamill to tell me that Mark had a few questions on the shoot and wanted to chat with me. So, I'm in a distillery doubled over in shock as he says hello.
I'd love to tell you how cool and collected I was..but family...I was not. I was jumping up and down and trying to string together coherent thoughts. I pulled it off...kinda. The next day I got video files of words I wrote being eloquently spoken by one of my favorite Americans.
The ad came out great and drove home that Trump's efforts to subvert the election before it even took place couldn't be accepted. It's one of my favorite pieces we did during the campaign though I admit I am biased. I found the entire Hamill family to be warm and generous folks.
So, thanks so much, Mark, Marilou and Chelsea. It was an honor to work with you and I appreciate your patience with a novice writer and ad man in a pinch on Halloween weekend. May the Fourth be with you! Check out the ad you haven't seen it!
I’d be remiss not thanking @TheRickWilson for co-writing the script and the ridiculously talented @BenHowe for turning out this incredible ad using video Mark shot at home during a pandemic! We have an incredible creative team at @ProjectLincoln

• • •

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13 Apr
Buried in here is a response from freshly minted veteran, YouTube influencer and now GOP candidate @HaroldEarls on the cascade of criticism about his use of Arlington National Cemetery and Army uniform. He says 'F you' (1)…
He is as tone deaf as you. expect: The Republican stood by the use of the images. From Earls’ campaign: “Arlington is not just part of my history, it’s part of our American history — a story that must be told. The sacrifices of our fallen and their families who fought for..." (2)
"...ALL of us should never be forgotten, and should inspire us to seek what unites us instead of this strangling divide so many have given into.” So...that's just gibberish. He is saying he has a RIGHT to use the grief of military families for his campaign. No, you don't. (3)
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9 Apr
This kid is using reels of video of himself in uniform in this political ad but more appalling is the use of video of funerals of service members, families visiting their graves and on and on. These are families of fallen being used for his right wing bullshit. But there's more.
He graduated West Point and did the minimum time required before going back to a town he hasn't lived in for 10 years and decides a month after arriving he should be their Congressman. What does he know about their issues? Know any business owners? Average people? Nope. Hubris.
Harold here is a kid who has been told how amazing he is for years. He was the best of the best and now he should be a Congressman using his miniscule time in service as his only qualification. He literally counts his time at West Point as part of his "9.5 years of service."
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3 Apr
Look at the love @marcorubio has for the troops! His staff dug up this awful stock photo of a "soldier" in a fake uniform with a beard! Nothing says "support the troops" like a bad stock photo. I wonder why they couldn't find pics of him with military families? #LincolnProject
OH MY GOD! This guy has two wives! What will Marco say about this?? #BadStockPhoto
NOOOOOOOOO!!! It gets worse! This "soldier" has a whole other family too! What kind of family values is @marcorubio supporting? #badstockphoto
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27 Mar
So why do the Republicans introduce packages of voting restrictions instead of single bills? So, one law seems innocuous. They will even get a Dem or two vote for some. But it’s a game. They build on each other. They get you to focus on one hole but it’s a giant net.
You will get the bill with more weekend voting then another that makes it harder to actually register to vote at all. They keep absentee balloting but outlaw giving people water in line. They restrict hours but “relent” as “compromise.”
Then they sneak in the administrative changes you don’t hear about. Less polling places in black neighborhoods. Reduced staff at the board of elections to register. Close down DMV offices in downtowns. Change the types of required ID. It’s an insidious and duplicitous effort.
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18 Mar
One of the right wing outlets is working their way down an oppo file on me now. Today they'll release a 'scandalous" story that I have two bankruptcies in my financial history. Yep...I do. Like many Americans I've had some tough times both personally and professionally. (1)
In 2001 I was running for mayor of our town while working as a Project Management Consultant and my then wife was a flight attendant. I was mobilized the night of 9/11 in the Army Reserve and she was furloughed. My unit screwed up my paperwork so my pay was a fraction. (2)
Like many folks we had been living paycheck to paycheck with 4 kids and the whole thing collapsed with a loss of most of our income. Eventually we filed Chapter 7 which my poor wife had to do while I was deployed in Iraq in 2003. We lived frugally for years and recovered. (3)
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26 Jan
When I was a Company Commander in the 101st after my wife and baby were killed in a car accident my Chaplain probably saved my sanity. We were mobilized for a month just 10 days after they died. Every day he checked on me and let me talk or cry. Let me work through it all.
I don’t remember praying with him or him trying to convert me to his faith. As a matter of fact, I don’t remember what his faith was. He was just my counselor and supporter. He didn’t judge me or things I did to deal with her loss even as I did really stupid stuff. He was a rock.
I would never trust this man as a confidant or with my soldiers. Chaplain Calvert is obviously a bigot and a judgemental jerk. He’s not there to help soldiers. He’s there to convert them. To point out their sins. To undermine their self worth with his homophobia and transphobia.
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