In the #HoC for Friday #QP.
Bergen leads off by video, concerned that Bill C-10 is an attack on free speech.
Guilbeault, hewing to talking points, reads that this is about making web giants pay for Canadian artists, while they want suggested playlist to have more Cdn artists.
Bergen lies and says the Bill is about people only saying Liberal-approved things online.
Guilbeault suggests she actually read the bill to say users are not regulated. #QP
Deltell worries that immigration files take longer for Quebec than elsewhere, not respecting Quebec’s targets.
Schiefke recites that Canada is moving quickly to meet targets because they have increased resources. #QP
Larouche leads for the Bloc, upset that only seniors older than 75 are getting increased supports, and want it for all seniors.
Lauzon reads the other assistance given to all seniors. #QP
Boulerice leads for the NDP, he demands that the digital tax apply to all web giants including Netflix.
Freeland says there is no exemption for Netflix or any other service, and GST will be levied as of July 1st. #QP
Bachrach complains about the Infrastructure Bank.
McKenna says she is proud about the progress the Bank has made, and lists a couple of projects. #QP
Poilievre raises this morning’s job numbers and blames Trudeau personally for them, and demands a vaccine plan.
Freeland reminds him that local public health authorities had to impose restrictions to fight the third wave, which is why they extended benefits. #QP
Apparently vaccines can be created from thin air, and there is no global scarcity!
Freeland worries that they are talking down Canadians and praises the resilience of Canadians and businesses. #QP
Richard Martel tries to equate JWR’s resignation with the General Vance allegations, somehow.
Vandenbeld (in person!) reads that the government knows they need to do better, which is why they appointed Louise Arbour. #QP
Erm, pretty sure General Vance was not accused of sexual *assault*, guys. That’s quite a conflation. #QP
Desilets, for the eleventieth time this week, says CRA is demanding victims of CERB fraud pay tax on the amounts.
Sorbara responds that victims are not responsible for those sums, as Desilets has been told every time he’s asked. #QP
James Cumming is demanding the prime minister throw a public tantrum over Line 5.
O’Regan reminds him of approved pipelines and that Line 5 is non-negotiable.
Niki Ashton demands a date for boil water advisories to all be ended.
Miller reminds her they are fixing the failed funding formula. #QP
Blaikie demands Canada support vaccine patent waivers at the WTO.
Bendayan says Canada is active in negotiations. #QP
Vis wondered what happened to home energy retrofit tax credits.
Freeland assures him they are passionate about them, and are looking at more of them. #QP
Chong worries about Russian interference.
Oliphant assure him they are taking it seriously. #QP
The Conservatives keep calling it the “Liberals’ third wave,” as though premiers like Ford and Kenney reopening too early didn’t directly cause it. #QP
And we’re back to Bill C-10 questions.
Guilbeault says it’s worrying the Conservatives are misleading Canadians.
Poilievre starts chirping at the Speaker that this is unparliamentary language, and the Speaker invites Guilbeault to withdraw it. #QP
Sometimes the parliamentary rules against calling out other members for lying is a problem, especially when you have members who do so with wild abandon. #HoC #cdnpoli
Vignola wants to know when the contract will be signed for Davie Shipyard to build that ice breaker.
Rodriguez says the Bloc are never happy with good news. #QP
In his question, Aitchison complains that Guilbeault called Conservatives liars.
This time Gerretsen chirps that he can’t do that because Guilbeault withdrew.
And now the Speaker has to get back up to demand the question be asked without the unparliamentary language. #QP
Yet more questions that accuse Bill C-10 of censorship (which is completely false).
Guilbeault is straying from his scripts and starting to flail again. #QP
It would be great if the Conservatives could actually read Bill.
Here, again, is my @CBAnatmag story on the bill. It had problems, but it’s not government censorship. #QP…
Cathy McLeod seems to think that the minister controls NACI’s comms.
NACI is arm’s length from government. #QP
Johns demands specific funds for Indigenous tourism.
Freeland reads dollar figure from the budget. #QP
Apparently we need to set aside time every day for unanimous consent motions. #HoC
And that is Friday #QP.
Thanks for following along. Sorry for typos or if the thread got broken.

• • •

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11 Dec 20
In the #HoC for the final #QP of 2020.
Carol Hughes is in the big chair.
Gérard Deltell leads off to deliver a Bloc demand for unconditional health transfers.
Darren Fisher reads some talking points about the transfers since the start of the pandemic.
Tracy Gray blames the Canadian government and not the UK for delays to the Canada-UK trade deal.
Ng says they are looking for timely passage of the bill but also working with the UK about mitigation of the bill doesn’t pass in time. #QP
Gray has a very selective memory when it comes to the shenanigans and incompetence coming out of the UK on this trade deal. #QP
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28 Oct 20
Invoked new legislative powers how? The federal government can’t simply demand the provinces do anything.
You can’t invent federal levers out of thin air!…
Further to this, I’m not sure how useful more robust federal models would have been. We’re a big country with lots of separate outbreaks, and one federal model isn’t all that helpful – especially because healthcare delivery is provincial jurisdiction.
And even if they had more robust models, what was Hajdu supposed to do with that information? Federal health delivery is only for the Canadian Forces, First Nations and Inuit, and that’s not even under her department any longer.
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23 Feb 19
Seeing a lot of “Why should the victim resign?” in my reply feed re: JWR not resigning per Shawcross Doctrine if she really was inappropriately pressured. Apparently it’s time for some remedial civics. 1/n
1) Ministers serve at the pleasure of the prime minister. He or she can appoint, shuffle, or dismiss them at will. Nobody “deserves” a Cabinet set. 2/n
2) Cabinet operates on the principle of solidarity. You stand and fall as a group, not as individuals. That’s also why there’s cabinet confidence - so that disagreements get aired behind closed doors, but you stand united in public. 3/n
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