Simple questions:

Has censorship EVER in all of history been practiced by the good guys?

Has censorship EVER NOT been about hiding the inconvenient truth?

Has control and coordination of the media EVER been a good thing for society?
Has stifling of open debate EVER resulted in progress?

But now we are supposed to believe that THIS time these things are all good for us and not the least bit suspicious?

Well, we have a saying in finance. The most dangerous words of all are "this time it's different."
You see, there's a large group of folks who would have you believe that half the world is subject to persuasion by dangerous "misinformation" and therefore, that which the keepers of the words deem misinformation must be squelched.

The truth is they are hiding nonnarrative-compliant material from their mindless cipher followers. They can't have the compliant masses getting any ideas of their own.

Kinda like the CCP controls what its citizens can see on the internet. Just like that in fact.
The danger lies not in the opposition, the free thinkers, the naturally skeptical folk being exposed to the "misinformation".

Hell those folks create it. They inherently understand it.

The danger is that some of the ciphers see it and start waking up.
Because without the ciphers, there is nothing. The free thinkers can be kept at bay with sufficient central controls supported by masses of sycophants.

Because while the ciphers are fully indoctrinated mindless shells, in large numbers they are powerful.
The ciphers must be kept properly and repeatedly marinated in a brew of approved narrative. It must be repeated again and again, ideally with as little outside stimuli as possible. And the ciphers must be prevented from engaging in free exchange of ideas.
Better yet imagine if the population could be kept largely isolated from each other for long periods and fed a diet of carefully controlled messaging.

Just imagine that, if you can...

But of course lockdowns have absolutely nothing to do with that.
Still better, what if the isolated cipher population could be kept fearful by being fed a steady diet of doom? A diet devoid of any challenging views whatsoever. The chances of any of them waking up is thereby further diminished.

Just imagine....
And better still are repeated barrages of new fears. That way the population is already pre-conditioned and primed by the previous bout of panic.

Something like for example; Asymptomatic spread->Long Covid->Myocarditis->Variant1->variant2->impending doom..
This doesn't necessarily need to be a coordinated conspiracy. History is rife with destructive totalitarianism that spontaneously arose from some societal upheaval. Opportunists swarm as the population is primed to imbibe the toxic authoritarian swill.
What can stop this locomotive hurling down the tracks, driven by authoritarian engineers and loaded with ciphers?

Each individual who saves himself, for one.
And a less obvious savior, the weapon of ridicule. The cessation of treating the tyrants with any respect, and thereby stripping them of their precious credibility. For the demagogue himself (and his minions) is almost incapable of humor of any sort...
Or maybe I'm just imagining things right? These could just be lots of coincidences couldn't they?

Remember: it's NEVER different this time.

And another investing maxim: If you look around the poker table and can't spot the patsy, the patsy is you.
HUGE THANKS to @academyofideas - please watch their videos from which many of these images were taken.

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Crystal clear elucidation of the replacement of
science 🔬
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Quotes of ✨brilliance✨ follow:
"Science has changed from a mode of inquiry to a form of authority that you are not allowed to question"

"We've seen this extraordinary extension of expert jurisdiction over every domain of involves a delegitimizing of common sense as a guide to action."
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3 mins of face diaper shredding by an actual, not Faux(ci), industry expert.

“My experience tells me none of you are protected from (SARS) sized particulates, nor are you protecting others.”…
Industry OSHA and ADA expert @mamasaurusMeg spent preCovid protecting compromised children.

Compare this to the vacuous patronizing garbage spouted by Fauci and the CDC. Don’t prove to them how pliable you are. Stop hurting children.
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@GovRonDeSantis Roundtable going on now:

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Dr Scott Atlas: "Our country more than any other was willing to sacrifice our children out of fear."
Dr Martin Kulldorff: "Children should not be wearing masks"

Dr Jay Bhattacharya: "Former CDC director said masks were more effective than vaccines - simply not true. You would expect to see a profound effect if they worked."
Dr Gupta: "Variant presence indicates there are only a few ways the virus can change. Variants indicate SLIGHT advantage over existing strain. More likely to happen when more people immune. Overhyped. Models predicting huge variant effect are in denial of herd immunity."
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💥🇸🇪The Sweden “Problem” SOLVED!🇸🇪💥

Or, how does a biased world rid itself of the best example of a non-lockdown control for its horrible lockdown experiment?

Of course we all know Sweden has been a battleground regarding its mild voluntary lockdown strategy versus the heavy lockdowns of most of the EU. Inconvenient graphs like this one are quite a thorn in Team Lockdown’s side. Sweden fewer deaths/M, much better quality of life.
When I did some analysis in the Spring and Fall, I looked at Oxford’s stringency index as a proxy for lockdown severity. And sure enough Sweden was significantly lower stringency than all other EU countries.
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22 Jan
💥”Pop expert” predictions vs the data💥

JPM released some good news today: hospitalization growth rate graphs that clearly show the seasonal winter wave has been declining for some time and hosp growth is declining now in all regions.

But what did the “experts” predict?
“OMG OMG” who could forget this tour de force of Public Health “devastation” by RI’s own Megan Ranney? Whoooooops...
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The real deal on Sweden🇸🇪 from an actual Swede @TLennhamn . Please read the paper but I’ll hit the highlights here. “The world’s cautionary tale” it definitely is, but not in the way the writer of that headline intended... key facts in this thread -> ……
Sweden did have about 6000 more deaths than “expected” -98k vs 92k. And the “highest number of deaths since 1918”, a “fact” gleefully reported by the media. But perhaps that’s a bit misleading...
Simple question for the Sweden-haters:

if a population doubles, wouldn’t you expect deaths to double all things being equal?

A tough concept for biased folk I know, but look at Sweden’s population growth and the population-adjusted curve. Can you spot the pandemic now?
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