just a reminder that the experience of flying is intentionally miserable

take a traaaaaaaaaiiiiiin

My sister's getting married this fall and my mom was all "you're fully vaccinated, you can fly!" and I was like

why the fuck would I want to spend an entire day being miserable when I can spend an evening, a full day, and a morning being happy?
why the fuck would I want to set foot and spend hours in the hellmouths we call airports when I can stroll into a gorgeous Beaux Arts station 20 minutes before the train leaves, have someone take my luggage to my room, and then amble on board?
Why the fuck would I want to spend four hours squeezed into a tiny seat with a drunk guy drooling on my shoulder when I can lounge on a couch and watch a national park scroll by my picture window?
Like as far as I can tell, the only real reason to take a plane over a train is if you're in a hurry.

• • •

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11 May
so I started working on an article for betterparables.com about moving past anti-Jewish interpretations of the Lost Coin/Sheep/Sons parable trilogy, and it's taking forever because there are always more and worse Christian commentary traditions out there, but...
...one thing that's really interesting to me is almost all of the commentaries assume that the questions "[Who among you] doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it?" and...
"Doesn’t she light a lamp, sweep the house and search carefully until she finds [the lost coin]?" are serious rather than ironic framing for the Lost Sons parable.
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11 May
"religious vs. cultural" is not a Jewish framing, it's a Christian one
For that matter, for all the recent Pastor Angst about people who identify as "spiritual but not religious," arguably in Judaism, what they'd probably frame as "religious but not spiritual" is just as common among Jews:
That is, people who follow Jewish practices that Christians would probably label "religious" (and which most Jews, I think, are more likely to conceptualize as a tradition without concern over whether it's "religious" or "secular") while not believing in God or...
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10 May
*shrugs in "maybe we all should have been listening to Muslim women who talk about how veiling feels liberating rather than confining for them"*
Like, in a more narrow example, I can't see myself ever covering my hair, but I *can* absolutely understand the attraction of a visual way to express "my sexuality is not for you."
And yes, veiling and hair covering absolutely has roots in misogynist patriarchy, and women SHOULD be able to wear whatever the fuck they want and have men leave them alone.
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7 May
Me: huh 3D printers have really come down in price, I wonder what sort of RPG scenery one can print

The internet: would you like a HEDGE MAZE? oOoOoO

Me (with no home game or 3D printer yet) YES I WOULD
Established mini companies (tired): You need a third iron maiden

3D print companies (wired): You need a really decadent bathtub
Like I’m not sure if I want to run a game or just build my dream castle
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6 May
Main strategy for maintaining the status quo involves:

A) treating concerns of marginalized groups as "niche" issues, rather than as systemic issues affecting all of society

B) treating members of those marginalized groups as "biased" (as opposed to "objective" dominant group)
In other words, the assumption is that you can't trust Black people about racism since it's a niche issue that affects them, and they are therefore biased/self-interested.
The other half of that assumption is that a tacit "default" group (that is, white people) are objective about it because, as a niche issue, it doesn't affect us.

Even assuming that were true, apathy doesn't actually equal objectivity.
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6 May
so there's a nifty book called More Work For Mother that traces how every time technology has advanced in a way that reduces male-coded physical labor, we as a society have been cool with it

for technology that reduces female-coded physical labor, however...
...we find ways to negate those gains.

When pre-ground flour became available, bread that required more sifting and work became popular
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