Using Diversity for White Supremacy: The Lily-White Movement

"To avoid criticism, one or two blacks were usually seated with lily-white delegations to the national gatherings. ...
'To avoid criticism, one or two blacks were usually seated with lily-white delegations to the national gatherings. The lily-whites gained new momentum with the adoption of the poll tax and the passage of the Terrell Election Law (see ELECTION LAWS).'
"The lily-white Republicans appealed to racism to establish their party as a viable alternative for southern Democrats. As a result, blacks increasingly lost influence and power in the Republican party.."
Colorblind Rhetoric and White Supremacist Objectives.

“Armed with the superficially “race-neutral” [#colorblind] rhetorical formula Criswell had described, prominent Southern Baptist ministers like Jerry Falwell would emerge to take up the fight.”…
Why African Americans left the Republican Party

"This decline can be attributed to a general upswing in Lily-White challenges across the South – initiated with President Herbert Hoover’s blessing ."…
This is very important: Just like they exploit Asians against African American: Here, you see an early example of the exact same PRACTICE.

"The Monster That IS White Supremacy, appeals to the plight of others, uses "The Newly Arrived" to delegitimize the Black dissimilar story.
“The NEGRO troubles are resulting in the great masses of colored people shutting out WHITE immigration.”

— James P. Newcomb (“Lily White” Republican leader in Texas, 1884)

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15 May
What's fascinating to me about The Republican Party and #CriticalRaceTheory: The Republican Party was created to free people from a White Supremacist institution.

The Democrats used to mock it by calling it "The Black Party".
How does the party of black suffrage and liberation become the preferred party of the #AltRight?
How does an OVERWHELMINGLY (like 90 %) SOUTHERN & UNMISTAKABLEY BLACK PARTY; “The Negro Republican Party” become a Lily White Party?


That’s how.
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15 May
Setting The Record Straight.

"What Is Critical Race Theory"

An African American Professor at Princeton Destroys Prager University"s Misinformation on #CriticalRaceTheory.

NOTE: if you go on YouTube to find information on Critical Race Theory; Prager University is the number one video.

This is very disturbing. Why? Because #PragerUniversity is NOT a real University.
(It is named after Dennis Prager) 

Dennis Prager Thinks It's 'Idiotic That You Cannot Say the N-Word,' Blames the 'Disgusting' Left…
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13 May
Understanding #CriticalRaceTheory

"A rule without exceptions is an instrument capable of doing mischief to the innocent and bringing grief - as well as injustice - to those who should gain exemptions from the rule's functioning."

— Derrick Bell
"The system of racialised perpetual hereditary chattel slavery that was developed in the New World by Europeans has NO EQUIVALENT IN HISTORY."


-- @Limerick1914

“The Irish man is poor, but he is NOT a slave. He may be in rags, but he is NOT a slave. He is still MASTER of his body”

— Frederick Douglass
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9 May
#HappyMothersDay, America!

Mothers are not perfect. But, like old wine, as they age, the better they become as a person.

"If there's a heaven up above
I know she's teaching angels how to love"

The Spinners - "Sadie"

"Philippe Wynne of The Spinners, one of the greatest soul singers of all time was raised in an orphanage after his mum and dad divorced. "The hardest thing about being there was knowing they were both alive"
He died aged just 43."

“Oh, Sadie
Don't you know we love you,
sweet Sadie? 🎶
Place no one above you
Sweet Sadie
🎶 Living in the past...”
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8 May
@AsraNomani @fcpsnews @Ricardy4Mason @AlsoACarpenter Anti-Asian?

"The late Harvard law professor Derrick Bell is credited as the father of #criticalracetheory. He began conceptualizing the idea in the 1970s as a way to understand how race and American law interact, and developed a course on the subject ...

@AsraNomani @fcpsnews @Ricardy4Mason @AlsoACarpenter "In 1980, Bell resigned his position at #Harvard because of what he viewed as the institution’s discriminatory hiring practices, especially its failure to hire an Asian American woman he’d recommended."

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7 May
How America Invented Race | The History of White People in America

#RacismIsNotComedy #race #whitesupremacy #racialslavery
"The events in Jamestown were alarming to the planter elite, who were deeply fearful of the multiracial alliance of [indentured servants] and slaves. Word of Bacon’s Rebellion spread far and wide, and several more uprisings of a similar type followed. In an effort to protect ...
... their superior status and economic position, the planters shifted their strategy for maintaining dominance. They abandoned their heavy reliance on indentured servants in favor of the importation of more black slaves.
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