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TrumpRussia (and Europe) IN JOURNO REALITY FRAMEWORK an Expose of #FraternalOrderofICK
It behooves is all to understand the actual factual underlayment of TrumpRussia and also the newest relevant Western Civ news in the body of LE events occurring in Europe. They are connected.
BRIEFLY, TRUMPs Grandfather owned Hotel in Vancouver CA w brothel for gold miners (? To get their gold wo stealing? .. talk about non-injury Crime!)
Father ran Hotels and cleaned other LCN money. Then Mogi Leveraged TRUMP.
SEE American Mafia History from 1931 (Al Capone arrested for #IncomeTaxEvasion) researched by #CiJouno. Eventually @LincolnsBible THREADED to this Summary #TwoMafiaWars EVERY FACT is LINKED TO JOURNO REPORTS.
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[Thread] I research #Islamophobia for a living & I can honestly tell you that the views of the gunman in the #ChristChurch #mosqueattack are not & should not be excused as some "fringe" ideology.
I read the 74-page manifesto & the killer's talking points are the same ones I read & hear on the DAILY from mainstream politicians, anti-Muslim figureheads, & the media.
The gunmen was obsessive about white birth rates and fertility like @SteveKingIA & @geertwilderspvv are.
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"We must save Americans from these immigrant criminals!" - Stephen Miller

#MAGA #WhiteSupremacy #StochasticTerrorism #NewZealand
#NewZealand 🇳🇿 It's called #StochasticTerrorism. Click here 🔖 to look up the term on Google. Among other things, it's how ISIS, and other terror networks, use genocide code propaganda to recruit and trigger lone wolf assassins and terrorists.
"Understand that white supremacy is as much a threat to this country and the world as any violent ideology." | @RexHuppke @chicagotribune…
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Angelic, Backpacker!
Disgusting choice of photo of a white, blond child instead of a mass murdering terrorist.

Whitewashing white supremacy brought us here.
Looks like many more muslims, jews & black folks have to die before hate spewing islamophobes are taken off the pedastal.
For those in denial of #WhitePrivilege...
Either call them all "gunmen" or all "terrorists" @nytimes
via @KhaledBeydoun
Of course the UK press has been paving the way for hate, radicalization and MURDER for years.

Attackers who happen to be Muslim have caused a fraction of the mayhem in comparison with their (mostly Christian) #WhiteSupremacists
via @OmarWaraich
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Info dump. Fash accounts. #Fascism #Trolls #NeoNazi #WhiteSupremacy #Twitter

All with bios, account IDs, etc..

@/mikepfanaccount => 1060400718505525248
@/branbeast_ => 1245477500
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@/outsider__14 => 897500703869911042

Info dump. Fash accounts. #Fascism #Trolls #NeoNazi #WhiteSupremacy #Twitter

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Info dump. Fash accounts. #Fascism #Trolls #NeoNazi #WhiteSupremacy #Twitter

Mike Enoch Peinovich Following (following them)
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The Black ⛪️ Church

One of the oldest institutions opposed to #whitesupremacy.

In celebration of #BHM #BlackHistoryMonth, we pay homage to “The Black Ark”, to our teva ark in Hebrew (תבה) — The Black Church.

History of the Black Church in America

The Black Church was our ark in ⛈ weather, our refuge before any dove could be released!
After slavery was abolished, segregationist attitudes in both the North and the South discouraged and even prevented African Americans from worshiping in the same churches as whites.
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Things That Make You A Far Right Extremist
via @YouTube

#Qanon #Trump2020 #TheGreatAwakening 🌌 #MAGA 🇺🇸
#WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE @realDonaldTrump
#Feminism #WhiteFamilies #WhiteSupremacy
Feminist Professor: White Nuclear Families Are Racist & Supremacist

#Qanon #Trump2020 #TheGreatAwakening 🌌 #MAGA 🇺🇸
#WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE @realDonaldTrump
Proof That Liberalism Is A Cult - Amazing Polly
via @YouTube

#Qanon #Trump2020 #TheGreatAwakening 🌌 #MAGA 🇺🇸
#WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE @realDonaldTrump
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Finished reading "Killers of the Flower Moon" by @DavidGrann. The Osage, a First Nation whose original lands stretched from what today is Missouri and Kansas in the east to the Rocky Mountains in the west, were cornered by the #USA government into a rocky, barren patch in
Oklahoma. Shrewdly, the Osage's negotiators succeeded in securing mineral rights in the territory, and, a few decades later, revenues from oil drilling were distributed to members of the nation as "headrights." In the period 1910s & 1920s, income from these headrights made
members of the Osage Nation wealthy. However, the #USA government transferred many members' rights to control this money to guardians, most of whom were white Anglos. Grifters of all types, bankers, con artists, forgerers, settled among the Osage to steal their money. More
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#Nerd and online communities are a ripe harvesting ground for neo-Nazism. White supremacist groups have strategies to sell people on their beliefs. This article discusses a few of those tactics.

#NeoNazism #Nazism #WhitePower #WhiteSupremacy…
“Dehumanizing the designated enemy group is the necessary first part of bigotry. Once the recruit believes that some group of people is somehow lesser or beneath them it becomes easier to rationalize the violent end goal actions against them.”
“Jokes are powerful. People are far more likely to actively participate in communities when group interaction is entertaining and humorous. Neo-Nazis will use humor... aware that their messages will be spread and shared in far larger ranges when packaged appealingly as jokes.”
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#Roseanne said President Trump loves the Jewish people and has a Jewish daughter and grandchildren and declared that is why they hate him. (1) #Trump #POTUS #TrumpLovesTheJewishPeople #JewishDaughter #JewishGrandchildren #TDS #TrumpDerangementSyndrome #JewHate
#Roseanne also addressed the thousands of years war against the Jewish people that rises again every 70 years. She said BDS is the current incarnation of that war. (2) #AntiSemitism #Genocide #DestructionofJewishPeople #DestructionofJewishState #Holocaust #70YearCycle #BDS
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Thread: #Whitesupremacy and #racism in the #PoC #librarian #lowmorale experience: 1/Participants frequently reported White colleagues' assumptions of racial superiority as a significant cause of their low-morale experience(s).
2/ dealing with White librarians’ unrequested guidance or advice, often given under the guise of knowing what is best for minority librarians, was frequently reported.
3/ Participants' discussed their institutions’ active justification or downplaying of the negative outcomes of their historic and contemporary participation in or condonement of programs or events perpetuating White supremacy and racism.
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Is there really a “fuller picture” or are y’all just twisting yourselves into knots trying to sugarcoat blatant racism and White rage per usual?
Here’s a novel suggestion: if you don’t want your life ruined by public vilification because you behaved like a fucking racist in public, DON’T behave like a fucking racist in public.
Y’all elected this racist farce, it’s way too fucking late in the game for you to be too ashamed of yourselves to face the inevitable consequences.
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Ooh baby let’s break some of this down. What affirmative action and diversity & inclusion programs (flawed as some were/are) reveal is the lie of American #meritocracy & #bootstrapism.
Affirmative action & diversity programs have repeatedly sought out women, people of color & increasingly queer & disabled people for opportunities for which they are qualified. These programs consider experiences of oppression an important perspective these folks bring.
Further, when these programs occur in early education settings smart, creative & otherwise talented marginalized kids get to have their interests & skills nurtured in ways their families may not be able to provide either financially or bc of lack of awareness of such programs.
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The GDI constituency (not HQ) has been putting their chapters on hiatus as a move to both distance themselves from HQ, and to get HQ to respond with action to repair the damage it has caused. #gdistrike #causeascene 1/
It didn't quite work out as they wanted, given the letter today from Leanne. 2/ #gdistrike
HQ sent another missive, attached to @amlyhamm tweet above, which essentially says "FUCK YOU" to the very vocal constituency, not just chapter leaders, but members, teachers, mentors, and sponsors 3/ #gdistrike
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For those who only read the clickbait @Guardian heaadline on Thanksgiving and ran with it, a thread 📌 from @HillaryClinton on her #Immigration stance.

That stance was attacked in 2016 as far too broadly inclusive by both Sanders & Trump. (That is still archived online.)
I have been quite clear over the years that I support open borders, by which I mean blanket asylum and fair entry to the US (and Europe).
As a lifelong Socialist raised by Socialist Civil Rights worker parents, I believe we can afford to give succor to desperate people AND MUST.
I fully understand that people fear #immigration, but every American who is not Indigenous or descended from slaves is immigrant stock. The true fear in the US about immigration is about race. Pretending otherwise is the problem. Addressing American #racism must be a prioritized.
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1/ Today, a day before the mid-terms, I'm thinking of my grandmother. As a young boy, one of my most vivid memories was attending my grandmother's funeral, standing between my mother and father.
2/ More people than I had ever seen in church or anywhere else other than a parade attended, white and black, SRO, overflow, watching through windows. I could not believe that so many ppl loved my grandmother as I did.
3/ I don't know how religious my grandmother was, but she had married into a church-founding family for the African Methodist Episcopals. Sundays were special days, but unlike children in similar situations, I was not made to sit in church all day.
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.@VoteMarsha ginning up the 'fake outrage' machine again. Last time she did this she violated @Twitter TOS against distributing hacked material. The first time she contributed to the deaths of a police officer and a decorated veteran. [THREAD] #TNSen…
We've actually been writing threads about this for weeks now. In early October @Votemarsha resurrected her "#StopTheBias" hashtag which she shares with such fine upstanding orgs as Alex Jones' Prison Planet.

The gist of her argument is, hacked internal @Google emails reveal unflattering things its engineers believe about @VoteMarsha. (Many other people believe unflattering things about her for good reason, we might add.)

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There is nothing politically intelligent in handing an anti-Semite the large, well-publicized @munkdebate platform. Here’s a research article highlighting Bannon‘s anti-Semitism—yes, his #whitesupremacy is so obvious that it appears in an article title.…
Let me elaborate some points where you go wildly wrong, @CBCSunday. Michael Enright, you irresponsibly minimize the reach and effect that Bannon has strategically built for his brand of anti-Semitism and #whitesupremacy. 2/
Bannon has constructed an international network of anti-Semites and #whitesupremacists. You are dead wrong when you say, "That's an awful lot of social damage to be caused by the mutterings of a lone, right-wing American gas bag." 3/
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THREAD: After the #TreeOfLifeSynagogue #shooting, the #KrogerShooting before that, and the +14 bombs sent by the #MAGABomber, it's crucial that we call #RightWingTerrorism out for what it is, but we also clearly need to talk about #WhiteSupremacy in the 2018 election.
We celebrate the truly #HISTORIC number of #women and #POC running for office in 2018, but we also refuse to ignore the volume & range of explicit and implicit #racist attacks almost every single candidate of color has faced in this election. That's also #WhiteSupremacy in action
Let's be clear: #POC running for elected office have ALWAYS faced hurdles to victory defined by the strength of #StructuralRacism and our country's long-standing culture of #WhiteSupremacy. But 2018 has taken it to a new level.
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A white man murdered 2 black elders in a Kentucky #Kroger after attacking a black church. Media reported his Facebook profile disclosed mental illness & shrugged. But that’s not all his profile revealed. #WhiteSupremacy #BlackLivesMatter @PacificStand…
@PacificStand "Now we begin the familiar pattern, in which white men who commit racist murders are characterized as mentally ill lone wolves."
@PacificStand I spent just an hour going through the public material on Bush's Facebook profile from the last four years. Here's what I found (a thread as I Went through it):

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Two reflections from my research on this recent wave of #WhiteSupremacist #terrorism.

1) We have no cultural framework for non-state violence with which to make sense of what's happening right now.
To be sure, there's a recent wave of important work critiquing state-sponsored violence & its relationship to white supremacy. But, these have yet to penetrate the public imagination.
All I've read on the recent attacks frame them as "racial," "gun violence," or at best, "political." These frameworks are totally inaccurate.

We are witnessing a campaign of white supremacist violence grounded in the president's own campaign rhetoric.
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“Women for Trump” aka Footsoldiers of the Patriarchy
These “Women for Trump”:
- Who indoctrinated them?
- Who taught them to submit to men?
- Why are they so brainwashed?
- Should I save them?
For decades, I’ve been asked by white people:
- What is wrong with Muslim women?
- Why do they put up with all that patriarchy and misogyny?
And here I am asking the same about these “Women for Trump” who are the 53% of white American women voters who voted for him.
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How Europe Raped Africa

The Berlin conference of 1884 is where European colonising nations basically carved up Africa. Historians refer to it as “the scramble for Africa”.

#Africa #Europe #WhiteSupremacy
The countries represented at the time included Austria-Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, #France, #Germany, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, #Russia, #Spain, Sweden-Norway (unified from 1814-1905), #Turkey, and the United States of #America.
The Conference of 1884–85, also known as the Congo Conference, regulated European colonization and trade in #Africa during the New Imperialism period and coincided with Germany's sudden emergence as an imperial power.
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