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Onderwijswet in Californië.😝 #woke #sjw
" was a crude pastiche of idiosyncratic neo-Marxism that advocated the end of capitalism and divided the world into a simple polarity of victims and oppressors."

*California Is Cleansing Jews From History*…
"They wrote of their shock at seeing Marxist “code-words” in the text, such as urging students to fight for a “truer democracy,” which Marx used to refer to the abolition of private property. They also noted other terms that look innocuous or even enlightened to the uninitiated,.
....such as “transformative resistance,” “radical healing,” “critical hope,” have specific meanings in critical race theory, which the ESMC explicitly directs teachers to use as the key theoretical framework for teaching ethnic studies."
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Because the Nazis were committed to a criminally insane ideology of racial #RacialPurity & supremacy, the West is now having #RacialMixing, i.e. DIVERSITY, & an ideology of White racial self-denial, self-contempt & self-hatred imposed on it.
This ideology, which is contained in #CriticalRaceTheory & goes to the opposite but equally insane extremes of Nazi racial ideology, is known under the names of Post-Racial #Multiculturalism, DIVERSITY, Inclusion & #AntiRacism, any opposition to which is demonised as RACIST.
It began as a misconceived, but well-intended, #NeverAgain, response to the horrors of Nazism, which was quickly weaponised as an instrument of socio-political rewards, intimidation & control.
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"This can lead to reconciliation between Lithuanians and Jews as we remember what happened and learn from it to ensure it never happens again."…
Part of the collective Ashkenazi subconscious, traumatised by centuries of antisemitism, followed by Nazi persecution & the Holocaust, does not want reconciliation, but revenge, in the form of destruction of the entire European race, to which they themselves belong.
This is self-destructive for Ashkenazi Jews themselves, but is what such trauma is capable of. Because it resides in the Jewish subconscious, is passed from one generation to the next & has accumulated over centuries, there is very little, if any, conscious awareness of it.
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#CriticalRaceTheory goes to the opposite, but equally insane extremes of Nazi racial ideology, with its notions of #RacialPurity & #RacialSupremacy.
Instead of promoting racial purity, as the Nazis did, it promotes #RacialMixing (to which end it promotes mass, non-White, immigration into the West) &, in place of racial supremacy, an ideology of White racial self-denial, guilt, self-contempt & even self-hatred.
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#JodiShaw is doing a great job of helping to expose the madness of White racial self-denial & self-contempt, which now dominates, not just #SmithCollege, where she works, but wider, Western society at large. @Smith_Surge via @YouTube
The madness which has befallen Western civilisation in the form of Post-Racial #Multiculturalism, DIVERSITY, Inclusion & #AntiRacism is rooted in #CriticalRaceTheory & is related to the madness responsible for WW1, in which "victory" paved the way for the rise of Nazism & WW2.
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The British state, establishment & Parliament base their claims to legitimacy & moral authority on two Orwellian ideologies, one of which deceitfully equates state & nation, while the other, rooted in #CriticalRaceTheory, teaches Native Britons to deny & despise their own race.
Why is this not recognised by the academics we look to as authorities in understanding society & the state?

Academics are privileged clients and employees of the state. That's why.

Britain is an Orwellian construct, based on lies, deceit & a regime of rewards & intimidation.
Britain is not a nation, but a mercenary #PatronState" deceitfully posing as a nation, in order to legitimise itself, its ruling elites & the immense power they wield & abuse.

We urgently need academics to recognise these truths, so that we can do something about it.
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.@albertmohler tells @AP that he's
"polarizing only at the extremes" of Baptist life. That may be true, but it doesn't mean he's where he should be. The prophets were usually out of the mainstream & considered "extreme."…
@albertmohler @AP What's troubling is Mohler thus implies Black Southern Baptists are "extreme" & out of mainstream. That sounds bit like attitude of SBTS's enslaver founders he calls "orthodox." He declares himself in mainstream & thus wishes to be voice on race without listening to Black voices
@albertmohler @AP What if whole lesson of debate over #CriticalRaceTheory is that the mainstream of Southern Baptist life that Mohler represents needs to listen more to Black voices? Rather than denouncing critics as extreme, perhaps he should listen to the voices crying in the SBC wilderness.
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This is so tribal: When the Left commit or incite violence, it's OK, because they are the goodies, but woe betide anyone on the Right doing the same. Then it's evil, because they are the baddies.
Where are the academics whose job it is to understand this?

Too busy virtue-signalling their own claim to being goodies!

Instead of developing an understanding of #HumanTribalism, all they do is trivialise, ridicule or demonise it.
What is the job of political scientists, if not to understand this?

They could easily understand it, but refuse to, much as Catholic academics refused to understand Galileo.

Maybe I can help by explaining their resistance to recognising the importance of human tribalism.
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If we don't care about our Race (our largest kinship group), why would we care about our Planet?

Many Whites claim to care about the Planet (even making a career for themselves of it), but are contemptuous of their own Race. #GeorgeMonbiot & @CarolineLucas & well-known examples.
I've tried talking to some of these people about why they are so contemptuous of their own Race, but none would address the issue, simply dismissing me as RACIST.

They are clearly beholden to an ideology which denies the importance, if not the very existence of Race.
It's an ideology which goes to the opposite but equally insane extremes of Nazi racial ideology & has been weaponised as an instrument of sociopolitical rewards, intimidation & control.
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I tweeted this thread a couple of days ago, but have received little response. I feel like a woman telling a doctor she has a lump in her breast, but without even examining her, he says it is nothing to worry about. In my case the doctor is political scientist, Prof. @epkaufm.
Why do political scientists not recognise the cancer that has befallen the body politic of Western civilisation?

It is as if they are under the influence of some kind of collective post-hypnotic suggestion, which blinds them to it.
The only answer I can think of is that they were indoctrinated by their own professors as they received their university education, many of whom would have been traumatised by their experiences of Nazism & the Holocaust.
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Twitter's co-founder & CEO, #JackDorsey is committed to woke ideology of Post-Racial #Multiculturalism, DIVERSITY, Inclusion & #AntiRacism, which is rooted in #CriticalRaceTheory, as espoused by #IbramKendi (whose institute he has donated $10m to) & #RobinDiAngelo.
This ideology is also rooted in Jewish trauma at the hands of the Nazis, whose criminally insane ideology of racial purity & supremacy it goes to the opposite but equally insane extremes of, promoting #RacialMixing & contempt for #WhiteIdentity - on which America was founded.
Hitler is getting his revenge on White America & Britain for having foiled his plans for world domination, while Ashkenazi Jews have internalised his hatred for them & directing it, not just at themselves, but at their entire White, European race.
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Britain has been having #CriticalRaceTheory, its practical implementation in the form of mass non-White immigration, & its ideology of Post-Racial #Multiculturalism, DIVERSITY, Inclusion & #AntiRacism imposed on it since the late 1940s.
#EnochPowell was the most prominent politician to oppose this madness & was demonised for his wisdom & courage. He still is demonised by the Left & such eminent journalists as #DavidAaronovitch, #NichCohen & #GeorgeMonbiot.
The inmates did not only take over the asylum, but the whole bloody country. Although, that analogy is not strictly true: Britain has always been ruled by the insanely misguided, Orwellian construct that it is & always has been. Image
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Academics are, in many ways, modern, secular heirs & (depending on discipline) counterparts of the medieval clergy.

They are favoured clients & employees of the state/(church), with a massive personal & professional self-interest in rationalising its role & self-image.
Members of Parliament are also favoured clients & employees of the state, who lie to us - & themselves - about representing the interests of their constituents & of British society at large.

It's the job of political scientists (hi, @epkaufm) to understand this, but they don't.
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So, (making certain I understand) when English puritan Paul Bayne uses the idea of “white” (read whiteness) to identify internal and external obedience in his 1643 treatment of Ephesians, he’s all Marxist, postmodern, and incompatible with the gospel, right? #criticalracetheory
What about Bostonian puritan Cotton Mather when he makes a similar move in “A Good Master Well Served” (1696) or “The Negro Christianized” (1706)?
And, sure, such a list of such puritans and later evangelicals and their sermons/treatises could easily grow, including Sewall, Whitefield, and Edwards among others (hell, I wrote a book about them/it). They do some hard thinking.
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Dear six Southern Baptist seminary presidents that denounced #CriticalRaceTheory last week without defining what it is (@DannyAkin @JamieKDew @AdamGreenway @Jeff_Iorg @albertmohler and @PreachingJKA): Let's talk.

#CRT #SBC #CriticalRace…
First, Questions:
1. What is your understanding of #CriticalRaceTheory? You never explain that--not in one word of your statement. Instead you say it stems from Marxist or secular thought and that's why you are denouncing it. I find that literally ignorant and ironic. 2/
That #CriticalRaceTheory was born of Marxist thought is ignorant. It came from African-American legal scholars in 1980s post-Civil Rights era. In wake of assassination of Dr. King, scholars like #DerrickBell #PatriciaWilliams examined impact of race on law. #CRT #CriticalRace 3/
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The #GreatReplacement & #WhiteSelfGenocide are NOT far-right conspiracy theories, but very real consequences of the ideology/religion of Post-Racial #Multiculturalism, DIVERSITY, Inclusion & #AntiRacism, which now dominates the West in the name of #NeverAgain!
This ideology/religion, which #CriticalRaceTheory has also embraced, was an overreaction to the Nazis having manipulated & exploited German tribalism for their own evil purposes. It demonises human tribalism itself, which is madness - but with Orwellian method to it.
This demonisation of human tribalism is like demonising male sexuality for its role in rape.

Men must learn to control their sexual urges in a civilised fashion, & it should be the same with our tribalism. Instead, its demonisation is exploited by the state, i.e. #BigBrother.
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So ready for this amazing #HDLS14 panel on "Race, racism and racialization in sign language research" organized by @linasigns and @jaceyhill starring @_CooLDP @munimuninianna and Dominic Harrison (are you on Twitter Dominic?)
.@linasigns starts of with a powerful reminder and acknowledgment about the constant presence of violence and oppression against BIPOC people in this country and how BIPOC scholars are forced to exist in spaces which thrive on white supremacy and settler colonialism #HDLS14
UNM's @_CooLDP situates us within Intersectionality Frameworks such as #BlackFeministDisbility (Bailey& Mobley 2018) #BlackDeafFeminist (Chapple 2019) & outlines different branches of #CriticalRaceTheory showing each highlights different facets of intersectionality #HDLS14
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Gross (& that's putting it mildly) income inequality is what defines America & reflects its Orwellian nature.…
Yes, Orwellian!

George Orwell based his novel, 1984, on 1930s fascism & communism, under Hitler & Stalin, projecting it onto a future Britain.

He unwittingly blinded us to how #BigBrother operates under liberal democracy, tricking us into loving him by posing as our nation.
"National income going to middle Americans fell from 62% to 43% between 1970 & 2018, while the number of billionaires has surged: from 66 in 1990 with a combined wealth of $240bn, to 614 today, with a total fortune of nearly $3tn."

And this makes no mention of poor Americans.
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Why I am Voting @realDonaldTrump 1: Strong Border

We don’t know who is coming across, OTM, Chinese, mid-east?

Mass illegal immigration doesn’t hurt the accountant or software engineer-it hurts the low wage workers, POC

We cannot be the welfare state for the world
Why I am Voting #Trump 2: Trade

Stand up to #CCP they're economic predators, stealing intellectual capital & using slave labor

Unfair trade has led to mass disruption in the middle class, while the East-West coast elites call it the new normal and eat avocado toast. FukDat
Why I am Voting #Trump 3: Originalist Judges

Not “conservative” judges, but those who know the difference between being a legislature and a judge.

You may like RBG or Sotomayor but they are unaccountable super-legislators that make people doubt the SCOTUS legitimacy
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Civilisation perverts evolved human nature to be self-exploitative & thus ultimately self-destructive, which #WhiteSelfGenocide is an expression of.

If we want to end ecocide & civilisational suicide (of which #ClimateChange is a part), we must also end White self-genocide.
The British parliament is committed to White self-genocide, but no MP will admit it, even to themselves. Orwellian doublethink makes it difficult to grasp. Also, if something seems insane - which this is - we dismiss it as not credible.

But credible or not, it is happening.
The statistics on UK demographic change clearly reveals it: Native (White) Britons will soon be a minority in the UK.

Behind this madness lies an ideological overreaction to the evils of Nazism, which goes to opposite, but equally insane extremes in regard to race.
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“This government stands unequivocally against Critical Race Theory”. 😳
It’s not just Trump: the Tories are every bit as extreme in their attacks on legitimate and profoundly important academic work. I really am a bit speechless...
I can’t get over this. #CriticalRaceTheory as an “ideology”. Fuck off. And #BLM denigrated as “political”: OF COURSE IT’S FUCKING POLITICAL.
FWIW, this is the Under-Secretary of State for *Equalities*... 🤦‍♂️
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If anyone is looking for a ton of quotes from primary sources outlining the central tenets of #CriticalRaceTheory, I know a guy who has collected quite a bit of that material... 1/…
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#BREAKING: Trump announces creation of national '1776 Commission' to promote 'patriotic education'

'The left-wing rioting and mayhem are the direct result of decades of left-wing indoctrination in our schools,' - Trump
'The left-wing rioting and mayhem are the direct result of decades of left-wing indoctrination in our schools,' #Trump

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From the new CA Ethnic Studies curriculum (k-12), this is the "Privilege Walk" exercise that I personally think could be traumatic/embarrassing for all involved. And wtf @
"If you think of the police as people that will help you, take one step forward." #CriticalRaceTheory ImageImageImage
Police are only mentioned in a negative context in this framework, and the word "police" is 99% of the time followed by the word "brutality". This entire thing is garbage. @SBECalifornia #BanCRT ImageImage
These are suggested SONG LYRICS for an assignment in the Ethnic Studies curriculum framework.
Tell me, @SBECalifornia, what does gender identity have to do with Ethnic Studies? And what the hell is this: We should "stop ascribing gender to infants" to "resist the hegemony"?! Image
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