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In January, a Tennessee school district issued a report on 31 texts from its K-5 English language arts curriculum that had been challenged as being obscene, “critical race theory,” or inappropriate for elementary-age children.

Ultimately, only one title was removed.
Complaints targeted books in all five grades, and just over one-third of the criticisms came from parents who have elementary-age children in the district. The remaining complaints came from community members whose students are older or have no children in the district at all. A graphic showing 31 texts ...
One of the most common criticisms was that the material exposed students to difficult topics too young, or were otherwise age-inappropriate. #EdChat #k12 #EduTwitter #TeacherTwitter "To some extend, age-a...
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"As the wave of conferences sweeping across the globe continues, artistic expressions emerging from these gatherings are conveying an essential longing of the human soul: the need to seek harmony and to selflessly serve society."--Bahai World News Service…
Crowd and Proud: The History of the Flash Mob - ELEPHANT…
#FlashMobs, #culture, #history
Investigating the upper bound of high-frequency electromagnetic waves on unshielded twisted copper pairs | Nature Communications…
#HighFrequencyElectroMagneticWaves, #CopperPairs, #ScientificInvestigation
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This #AERA22 @AERA_MotSIG session was 🔥 indeed. Some highlights 🧵
#DrChrisSeals highlighted the “Twice as good” phenomenon of many minoritized students and pushed #AchievementGoalTheory to consider the privilege of #MasteryGoals and #PerformanceGoals as a potential motivational response to an inherently biased system. #AERA22
Dr. @nikkimyates discussed the unique relationship between Black students’ motivation and school outcomes, pushing #SelfDeterminationTheory to account for diverse motivational experiences and better understand factors that support Black students’ success. #AERA22
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Critical Race Theory #CRT lesson one:

Your grandparents identify with one of these two groups, and have handed down their values.

Take all the time you need with this. - JJ Westgate #ncpol
Critical Race Theory Lesson #2:

These folks birthed the idea of charter schools. - JJ Westgate #ncpol
Critical Race Theory Lesson #3:

These are the grandparents of the seditionists who stormed the capitol on January 6th. - JJ Westgate #ncpol
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The committee at @GroveCtyCollege that generated this report thinks they have defended Christian orthodoxy when in reality they have merely asserted their commitment to a regressive and narrow type of fundamentalism that opposes racial justice.
This saga has been ongoing, but I refrained from much public comment until the committee concluded its report. They spent a full page discussing my supposed threat to their mission because I promote what they call "Critical Race Theory." Here are their comments about me.
The committee does not cite any evidence of my supposed shift in thinking. They name check my former employer, and say "in hindsight, inviting Mr. Tisby to speak in chapel was a mistake." First, it's DOCTOR Tisby, was only a mistake if you fear the truth about racism.
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The @GreenfieldRIV school district fired teacher Kim Morrison - after parents who DIDN'T have students in her class - Complained that she was teaching #CriticalRaceTheory with a worksheet for the YA novel "Dear Martin" by @getnicced
@GreenfieldRIV is one of the whitest school districts in Missouri w/ 7% minority enrollment compared to the state average of 29%. It's also one of the poorest PERFORMING school districts with below Missouri average math/reading and graduation rates. But #CRT is the problem?🤔
Morrison actually taught the award winning book #DearMartin for years and it was never a problem. But thanks to racist fervor over the hoax of #CRT in the classroom the school board did not renew her contract.…
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🧵 on Gloria #LadsonBillings, the primary source for bringing #CRT into the field of education. You know, #CriticalRaceTheory that so many super honest & super smart people have repeatedly liked to claim doesn’t even exist outside of Law Schools. 1/19
GLB injected her “critical(Marxist)” socio-historical racial lens of #CRT into the education system in 1995, with her paper written alongside William Tate, & titled “Toward a Critical Race Theory of Education” & followed that up in 1998 with…2/
“Just What is Critical Race Theory, and What’s It Doing in a Nice Field Like Education?”Two works that “extend the intellectual contributions of legal scholars; Derrick Bell, Cheryl Harris, Lani Guinier, Kimberle Crenshaw, Patricia Williams, Linda Greene, Mari Matsuda…3/
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Some resources on “Kill Haole Day”, but of course this all must be made up, as #CRT teaches us that one can’t be racist against “Haoles”…… Before the @splcenter decided to completely adopt the lens of the #RaceMarxists and #CriticalRaceTheory #CRT
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⚡️Live Tweets / Thread Ahead ⚡️

1/x Looking forward to @WalterDGreason's convo w/
@nhannahjones about the #1619Project: #NHJatMac.

Walter joined @historyatmac at @Macalester this year. I'm proud to call him a friend.

cc: @profsbradley @kayewhitehead
@WalterDGreason @nhannahjones @historyatmac @Macalester @ProfSBradley @kayewhitehead @Sunny_Slaughter @ThereseSteiner @SlaughterDR @aaronlmorrison @digimentors @LBRolsky @MacalesterPres @sree @dviyer @PhdRachel 3/x "I've been working toward #1619Project my entire career. When the 400th anniversary was approaching...I was worried that it would be erased, obscured or minimized. I knew one essay would not be big enough." @nhannahjones

@Macalester's Thread 👇
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🪶Hiding behind this academic #freedom argument…” says a politician in Texas about university professors whose jobs he wants to cancel. Along with what they teach. Particularly #CriticalRaceTheory. “They could have asked myself”. But they didn’t and now he wants to “end #tenure
Other than critical race he mentions “defunding the police” and gender (“girls being deprived of sports scholarships”) and concludes: “and here’s what we gonna do … the key word tenure (he says it as if it was something perverse)… tenure? It’s time that that comes to an end”
“Tenure has outlived its time, because they (uni admin) don’t have control over their own universities” (one cannot fire those on TT during their six years evaluation!). Aim: “end all tenure for all new hires”… @PrecAnthro #IchbinHanna @culanth @FocaalBlog
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I am a recent but huge fan of @Freakonomics podcast. I've also been enjoying @DrBapuPod by @AnupamBJena

Episode today was about #ArtificialIntelligence in #medicine and I want to share my concerns about the discussion on racial disparities in knee pain (starting at 19:00)

A 🧵
#1 - The suggestion that only pain that can be explained by pathology seen on a knee xray is "real, organic, genuine" and other pain is "in someone's head" is hugely problematic and detrimental to patients seeking care for #Chronicpain and providers.…
This is not aligned with the role of nervous system sensitization, psychological factors, and other mechanisms underlying the chronic pain experience.
Imp to note that #machinelearning model from xrays explained only 16% of variability in pain overall

@NatureMedicine @oziadias
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A Georgia Senate Committee hearing on Senate Bill 377 - an "educational gag order" bill concerning "divisive concepts" in k-12 and #highered. I'll try to live tweet. You can watch here: 1/X…
Sen. Bo Hatchett, its sponsor, said he is trying to prevent students being taught "divisive concepts" not US history. He reads and you can read bill here:…
By the way, he offers no proof that any of these concepts are being taught, were taught, are part of #CriticalRaceTheory
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For #BlackHistoryMonth I've compiled some resources on Black educators and Black history education. Please reply with any others that inspire you; this just scratches the surface and I'd love to check out yours! 1/10
First: @HendersonKaya's startup Its live Zoom classes "show our kids that they are descendants of powerful, creative, and resilient ancestors whose contributions permeate every aspect of life across the globe." @NPR's story:… 2/10 writes about the experience "of most Black children today: mostly White teachers teaching Black history primarily in February." Instead, it should happen throughout the curriculum and with more cultural responsibility.… 3/10
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Members of the House Elementary and Secondary Committee are up bright & early to hear a pair of bills pertaining to a “Parents’ Bill of Right” in schools. @DougRicheyMO’s and @NickBSchroer’s bills allowing parents to be informed of what their student is learning. #moleg
It’s a packed house for this hearing, with overflow in the hallway. #CriticalRaceTheory is also up for discussion this morning. #moleg
The two bills are similar and Schroer and Richey say they plan to combine their legislation. #moleg

@DougRicheyMO’s bill:…

@NickBSchroer’s bill:…
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Australia’s Great Barrier Reef spawns in explosion of color during recovery from damage…

#GreatBarrierReef #CoralBleaching #spawning #recovery
Research brief: Feedback considerations for grand challenges in biodiversity–ecosystem functioning research…

#PublicPolicy #BiologicalFeedback #BiodiversityFeedback #models #HumanCommunities #MultidisciplinaryResearch
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THREAD: Here, Grant Gaines tells us that you're only allowed to support the overturning of Roe v. Wade if you do it for non-Christian reasons. He says that if you oppose abortion because of anything the Bible says, you're a "Christian Nationalist". I kid you not. /1
#BigEva guys like Grant and Russell Moore demonized the word "nationalism" (which means believing one country shouldn't rule another, and a country's leaders should look out for its own people first) because they hated Trump and loved globalism. /2
Then they added the word "white" to "nationalism" to pretend that anyone who loves their country is a racist. That, of course, is just #CriticalRaceTheory, which they all deny and yet all defend. /3
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A few days ago, @DennyBurk posted this picture of an @MSNBC legal analyst with the book #CriticalRaceTheory: The Key Writings in the background.

Given the pushback, I thought I'd show how CRT can help us understand progressive commentary on the #Rittenhouse verdict. A thread: 1/
CRT asserts that racism is "ordinary, not aberrational." It is the "usual way society does business" (Delgado and Stefancic, CRT: An Introduction, p. 8).
This is especially true in our legal system, where ideas like "liberalism, neutrality, objectivity, colorblindness, and meritocracy… camouflage [how] racial advantage propels the self-interests, power, and privileges of the dominant group" (Harper et al., JHE, 2009)
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The effort to indoctrinate our kids through the divisive lens of #CriticalRaceTheory is happening in the heartland. Springfield Public Schools has been caught red handed & now are refusing to provide documents we’ve requested.

Today—on behalf of parents I filed suit. #CRT

A 🧵
According to our lawsuit, in one training, Springfield Public Schools' teachers were instructed to consult an "oppression matrix" and determine where they fall on that matrix. #CRT

See for yourself:
Additionally, at other trainings, Springfield Public Schools' teachers were presented with two images that classify “education funding from property tax" as "covert white supremacy," among other examples. #CRT
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1/ I'll be generous and assume accusations that I am "against teaching history" stem from misunderstanding what constitutes a fact and not amateur sophistry. So allow me to explain the difference:
A historical fact is descriptive, objective, and verifiable; it constitutes the
2/ foundation of #history. While historians can debate the veracity of a fact in light of emerging primary sources, they are either true or untrue.

Historical interpretation is a little trickier, for while it uses facts, its strength is dependent on care to include ALL the
3/ facts and establish a solid causal argument using facts to support the historical argument. Good historians ground their historical understanding and interpretations in facts and a logical argument stemming from them. In history, no presupposition should remain unchallenged.
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I've seen people scoff at the idea that kids might be hearing that it's bad to be white, so here's a short thread.

First, here's Robin DiAngelo in White Fragility saying “a positive white identity is an impossible goal” and “to be less white is to be less racially oppressive” 1/
Next, here are Delgado and Stefancic in #CriticalRaceTheory: An Introduction: "many critical race theorists... hold that racism is pervasive, systemic, and deeply ingrained. If we take this perspective, then no white member of society seems quite so innocent.” 2/
Here's Sandra Bartky, quoted in Applebaum's Being White, Being Good: "On my view, I am guilty by virtue of simply being who I am: a white woman, born into an aspiring middle-class family in a racist and class-ridden society." 3/
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@ChrisALadd @CitiBE @blorenzo @Yiffox @AsraNomani @fcpsnews @Ricardy4Mason @Chabad @graceisforyou @drantbradley @LeahRigueur @princellasmith @BrentNYT @AlsoACarpenter @CharlesMBlow @RosyShepherdess "Somewhat typical in this distorted history was A Child’s History of North Carolina, circa 1916, which also focused on slavery’s profitability and erased its violence. In this view, the enslaved people were happy, and Southern slave owners were reluctant masters at best. ....
@ChrisALadd @CitiBE @blorenzo @Yiffox @AsraNomani @fcpsnews @Ricardy4Mason @Chabad @graceisforyou @drantbradley @LeahRigueur @princellasmith @BrentNYT @AlsoACarpenter @CharlesMBlow @RosyShepherdess *According to the book, enslaved people “were allowed all the freedom they seemed to want, and were given the privilege of visiting other plantations when they chose to do so. All that was required of them was to be in place when work time came. ...
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How a Conservative Activist Invented the Conflict Over Critical Race Theory… via @NewYorker
A Child of Newly Arrived Italian Immigrants Wages War on #CriticalRaceTheory

"#Rufo became convinced that poverty was not something that could be alleviated with a policy lever but was deeply embedded in “social, familial, even psychological” dynamics, and his politics ...
... that poverty was not something that could be alleviated with a policy lever but was deeply embedded in “social, familial, even psychological” dynamics, and his politics became more explicitly conservative. "
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I recently saw an episode of the @700club.

They implied something that's not true -!The Claim: Due to #CriticalRaceTheory, many African-American parents were fleeing public schools to attend charter schools.

What liars!

I Love My Skin!’ Why Black Parents Are Turning to Afrocentric Schools…
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