A great thread here from Jeff on a topic close to my heart. It's inspired me to share my own thoughts and experiences on a topic many once considered "fringe" but has become more mainstream by the hour - especially over the past decade.

The question is: Why now? I have answers.
I'll begin with by sharing my own experiences with this subject. As with most things in my life, I started out thinking one way (UFOs/UAPs aren't real) and quickly was shown that I was wrong.

Over and over and over... until my eyes were fully open.
I began as a skeptic, determined to prove my best friend wrong about the topic way back in 8th grade. I devoured every book I could on the subject - both pro and con - and spent my time talking to people who had experiences with the phenomenon.

I was certain I was right.
My best friend had claimed to have several sightings of his own, and I wasn't buying any of it. It became a running joke.

Until we had a shared experience/sighting when we were both 16. It was my first, but by no means my last.

And it changed my whole world view in an instant.
What we saw that first night remains unexplained. It was an orb of light, no bigger than a passenger jet in the night sky, moving silently towards our position. Being the skeptic, my first reaction was that it was in fact a plane.

I loudly proclaimed it so, then shit got real.
What started off as just an orb moving towards us changed from a pale white light to a deep blue and sped up to speeds even my high school self knew to be impossible within Newtonian physics.

The light grew bigger as it got closer, to the size of a silver dollar or spotlight...
... It zipped over our head, no more than 1,000 feet above us, and didn't make a sound.

Then it zipped back the way it came, turning from blue to dark red (I described them as brake lights at the time) and took off like someone hit the Fast Forward button until it vanished.
To this day, I don't know what we saw. Alien, man-made? Couldn't tell you for sure.

I wasn't ready to make any grand pronouncements then, or now, about its origins - but what that experience did for me was open my eyes to the POSSIBILITY that what we are told ain't really so.
From that night on, I never looked at the night sky the same. Over the course of my next decade, I had several more experiences/sightings - each time I was fortunate to be with groups of people.

Multiple witnesses, most of whom turned from skeptic to believer after the events.
By the time I graduated college and was making my way in the world, my interest in the subject had turned. It was no longer about disproving the existence of the phenomenon - I had seen and read too much by then - it was about figuring out WHY the truth was being hidden.
Was it simply done for our own good by the stewards of the Greatest Generation? Did they cover up the phenomenon because they feared a War of the Worlds type reaction from the public?

This was the answer I kept being given by various people "in the know" I met or interviewed...
... But I found that answer to be lacking. The truth, I would learn, is much more complex with LOTS of shades of gray.

Let's start with the Greatest Generation's role in the Truth Embargo. The 1930s through the 1960s were rife with alleged crashes and recoveries of craft.
Let's presume that gov'ts across the world were recovering wreckage as far back as the 1930s/40s. Now, put yourself in the shoes of the people of that day, grappling with the knowledge that advanced craft of unknown origin were routinely penetrating our airspace. What do you do?
Like most things, I believe the original cover-up/truth embargo was begun out of genuine concern for public safety. We had just survived two world wars by the skin of our species' teeth, a new atomic age and cold war was on the horizon - how much truth could humanity truly take?
A large chunk of the men and women who made this initial decision were good, patriotic people who were genuinely baffled and concerned by what they were discovering. To protect these people, a deal was struck that promised to to reveal the truth until after these folk were gone.
It was meant to protect their reputations from Monday Morning QBs who wanted to second guess their decisions with the benefit of hindsight.

All of that tracks for me. I understand the logic, even if I don't agree with it, and understand the desire to protect otherwise good men.
Intertwined with the genuine concern for public safety though was something darker. It wasn't a purely altruistic move on the part of the State, it was also a CYA operation. They did not want to advertise to our citizens or our enemies that we couldn't secure our own airspace...
...And once the engineers started making breakthroughs from the tech they (likely) recovered, the whole issue became about military superiority.

They needed to keep a lid on the subject because the MiC was benefiting in ways they could not admit without tipping off the Soviets.
Between 1950 and 1980, the entire endeavor was compartmentalized and moved from government labs into the hands of private military contractors.

This was the best way to keep Congress and The People in the dark about the phenomenon - and the tech they were developing from it.
This move, from gov't to private contractors, was NOT done to keep the People safe, not really. It was done to keep the contractors and their companies rich and on the cutting edge.

The further away we moved from WW2 and the Cold War, the more devious the truth embargo became.
By the '80s and '90s, those in the know on this issue were almost entirely in the private sector (with some major IC overlap). I cannot stress how much power this gave the (largely) un-elected MiC over the State itself. It became Frankenstein's monster.

The true "Deep State".
So, why now? Why are we being flooded with "confirmation" of the phenomenon?

Is it a ramp up for "Project Blue Beam"?

Is it just a distraction thrown out to keep us from focusing on other issues?

Or is it finally the end of the embargo?
Here's my take on all three of those options:

1. Blue Beam: an old strategy designed to be deployed against 20th century peoples. It would not work today. The only way this works is if they wiped out 2/3s of the global population in the event itself. This won't happen.
2. Distraction theory: This secret has been the source of the establishment's power for decades, still is. Using it as a distraction seems counterproductive to a group that wishes to remain in power. I can't rule it out completely because it IS an efficient narrative changer.
3. The Truth Embargo is ending: This is where I land, but it's not as clean cut as it sounds. People are rightfully suspicious of groups like AATIP - after all, the very same people who have upheld the embargo are now trying to play the role of whistleblowers...

We shouldn't trust those people to be truth tellers after decades of deceit. But still, there they are. On 60 Minutes and every news outlet pushing disclosure.

But why? Why would they willingly surrender their stranglehold on the truth when it's given them incredible power?
Could it be they are being forced to do so?

It's the only explanation that tracks for me. Why else would the very same people who have fought, killed, and bled to keep the embargo in place suddenly have a change of heart UNLESS there was an external force pushing them that way?
I am not suggesting that we should "trust the plan", I'm suggesting we should trust our own discernment. Something is pushing this issue to the forefront. And it's long overdue.

Because without this subject coming fully to light, a HUGE piece of our reality will remain missing.
It's my conclusion that there is something else going on behind the scenes that is compelling this movement forward.

I don't know for sure what's behind it (but have ideas), but I do not believe it's malicious.

Truth is always preferred to dishonesty.

Even 70+ years later.
It's been said we are in a time of revelations. We are being given the chance to see our true reality if we are willing to look. Not just on this subject, but on ALL subjects. Just look at the past 5 years and all the masks that have slipped.

Truth will out.

In all its forms.
Each one of us has to discern truth for ourselves. We shouldn't ever rely solely upon consensus views or experts' views.

Look up and see for yourself. There's a lot happening in the sky, most of it entirely normal and explainable. But not all of it.


• • •

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