First: Even though she is endorsed by Ross Douthat, Angela Nagle seems to me to be a remarkably silly person. She “hoped or expected… Trump” would “adopt… national economic revival policies”. And now she is surprised that the hated “Libs” are... 1/
... enacting such policies, have “gone much further with them”, and “these are good policies”. In spite of huge amounts of evidence, she has not yet been able to open her eyes and realize that Donald Trump is a grifter who does not care about anything other than staying... 2/
... out of jail and owning the media cycle. Expecting him to lead a national economic revival was really stupid. Did I hint that it is surprising that someone endorsed by Ross Douthat is remarkably silly? My bad. That start should be: “Since she is endorsed by Ross Douthat... 3/ is no surprise that Angela Nagle seems to me to be a remarkably silly person”: Angela Nagle: How The Libs Owned Us All: ‘Their policy proposals have included major national infrastructure spending, including expanding the train system, a capital gains tax increase... 4/
... and a withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Whether they fulfill these promises is another question, I know. I have to be honest though. These are good policies. Sorry. This does leave the remaining Trump inspired populist right in a new and somewhat awkward position.
... While they have spent the last four years talking about abandoning Reaganomics and becoming critics of the free market, the libs have already adopted national economic revival policies you might have hoped or expected from Trump himself and have gone much further with... 6/
...them… LINK: <…>

Very Briefly Noted... 7/
Josiah Ober: Democracy and Knowledge <…>
Google: Chevauchée <…>
Soulver: Soulver 3 for Mac <…>
Wikipedia: Warren Hastings: ‘Maharaja Nandakumar… <…> 8/
Google: Peine Forte et Dure <…>

James H. Stock & Mark W. Watson: Phillips Curve Inflation Forecasts: ‘Inflation is hard to forecast… <…>

Wikipedia: Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission: ‘Bill Thomas (vice chairman) – jointly... 9/
...chosen as vice chair by Boehner and McConnell…. Keith Hennessey (McConnell)…. Douglas Holtz-Eakin (McConnell)…. Peter J. Wallison (Boehner)… <…>

William Best: ‘Lord Coke had no authority for what he states, but I am afraid we should get rid of... 10/
...a great deal of what is considered law in Westminster hall, if what Lord Coke says without authority is not law… <…> 11/END

• • •

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This is NUTS. & GENIUS. GENIUS-NUTS: On startup, the Apple Silicon M1 notices that it has lots of background and housekeeping work to do—mds_stores, bird, cloudd, kernel_task, & c.—and so it starts doing it. It immediately full-throttles all four... 1/
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No. There is neither a transcript nor a video nor an audio of John Cochrane's 2008 CRISP Forum keynote at the Gleacher Center. It appears to have been deep-sixed. All we have of it appears to be Cochrane’s declaration—made at a time when the share... 1/
... of the U.S. labor force in construction was below its long-run average and had been below its long-run average for fifteen months—that: “we should have a recession. People who spend their lives pounding nails in Nevada need something else to do.” No recognition at all... 2/
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Jackson Hole in 2005: The "unremitting attack"—as Alan Blinder characterized it—on Raghu Rajan's warnings of financial instability and mistrust of the neoliberal market-financial order: Summers, Fraga, Fischer, Trichet, Sinai, Weber, Kohn—an... 1/
...impressive group saying that Rajan had overstated his case, with only Blinder coming to his defense, saying: "I’d like to defend Raghu a little bit against the unremitting attack he is getting here for not being a sufficiently good Chicago economist and... emphasize the... 2/
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Key Insights: Henry: We need to be critical of other people in the public sphere, but we need to be critical in an extraordinarily humble way—to recognize that we, all of us, are incredibly biased as individuals. We see the moats in our brothers'... 1/
... eyes very well. We do not see the beams and our own. We have a duty to others to try to help them to remove the beams in a polite, quiet, sometimes insistent way... think very carefully about the ways in which we can genuinely be constructive in criticism...

Brad: We... 2/ Image
...are in huge trouble: organizing our 7.8 billion person anthology intelligence to actually get done what we need to get done in the next century appears beyond our capabilities. It may be time to go back to the trees, or even to devolve completely and let some other more... 3/ Image
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BRIEFLY NOTED: Martha Wells in conversation with Kate Elliott. Plus MOAR. Plus:

Cory Doctorow: The Memex Method. When Your Commonplace Book Is a Public Database: ‘The very act of recording your actions and impressions is itself powerfully mnemonic… 1/
.... The genius of the blog was in the publishing. The act of making your log-file public requires a rigor that keeping personal notes does not…. Repeated acts of public description adds each idea to a supersaturated, subconscious solution of fragmentary elements that... 2/
... have the potential to become something bigger. Every now and again, a few of these fragments will stick to each other and nucleate…. When one of those nucleation events occurs, the full-text search and tag-based retrieval tools built into Wordpress allow me to bring... 3/
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Things that went whizzing by that I want to remember...

First: A Snippet from a Dialogue: The Current Plague in India:

Axiothea: How much worse are things in India than the statistics the Indian government is reporting say?

Parmenides: We do... 1/
...think that here in the United States we have had 900,000 rather than 600,000 deaths—out of a total caseload of perhaps 60 million, perhaps 120 million. How bad are things in India right now, really? And how bad are they going to get?

Aesclepius: We do not know. We... 2/
... guess that true plague deaths are between three and eight times officially recorded deaths. And we guess that India is only halfway through this current plague wave.

Axiothea: If so, note that India currently is at 200 reported deaths per million—say the true number... 3/
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