Comfort Women of Japan and Chaklas of British Raj in India.
A thread.
In early 20th century, Japan employed women from occupied territories like Korea, China and Philippines etc as sex slaves to entertain its soldiers.
This ended with Japan's defeat in WW2.
Countries of the
..origin of these women, particularly Korea, took this matter up diplomatically later, resulting into an official apology by Japan in 1993.
In roughly the same era, Indian women were being used in the same manner by the British Indian Army. 12 to 14 women were stationed
..with each Regiment for the purpose. This was even legalized under The Cantonment Act of 1864. This contributed to adding a "British flavour" an existing 'Anglo Indian' community in India; a latent reference to it is also there in the John Masters classic - Bhowani Junction.
Interestingly, British found a traditional Hindu practice of "Devdasi" (a voluntary sex servant of Brahmin preachers in temples, usually from the lower caste Hindus) as immoral and made it illegal in Indian Penal Code.
While Japan had to apologize for this heinous crime, the British got away with it "cleanly".
A reflection on how the victors always get away with the crimes of war and the losers could not.
Or maybe the Koreans had a morality which Indians lacked.
- Legg, Stephen (2009). "Governing Prostitution in Colonial Delhi: From Cantonment Regulations to International Hygiene" 
- Bhowani Junction- Jhon Masters
- Bhandari, Sudhanshu (19 June 2010). "Prostitution in Colonial India…

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Those who say India could have started a war post Pak retaliation of 27 feb 19 have absolutely no clue of Indo-Pak military environment.
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Wars don't just happen. These are usually consequent to clash of eco / commercial/ social interests of belligerents.
Azerbaijan - Armenia recent War over Nagorno Karabakh (NK) is no different.
As the map shows; Azerbaijan is a hub of Gas Pipelines to EU / Turkey. This... 1/4 Image
..poses competition to Gazprom / Russian monopoly over regional energy supplies to EU. For instance, Turkey's dependence on Russian gas reduced from 54% to 34% recently on completion of Trans-Anatolian pipeline. This increasing trend of supply of Azeri / Caspian....2/4
Gas to Turkey and onwards to EU has to be curbed by Russia to retain/ sustain its own supplies, with assistance of its own Allies (that's correct, Armenia; a major base of Gazprom Ops).
So while Russia stands with Armenia; Turkey, EU, USA and Israel stand with Azerbaijan...3/4
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