So... France is yelling at Eurovision about Italy potentially doing coke on their table?

France knows how to bring the drama and be sore losers :P
So many angry French people...

Ok, real talk? I don't care if he did cocaine or not. Our culture around drugs is stupid.
France, you just look salty. Stop the fake puritanian bullshit, for real.
"But what about the kids?!"

I'LL TELL YOU! Kids didn't fucking even know it was happening because we are not even sure if it is true and we have an idea what it might look like so YOUR KIDS ARE FINE, PLEASE CHILL.

• • •

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24 May
Game design does not talk enough about a principle that is core to so so so many experiences. I’d even say it might be at the core of most games, but it sounds a little esoteric. You know when we say immersion, wanting impact on the game world etc?

It’s a desire to be witnessed.
The desire to be witnessed is a fundamental human desire. A longing for being acknowledged in our actions, our existence and our humanity. We crave to be represented. We crave to see things we can relate to. We crave things we can project ourselves upon.
I actually believe that what we often call escapism in fact shows up in design as a manifestation of the desire to be witnessed. A world where we matter and feel like we have control and can’t be truly hurt, all often opposite to our lived experience.
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23 May
As this is going minor viral, so many people have replied that they found reading this thread validating and it really shows how there is a deep desire to come to some kind of resolution, to not have the pandemic be without an acknowledgement of what we’ve been through.
And my acknowledgment is not enough for that. This was a global event and we all crave a large-scale resolution and I wish officials would see that.
What are you going to do to prevent this from happening again?
How will you protect us next time around?
Why are there no consequences for people who have broken the rules and literally caused people to die?
Who’s going to help us heal the emotional and financial damages?
What are you going to do for the frontline workers who have risked their lives for us?
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22 May
Anyways. Cyprus is first and I'm not into it. Sorry Cyprus.

I need Eurovision songs to be WEIRD AS HELL OKAY! We need to get a lot WEIRDER and a lot less mainstream!
I miss Europe <3
Staring at you with a lot of expectation, Israel.
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22 May
You know, the reason a lot of us struggle to “go back to normal” as we’re getting to a point of more safety with covid is not “virtue signaling” or being addicted to the pandemic lifestyle, it’s because it’s traumatizing to reconcile that so many ppl didn’t care about our lives.
It’s not a question of suddenly not believing in science anymore or not wanting our lives back, it’s a question of the idea that we should just “go back to normal” as if everything we’ve been through, everything we sacrificed doesn’t matter and has no resolution.
We’ve lost friends and family to the virus. We’ve lost friends and family to the cruel conspiracy theories. We’ve watched horrible and dehumanizing things happen and learned that our neighbors would rather let us, our friends and family die than to wear a mask.
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21 May
This happens to everyone, including all the people you feel like have "made it" in this and other industries.

Last year I bombed an interview for a director-level position that I would've really liked, but had some insecurities about. It showed and I didn't get it. *shrug*
I wasn't sure if I was ready for it myself, I was overwhelmed by the possibility because I didn't expect an offer like that, I was unsure how I would approach certain leadership challenges and did not meet expectations for a director in a male-dominated field. All fair.
I felt guilty about it for months, was afraid that I missed my only opportunity for a director position since women don't exactly get these handed to them all the time and I felt like "I let down my gender" which is a thing a lot of us deal with.
But this is normal. It happens.
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21 May
I'm super proud of BBI for this code of conduct that includes all of our channels - yes, also social media! Shaping our communities requires strength and clarity and I think this is a great approach. I love that it includes things for what we WANT ppl to do.

Proud of you, BBI!
I'm personally a HUGE fan of including things we want people to DO in our communities, encouraging behaviour we want to see. A list of things NOT to do is not very effective.
"Don't be a jerk" is not a good directive. Pointing out behaviour to aim for and to reward is great.
I LOVE that it includes a line to expect to apologize if people were hurt - a really great thing to just encourage in people in any of our communities. Humility, care for one another, self-assessment - all great things to include in your community code of conduct.
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