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23 May, 7 tweets, 2 min read
When it comes to your weight, on any given day one of three things can happen: 1) weight remains the same as the previous day; 2) weight loss occurs; 3) weight gain occurs. These three states cover all possibilities. Now let us analogize to the level of Jew-hatred in society.
One of three things can happen when comparing time t to time t+1: 1) it can remain the same; 2) it can decrease; 3) it can increase. The number 1 driver (by a mile) of which of the latter three is likely to occur is shaped by demography. If you were to open the borders to folks
who have little to no Jew-hatred in their home countries, they will not express Jew-hatred in their adopted country. Now if you open the borders to folks who have 95% to 99% endemic genocidal Jew-hatred in their home countries (as measured by non-partisan survey organizations),
you will get a wild increase in Jew-hatred in the home country. What you are seeing today in the US, Canada, etc. is a reflection of the adage "demography is destiny." There is nothing bigoted, phobic, or racist in recognizing this profoundly trivial fact. I have been warning
people for 2+ decades. It's not rocket science. You don't need to be a fancy professor to recognize realities that are as obvious as the existence of the sun. But you must have the courage to say it out loud. Countries that do not recognize the importance of cultural homophil
as the CENTRAL ethos of their immigration policies will be eradicated in the long run. Nothing could be clearer. Nothing could be more obvious. And yet even today, few people understand this basic reality. It is going to get much much much worse, and the West did it to itself.
* homophily

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24 May
Most people in the West have been taught to not criticize a religion, as this would apparently be intolerant and gauche. OK. What cumulative evidence would you need to violate this norm? Has this evidence not yet been amassed? Are all religions equally compatible with our
Western values? For example, are all religions equally accepting of members of the LGBTQ community? Is the West allowed to state that it does not wish to accept such hate even if it originates from a religion? What will it take for people to recognize the world as it exists
rather than to view it through the prism of suicidal unicorn empathy and tolerance. You will pay a dear price for this myopia. Or more accurately, your children and their children will pay an unimaginable price. Once the train of intolerance anchors itself within a society, it
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24 May
I often ask people to estimate the number of Jews in the world (as I did on a recent episode of @joerogan's podcast). The usual response is an extraordinary overestimate of the actual number precisely because most people wrongly presume that given the level of influence that Jews
wield in many domains, they must be much more populous than the actual figure. A result of this miscalibration is that people have a hard time casting Jews as victims (even though they have been victimized throughout history and continue to be so). Hence, folks who know nothing
about history will often side with the perpetrators of grotesque and endemic violations of human rights as long as they are viewed as victims of the Evil Juice. If anything this is a form of epistemological anti-Semitism, in that one processes incomplete information to arrive to
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22 May
Group A attacks group B again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again,...,and again, and again. After 13 trillion attacks, subjugation, insults, death threats, exterminations, waged wars, etc, group B retaliates.

Group A: You see, Group B are the aggressors. We
have peacefully sought to exterminate Group B with complete love & tolerance. We teach our children that Group B is filth. We teach them to destroy Group B. Every interaction in our society is shaped by our Noble Hatred of Group B. And now Group B attacks us. Why God? Why? Why?
Why does Group B act in such an inhumane way? Why do they attack us when all that we have done is spent our entire lives seeking to exterminate them? Why is Group B so evil? Why God? Why?

[This is a hypothetical case that in no way relates tohistorical or current realities.]
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13 May
Dear @TuckerCarlson, in your chat today with @ggreenwald, you asked him the reason for the delusional focus on Russia as the grand boogeyman. Here is my answer: It is the foreign equivalent of the domestic "white supremacy" hysteria. Progressives cannot critique China because
they are Noble People of Color. They cannot criticize anything from the Middle East because they too are Noble People of Color. The Russians, according to the progressive calculus, suffer from a fatal and intractable disease: Whiteness! In the same way that the Middle East
is rife with historical and endemic Jew-hatred, we are now seeing a similar acceptance among progressive Westerners of a morally sanctioned hatred of "whiteness." This grants them permission to place all of the global blame on the Evil White Russians. @KremlinRussia_E
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1 May
The reason why I decided a few months ago to be more forceful in my disdain for Ham Farris' unhinged hysteria (whilst I was politely restrained for 4 years) is that he represents ALL that is dreadful in a parasitized elitist mind. ZERO theory of mind. ZERO ability to modulate.
ZERO sense of proportionality. ZERO capacity to offer the possibility for people to engage the issue with reason. And yet, he peddles himself as a man of reason & intellect. I explained to him very clearly how the application of specific decision rules could lead to perfectly
reasonable and educated people to vote for Trump (prior to Orange Himmler being elected). I explained it again in The Parasitic Mind. Yet he was unable to extricate himself from his truly pathological blindness. He is perfectly able to support @joebiden when Biden PERFECTLY
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26 Apr
Every single human endeavour that should unite us in our shared universal heritage (science, art, literature, music, sports, etc.) has been infected by tribal identity politics. Most announcements in academia today focus on immutable traits.
Every report about a movie, an awards show, or a book review is focused on immutable traits. Identity politics shatters the majesty of science, art, literature, music, and sports. Rather than allowing these uplifting expressions to unite us, identity politics shatters our ability
to see past our irrelevant immutable traits. Rather than freeing us from our personal identities as scientists, artists, musicians, or athletes, identity politics reminds us of the darkness of the human heart. Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity (DIE) is where our common humanity
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