The moving COVID Narrative:

2019-early 2020: "It came from a wet market! Any discussion of other possibilities is not only crazy but RACIST!"
Mid 2020-The Election: "It came from a wet market! Any discussion of other possibilities must be silenced from the internet, media, and called out as crazy, racist AND Trumpian!"
Post Election 2020-early 2021: "Okay, so maaaaaaybe the lab leak theory has some merit, but if you mention it at all you'll be silenced, insulted, and called a racist."
Today: "The Lab Theory has always been the most plausible, no one said it was racist, crazy, or Trumpian. Even though it's plausible, we know FOR A FACT it was an accidental release. Any discussion otherwise is will be labeled crazy, RACIST, and will be purged from the internet!"
I Wonder where we'll be this time next year...

• • •

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17 May
A great thread here from Jeff on a topic close to my heart. It's inspired me to share my own thoughts and experiences on a topic many once considered "fringe" but has become more mainstream by the hour - especially over the past decade.

The question is: Why now? I have answers.
I'll begin with by sharing my own experiences with this subject. As with most things in my life, I started out thinking one way (UFOs/UAPs aren't real) and quickly was shown that I was wrong.

Over and over and over... until my eyes were fully open.
I began as a skeptic, determined to prove my best friend wrong about the topic way back in 8th grade. I devoured every book I could on the subject - both pro and con - and spent my time talking to people who had experiences with the phenomenon.

I was certain I was right.
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14 May
The experts demanded we "follow the science", even at the expense of our personal and professional lives. How'd it go?

* Mask wearing (they got it wrong three times)
* Social distancing (they pulled 6' out of the air)
* Contact/Surface transfer of the virus (they got it wrong)
We now have definitively learned, even though many had screamed this for over a year, that "the experts" were NEVER following science.

They were playing politics with people's lives and livelihoods.

There's no other explanation for missing so badly on these three dictums.
These three dictums, more than any other, cost people their lives, their businesses, their social lives, they robbed people of the ability to worship as they please, hug their families without being shamed for it, and seek preemptive medical care.

And it was done on purpose.
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30 Apr
Patriot's Guidebook

1. Unplug from the Industrialized Outrage Complex:

This does not mean ignore current events, it means not allowing oneself to become overrun by the endless stream of propaganda, outrage, and disinformation designed to keep our focus off what truly matters. Image
2. Focus on what truly matters:

So much energy is spent by the establishment to get us to focus on everything but what's important: our family, friends, work, and day-to-day lives. That's because it's within these realms where we can enact meaningful change. Live your life well. Image
3. Find and maintain balance:

Balance is the key to a happy life, and the key to winning in this moment of history. We are extraordinary beings with an incredible capacity for love, empathy, and genius. But to access these gifts fully, we must keep sane in these insane times. Image
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11 Apr
Biden's systemic Racism:

The murder rate in urban America are rising faster than we've seen in decades. Over a 20% increase in LA County alone - of which, most of the victims were POC.

There was a 58% increase in gun ownership for POC between April of 2020 and January.

Biden enters office in the midst of this uptick in violence and during the calls for defunding the police (a policy which disproportionately impacts those in the lower economic strata and POC), making them less safe and more vulnerable to the rising tide of violence.

Among Biden's record breaking flurry of EOs in his first 60 days is the decision to open the border. An economic and domestic policy which has, time and time again, proven to have a catastrophic impact on those in the lower economic strata, especially POC.

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15 Mar
Biden isn't sorry for digital rape.

Biden isn't sorry for selling out his Delaware constituents to the credit card companies.

Biden isn't sorry about authoring the Crime Bill which did more to tilt the system against poor, brown, and black folk than any law since Jim Crow...
Biden isn't sorry he's been wrong on every single major foreign policy decision he ever weighed in on, including the invasion of Iraq.

Biden isn't sorry about taking 10% from genocidal regimes like the CCP and ACTUAL Nazis in the Ukraine...
Biden isn't sorry about his son being a crack addict, or being sexually explicit to a minor family member, or banging his other dead son's wife.

Biden isn't sorry about lying repeatedly and being caught so often he was dubbed the DC Plagiarizer...
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10 Mar
There's really no greater piece of evidence of the Uni-Party's existence (and aims) than this list of turncoats...

With all that has been uncovered and DEFINITIVELY PROVEN about 44's DOJ's corruption, to turn around and hand the keys back to the very same people is not only a slap in the face of their voters and their base - but the rule of law itself.

It's never been D vs R, or Conservative vs Liberal/Progressive. That's all colored bubbles.

It's always been The People vs the Establishment.

Graham and Johnson especially proved this with their votes after all their empty talk and empty promises for justice.

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