There are *43* open voter fraud investigations in Texas, according to the REPUBLICAN attorney general. Just one of them is from the 2020 election, where 11 million Texans voted! TX Republicans continue to 'solve' a problem that is non-existent.…
Some TX lawmakers have said there are "400 voter fraud" cases. That's not true. There are 386 "pending investigations," but that's before any criminal charges are even filed. And guess what? Even if every single one of those 386 investigations turned into cases and convictions...
That would *still* be less than 400 cases of voter fraud in a state with 11 million voters, where there's a one million dollar prize for reporting fraud and whole teams dedicated to finding it. How is this proof we need an overhaul of the system there?…
I spend every single day exploring arguments from the right & left on the issues of the day. Most days that exercise is extremely stimulating and informative. In this case, it's really annoying and mindbogglingly stupid. The "fraud" allegations are over the top and absurd.
P.S. It has now been *8 months* since the 2020 election, with a $1 million prize and millions of people working to expose fraud across various battleground states.

And we've got *one* pending criminal investigation in Texas with a handful that have been prosecuted already.

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1 Mar
1/ This is a truly bizarre, down is up, up is down, thread. Obviously I'm a biased Substack writer, but it's not a "threat" to traditional news media. It's a compliment. It works with it, and it's a strong addition to the landscape. Calling it a "threat to journalism" is absurd.
2/ Most obvious is the fact that many "traditional" media outlets are incentivized in all the wrong ways: traffic, ad revenue, clicks, and corporate sponsors. Being supported by subscribers is not a cloak - it's actual freedom.
3/ Also, imagine in this moment for media actually tweeting this:
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15 Feb
This is hilarious. Rep. Eric Swalwell referred to "G-d herself" and triggered all these ridiculous, over-the-top reactions about G-d's gender... when gendering G-d is actually a totally reasonable, in-bounds debate in church and synagogue and has been for literally centuries.
He "mocks truth intentionally by misgendering G-d" like... the Hebrew Bible from 2,000 years ago? Or the Episcopal Church from 600 years ago?…
Any learned religious person would hear Swalwell say "G-d herself" and not be surprised at all given that it's actually a robust debate in pretty much every religious community. So if you see someone having a meltdown over it, just know that they are telling on themselves!
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28 Jan
Robinhood is no longer allowing users to do anything but close out their #GME or #AMC positions. Hard to put into words how outrageous that is. This is, much more acutely, the definition of manipulating the market.
I’ve got a newsletter coming out about this moment — and about how it went from silly to deeply serious and political yesterday
48 hours ago this was funny. 24 hours ago it become a politicial dividing line, a bit more serious and very interesting. Now it's getting really ugly, and a lot of people are about to be extemely pissed off at how hypocritical the ruling class is
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27 Jan
If you don't understand what's happening, let me explain: a bunch of idiots with internet access are fleecing billion dollar hedge fund companies that typically fleece the rest of us. And they're doing it literally by sheer force of numbers… #GME #AMC
They are, in no uncertain terms, upending the entire financial market and pulling off the kinda wealth redistribution you might imagine happening in some socialist dystopia. Except they're doing it by beating Wall St at their own game.

It's hilarious
Hey, buzzkillingtons, obviously Wall St is gonna find a way to make some money off this too. Just enjoy the moment for a minute!
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6 Jan
1/ I see all you tweeting at me asking about "BLM" and "antifa" and saying "this is what you get." Let me be clear: you are out of your goddamn minds. "BLM" got teargassed and cleared out for throwing water bottles in a park. I've watched NYPD crack skulls for being cursed at.
2/ This isn't happening because Joe Biden didn't condemn George Floyd protests harshly enough in the summer. That's a bullshit hot take. He DID condemn the violence, and amongst millions of participants in those protests, there were actually very few violent incidents.
3/ Despite that, BLM protesters got a violent response across the country. Tear gas, batons, rubber bullets. A freaking grandfather in Buffalo had his head cracked on the pavement cause some clown bulled him over for standing there.
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