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Here is my DD:
They have the larger (combined) force, $$, they have better weapons (technology, psy-ops, paid minnions, media FUD). But what they don't have is ❤.

Great underdog victories in History:
216bc- The Carthaginian army (45,000) defeat the Romans (86,000) Cont. (1/7)
1565ad- the Knights Hospitaller (8000) defeat Ottoman soldiers (30,000)

1610ad- Poland (5,500) defeat Russian/Swedish troops (30,000)

1864ad- New Zealand Maori (200) defeat British troops (1700)

1939ad- Finiland (150,000) defeat Russian troops (450,000).
Cont. (2/7)
202?ad- an army of "Dumb Money" individual retail investors (APES) realized that companies they loved were maliciously being attacked by a bunch of "Bad Actors" on Wall Street. These APES decided enough was enough! (3/7)
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Stocks: #GME and #TGT

What values can be found in the data?

FTD as % of EOD Trading Volume (Yahoo) =
FTD / ( EOD Vol Yahoo / 100 )

#GME and #TGT Closing Price

Average Price and Average of FTD 2010-2021 (1/14) & 2010 to 2021(2 to 13/14).

1.#GME $GME & #TGT $TGT - Comparison: 2010-2021

Imgur Link that you can zoom into the first chart:

2.#GME $GME & #TGT $TGT - Comparison: 2010

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To understand the scale of money. Is to understand why 500k is not a meme.
500 million shares x $200,000 a share is 10 trillion dollars.
Apes control a overwhelming majority of legal shares. 4.1 million investor. #AMC
This is not new money. This is money locked away for generations in various assets. And within accounts in large banks and with institutions.
The creation of 4.1 million new millionaires and billionaires is not “new”. It is simply a transfer of existing money. While inflation exists yes. The majority of capital is being transferred
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Looking into data:
- #GME Fail to Delivery as % of Daily trading volume
- #GME Closing Price

1/15 2010-2021
2/15 2010
3/15 2011
4/15 2012
5/15 2013
6/15 2014
7/15 2015
8/15 Nov 2015
9/15 2016
10/15 2017
11/15 2017
12/15 2019
13/15 2020
14/15 2021

15/15 Sources

1/15 Image
2/15 #GME FTD & Close 2010 Image
3/15 #GME FTD & Close 2011 Image
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SVR Update 23. July 2021

1/9 #GME
2/9 #HGEN
3/9 #AMD
4/9 #AMC
5/9 #SLGG
6/9 #ALTO
7/9 #MMAT
8/9 #BNGO
9/9 #BB

1/9 Image
SVR Update 23. July 2021


2/9 Image
SVR Update 23. July 2021


3/9 Image
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[START HERE] Next Friday, July 30th, at 4:15pm the Federal Reserve will be PUBLICLY releasing the total derivative exposure numbers of all the biggest domestic AND foreign banks AND their lending clients- INCLUDING Citadel! #MOASSGUARANTEE #amc #gme /A1
This is why we found Citadel Connect. The Federal Reserve is auditing the entire financial system thanks to the directive issued via Federal US Code Chapter 12, which was updated July 1, 2021. The ATS dark pool was also FOIA'd @Charlie1337420 /A2
How was the 2008 crash caused? Because of out of control derivatives. This report is an annual report that banks can easily lie about. Now it must be a daily average reported every quarter. Here’s JP Morgan with OVER $40 TRILLION in derivatives exposure TWO YEARS AGO. /A3
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Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom.

Don't set hard dates or times. We are sittin pretty.
We are on the mf climb back rn, but it ain't a margin call.

It's us. Raw retail power.

Keep going.
I see the comments on this post.

"dont they get 24 hrs?"
"48 hours?
"an hour?"

Look at us. Look at the confusion born from a vague tweet.
How do you think outsiders view this, especially when those times end up missing?

We don't need times or dates, our playbook is the same.
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@GaryGensIer @SEC_Enforcement @SenWarren @DOJPH I have for sale 10mil deeds to Kennys house for sale.. (idk how he has that many but “trust” me they are real. Bidding starts at 50k each, (that’s a steal!! These are mansions!!) His blow up dolls must stay there w/ all that Mayo.
#amc #gme #fraud but now when they are all sold I can get away with it because I’m so riiich oh yeah! And I’ll bail out any of you other apes from trouble or bankruptcy as well. And rinse and repeat. I’ll pay the service fee I mean fine and “wink” won’t do it again.
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GME ETF - IJR January 2021 - 13. July 2021
1. Total Chart
2. Q1 + Q2
3. Monthly Charts
2. Q1 + Q 2
#IJR $IJR Intradata/ Total Vol SVR and #GME Close

3.1. Monthly Charts: January 2021
#IJR $IJR Volume, SVR, Accuracy, #GME Close Price
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Short Volume Ratio Update 14. July 2021

Significant increase of the #HGEN Intradata and Total Data SVR (2/5).

Short Volume Ratio Update 14. July 2021
Short Volume Ratio Update 14. July 2021
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Part 1 #AMC

513 million shares x 32.80 = 16,826,400,000 billion $

Let’s just take free float and see

448,74 million shares x 32,80 = 14,718,672,000 billion $

We all know with all naked shares and everything that’s going on
We can have like 1,5 billion shares out there
Part 2 #AMC

Now let’s try
990 million shares x 32,80 = 32,472,000,000 billion $


Griffin is the chief executive of the investment firm Citadel, which he founded in 1990. Citadel operates with an estimated $32 billion in investment capital. As of 2021
Part 3

Now you all can see how Desperat they are to keep lowering the price and why

Those fkrs will not survive the only way is Bankruptcy no way out of here they are in biggg Trubel

#HOLD #AMCfamily we got them where we want

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Short Volume Ratio Update 13. July 2021
Important stuff first:
Sorry for the false date in the headline of yesterdays charts.
SLGG(2/6) data corrected - missed 2300 Vol for intradata SVR calculation on 8. July 2021.

Today's colors: 14. Juillet

Short Volume Ratio Update 13. July 2021
Mistake corrected in #SLGG Chart Data for 8. July 2021.
2300 Volume missing for intra data calculation.

Short Volume Ratio Update 13. July 2021
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Improved Short Volume Ratio Update 10. July 2021 #GME $GME #Superstonk #SVR 1/5 Image
Improved Short Volume Ratio Update 10. July 2021
#AMC $AMC #SVR 2/5 Image
Improved Short Volume Ratio Update 10. July 2021
#AMD $AMD #SVR 3/5 Image
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Tonight, we spill drink to celebrate our independence.

Tomorrow? we spill drink to celebrate our eventual FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE.

AYO, @TradesTrey

You're gonna match me on this shotgun, yeah?
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-The Dirty Secret Nobody Wants to Talk About- (pt. 1)
$AMC $GME #AMC #GME #ApesStrongTogether Image
-The Dirty Secret Nobody Wants to Talk About- (pt. 2)
$AMC $GME #AMC #GME #ApesStrongTogether Image
-The Dirty Secret Nobody Wants to Talk About- (pt. 3)
$AMC $GME #AMC #GME #ApesStrongTogether Image
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I’ve written in detail about the biggest, most ignored story-govt enabling the hugest wealth transfer in history from Main Street to Wall Street, enabled by govt deciding who would thrive and who would fight to survive, aided by the Fed, and corporate media won't cover it
For my book, as of today, I am scheduled for exactly zero morning TV programs + zero prime time shows on network or cable. None of the major newspaper outlets are reviewing or excerpting the book. We had one agree...
..., where the writer loved the book and thought it was “fascinating” and informed my publisher’s PR end of day yesterday that the editors pulled it. Not to mention the corporate gig getting canceled as well.
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Its time for some SVR Updates. Because of Mr. Lauers correction I was able to specify the exchanges I am using for my calculations and charts. Sources at the end of the post - have a nice day and good luck everyone!🙂
#GME #Superston @rensole 1/6
#AMC SVR Update 23.June 2021 2/6
#AMD SVR Update 23. June 2021 3/6
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#AMC #GME The Recap Part 2: You would know that the 801 is the Advanced Notice rule filed in part 10. What you do not see in the 801 is part 3 and 4. Those parts were included within the 002. That is why the 002 is a bit daunting and confusing because folks think
this is a new rule when in fact it’s just repeating what is in the 801. Part 3 discusses the following Self-Regulatory Organizations Statement of the purpose of, and Statutory Basis for the proposed rule change. Part 3’s role is to help you understand the Advanced notice
filing in a more in-depth manner as it explains a little bit about the background and intent behind the rule while also including the rules language word for word from part 10 of the Advanced notice filing. It then goes on to discuss the burden of competition. So while yes the
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#AMC #GME Good evening everyone and welcome to the recap with your girl L2B. I hope that you all have had a wonderful day so far.
Alright without further delay let’s get started. I’ve mentioned before in the chat rooms and groups on twitter that the SR-NSCC-2021- 801, 002, and
the 802 are somehow intertwined. Tonight, we’re going to go through each rule and I’m going to talk about how they all fit together in the big picture format if you will. I hope you guys have time, as I’ll do my best to make this as short as possible but keep in mind these rules
are complex and lengthy.

As many of you know, I tend to go back and fully read the rules and try to help us all navigate the murky waters and their applicability to us. We know that a major theme amongst all these rules are Member defaults and liquidity shortfalls.
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Both jump up in AH and then spike down at the exact same time, coincidence.... I think not😠😠😠
@matt_kohrs @TradesTrey @WilliamAston @Joshuajammes
You have to be kidding me. I refuse to believe the #AMC shareholders decided to all sell after hours at the same time after we were told there were 4.1m shareholders
And #GME selling after they beat earnings by $.38?????
I mean really almost identical price action, but it is not coordinated #MarketManipulation
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(1/4) This reality has to be a f*cking simulation, this can't be real. LMAO. So BoA, one of the banks that f*cked my mom into bankruptcy due to 2008 crisis, ends coverage of $GME, $BBBY cuz they 'dOnT tRaDe oN fUnDaMeNtAlS'. They also...
(2/4) state that in their 'aNaLySt aNd eXpErTs' advice investors should not rely on their ratings, price objectives and estimates or opinons.
@BankofAmerica, let me tell you something. We never have, and never will rely on your analysis for anything. You have been helpful to...
(3/4) absolutely no one, helped thousands if not millions of families get f*cked in the housing crisis, doomed generations out of wealth, and now that we have a chance to restore order, you decided to terminate your dumb estimates. Good or bad, who knows, because nobody ever...
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Tweet 1/15 This follow list was made by me as a result of many GMErs wanting a stronger GME presence in their timeline. I usually don’t like these posts but I think this situation warrants it

@RedChessQueen99 @rensole @PinkCatsOnAcid @heyitspixel69 @u_sharkbaitlol
2/15 Bookmark any tweet in this thread and come back when you want to follow more GMErs

@Martini_v8 @MrStonksss @benwehrman @Cr6zyMonk @BoiEagen @GoHarg72 @aroflip @ali_nomaan @InZaneViews @DeeStonk @KrisSypo76 @2killmokingbird
3/15 I was getting mostly 90% AMC in my timeline, and while I support AMC shareholders, I am 100% yoloed into GME

@CashEzra11 @ZIONLIO29288757 @BuyGmeamc @greg16676935420 @ParikPatelCFA @ButtFarm69 @shitboxvwdriver @Kennith_Griffen @DrTrillions @ConwayYen @TheDorv @BingoSpace
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#AMC #GME #TSLA #KOSS Part 2 of "The Recap" continuing into our dives of the SR-OCC-2021-003 rule:
Per the 801 rule section 3 and 4 were intentionally missing as it awaited the additional comments from SEC, OCC and its members in regard to items 3-5. So L2B what’s the
difference? Because people are saying this is about so many different things, I’m getting confused.
Let me go through each section so that I can help you make the connection:
First section 3 begins with the overall purpose of the rule itself…. “Amend the OCC’s rules, Capital
Management Policy, and certain other policies to establish a persistent minimum level of skin-in-the game that Occ would contribute to cover default losses or liquidity shortfalls.” I’m sorry what does that opening line sound like....I'm sorry, what rule might be? That is our
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#AMC #GME #TSLA #KOSS Alright, Good Evening Everyone and welcome to The Recap. I hope you all have had an amazing day thus far and I hope that you’ve been able to relax and enjoy all of the green we’ve had. Tonight, on the recap we will go back over “Skin-in-the-game” if you
remember from the video, I posted it talked about section 10 of the advanced notice. Now I’m going to help blow your mind a little bit as I talk about how the SR-OCC-2021-003 and the SR-2021-801 rules are 1 in the same. How the 003 fits into our “Skin in the game model.” Buckle
up and strap in as we take a dive into these rules. When we covered the SR-0CC-2021-801 rule a few months ago we talked about section 10 of the overall section of the SR-OCC-2021-801 rule. We said that the rule was to do each of the following:
1.Establish a persistent minimum
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