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Aus aktuellem Anlass informiert die BaFin in diesem Thread über Aktien der #Gamestop Corp. $GME #GME (1/5) Gamestop Corp.: Wichtige In...
Die GameStop Corp. hat Anfang Juli einen Aktiensplit in Form einer Stockdividende beschlossen. Die BaFin hat – auch aufgrund einiger Hinweise von Anlegerinnen und Anlegern – die depotführenden Banken angehalten, die Einlieferung der jungen Aktien sicherzustellen. (2/5)
Technisch wurde die Kapitalmaßnahme jedoch bislang über die relevanten Datenprovider als Aktiensplit und nicht als Stockdividende behandelt. Am 29. Juli 2022 hatten jedoch einzelne Datenprovider die Art der Kapitalmaßnahme in eine Stockdividende geändert, (3/5)
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🍄Unreal Estate Giveaway!🍄

To celebrate the creation and launch of the Unreal Estate project, we are giving away 1 White List spot for our upcoming drop!

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I use engineering methods to analysis stocks such as $GME because the overall behavior is so well controlled that it behaves just like a systemic process.
Manufacturing engineering often uses the below chart to monitor live data. The upper and lower control limit (UCL /LCL) are used for quality controls. These values can be defined by a static value defined by requirement or general distribution of the population. Image
As a very general statement, $GME's"high-low" values appear to be constant despite how the average values ranged from ~$120-$300. If ~$120-$300 is considered the average, the UCL and LCL are static and not relative ratio to the values suggesting a user defined variable. ImageImage
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Below is an on-going list of DD I have written. Each subject is organized into general topics with more DD tweeted and linked respectively. Any and all of my future analysis and research will be added to this pin.

The DD is never done.

The #Algorithm. The Ouroboros: Characterizing #GameStop share price and reverse engineering #HFT #algos.

10/4/21: Part 1…

11/18/21 Part 2… Image
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#AMC #APES Plz🚨Retweet This🚨

Ken G has managed to build an Empire by Screwing the Average Person on a daily basis for years on end

➡️Since 2016 He's been Utilizing This (Specific Tactic) To benefit off of us, & line his pockets. That⌛️is running out🏴‍☠️…
The HummingBird Project👆- A Movie that basically tells this Same Story

➡️Neutrino/Microwave Tech utilized to outpace the Dark Fibers. A Fraction of a Micro-Second is EVERYTHING when it comes to HFT TRADING!

➡️The📽️is on Hulu, Worth Watching imo
#atAMC $AMC @GammaMonkey100 Image
#Citadel Securities & Ken Funded Aurora Illinois Mayor, & Richard Irvin to the tune of 20 mil.
➡️Scientel Solutions - Communications Company have given Irvin over 135k... Image
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Why #AMC #GME MOASS is more likely now:
1- the retail strong base.
2- major shorts use leverage.
3- bear market seduces shorts.
4- retail have not sold per OBV, #LogTheFloat & AA. Wouldn’t matter even if they did b/c:
5- retail owns at least 4 times the float; Documented for DOJ
6- Fed may limit the shorts via SEC to prevent an arbitrary recession.
7- institutions needing to make money & $GME $AMC are the best vehicles b/c of FOMO support & historical precedent.
8- negative beta = fast recovery
9- small & mid caps move higher faster in a recovery phase
10- major indices are down more than 20% which means by historical standards we are in margin call zone.
11- everything (stock, crypto, spy, my wife sex appetite) have been tied together which means breakaways occur soon.
12- imbalances cause stress for high risk equities.
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When the #GME dividend is approved, ALL brokers across the world will have to provide $GME their total shareholding information

TRANSLATION: @ryancohen will get to see the entire amount of shares that exist on... (1/x)
...the market for his company

LegaIIy speaking, no security is allowed to be shorted more than 140% of its Share Outstanding

Thus, if that number is higher than 107M shares, market participants will be facing a IegaI nightmare

It will confirm the conspiracy to... (2/x)
...defraud & financially harm retail investors. It will confirm the coverup that took place Jan ‘21. It will confirm that bad actors have been consciously orchestrating massive man1pulation to alter markets

Gary could have easily gotten to the bottom of this himself by... (3/x)
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Volkswagen had 4.041 billion shares outstanding back when it squoze, giving it roughly a $4 TRILLION market cap (in Euros)

The exchange rate to USD was 1.47 making their market cap $5.88 TRILLION

Being that this actually... (1/x)
... happened, it makes it 100% plausible that #GME & #AMC can reach such a size & wayyyyyy beyond

By having a market cap of $6 TRILLION, their share prices would be:

$GME = $78,783 (41,464%)
$AMC = $11,608 (39,577%)

KEEP IN MIND: Porche had... (2/x)
...settled with the g0vt and sold at a friendly agreed upon price which did not allow the full squeeze-potential to play out b/c it was literally dependent on WHAT👏🏼EVER👏🏼PRICE👏🏼 Porche wanted to ask for

***(which is... (3/x)
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🦋Another 1 of those Thought Provoking Threads...⌛️

#AMC has been Abused, These Short Selling Activists have been using the Media & Social Promoters in Attempt to Destroy a 100 year old company with the Massive Short & Distort Plan, by Shadow-marketing...

They Mis-Calculated... ImageImage
(OG Thread Got Broken Up, Re-Writing So its all In 1 Place)

Img1. Musk explaining Short & Distort
Img2. 500k Payout for Social Influencers
Img3. Companies Attacked are delisted,suspended
or removed from Stock Exchanges.
Img4. Activist Short Sellers = Nightmare. ImageImageImageImage
Marc Cohodes has been a 🗝️part of the Short Selling 🕸️He Flips Sides Constantly, He can't be trusted, He Had His Lawyer Write to Senators declaring

"The Share Price was not Manipulated Down❗️ It was Manipulated Up"❗️ Image
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In Case anyone is looking for some sick gear to rep their love for #AMC #GME or to help support the channel, BossBlunts' ThinkTank;
#Babies, #Men's, #Women's Gear and more!
In Case anyone is looking for some sick gear to rep their love for #AMC #GME or to help support the channel, @BossBlunts' #ThinkTank;
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Can anyone oppose Wall Street’s and the City of London’s bankrupt system by supporting their wars? This woman acknowledges that she knows Ukraine is being used as a shield for desperate banking & corporate Western cartels to set their New World Order. Putin is the 1 fighting NWO.
Make no mistake, the same punks that r riling u up in hatred for the Russians or to divide us btwn Russia & Ukraine, r the same mutherfuck3rz that robbed us all on 2021Jan28, who r now seeking our support on their side of a war they’ve instigated. #FuckWallStreet #EndTheFed
Putin scares the evil forces in the West & so they’ve unleashed an all-out speculative attack on Russia’s banking & financial system. Those r the same people who r growing labs with deadly viruses in & around countries that represent a threat to their New World Order. #EndTheFed
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What are #CitadelScandal & #KenGriffinLied ?
And why are these hashtags important?

👇Here's a thread to refresh and/or learn 👇

$GME #GME #GMESQUEEZE #MOASS #MOASS2022 #shortsqueeze #DOJ
2/ In January'21 GameStops stock price ran up dramatically as retail found out it was 140%+ sold short.

On 1/28/21, RobinHood and some other brokers decided to take away the buy-button for retail on $GME, amongst a few other tickers.

This action was unprecedented & unlawful.
3/ On February 18th, there was a congressional hearing on the GameStop events.

Ken Griffin was asked if anyone in his organization had contact with RH about restricting or doing anything to prevent people from buying.
He replied: "Let me be perfectly clear, absolutely not"
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There's a moment in time coming.

A moment that may last many days.

A moment that will change finances for decades.

A moment that will imprison the over-greedy and enrich those who hold them accountable.

A moment we have been waiting for.

A moment we have planned for.
A moment that will be like nothing that has ever come before and nothing that will ever come again.

A moment that will change the world.

A moment that will shine a light on those that hide their deeds in darkness.

A moment that will narrow the gap between those that are... and those that are poor.

A moment that we have been fighting for.

A moment that they have feared even more.

This moment is coming and coming soon.

This moment will ignite our rockets, our lives and our strength.

The moment we've landed on the moon.
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Transactions were authorized until January 28th, the day the buy button was turned off. Image
On January 26th, another document was released, updating the effective date to May 27th, which was the day after #Gamestop, #AMC & others, jumped. Image
At the PEAK of #Gamestop & #AMC price, Biden amended the Executive Order on June 3rd, delaying the effective date to June 3, 2022. Be careful, because the next EO could cause a run up at any moment. ImageImage
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I believe this is the same executive order that caused #Gamestop #AMC #BBIG #PROG & all #MEME #STOCKS to run huge in January 2021 and May 2021.
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My Reddit-Post Collection - some got burried, so I decided to collect them here for you 🧵👇:

1. Topic: Finding Intervals in Data #GME

2. Comment "A Moral Dilemma" #GME

3. Making money with DEBT Positions [Exemple: #Plug]

4. Zombie Stocks: #SEARS

5. Introduction Rule 605 Data / Order Routing Data

6. Citadels business partners: Itiquira Acquisition Corp

7. Gamestop Mastersheet [recently]

8. Short & FTD Data collection for the whole stock market [recently]

9. Fines: Speedroute LLC

1. Topic: Finding patterns in Data [Intervals]

"Looking into patterns - Possible Correlation between Short Volume, FTDs and Darkpool Volume
Unreviewed 𝘋𝘋"
- Still need some review on this^^…


Posted four months ago.
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@POTUS, If the @federalreserve can take 10 yrs to disclose $ trillions to banks. And Big Pharma can have no liability & withhold data for 55 yrs, I've decided not to pay taxes until 2032. Maybe by then, financial crime penalties won't be business as usual. #AMC #GME @AMCbiggums @TheJusticeDept "investigating...Alleged Abuses of Short Sellers...60 firms..."
The next day a storage facility allegedly used by Charles Schwab & TD Ameritrade is burnt to the ground because racks fell over taking out the ceiling-mounted fire extinguishing system. Huh?!?!?
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You may have heard the news about the fire in Chicago, a major financial hub in the United States and home base of Citadel Securities. If not, here is a link. I've done a little digging and have some experience in this. Tin foil hat time. (1/x)
As a meager retail store manager, we had fire safety inspections at least once a year with the fire marshall. We thoroughly inspected our sprinkler system for faults. All sprinkler heads were required to be at least 18" clearance from the next highest thing.
The sprinkler control system, even in the most basic of approved structures was required to be in a separate, fire-controlled, room. These were also inspected and tagged yearly. The water access had to enter through that room into the building.
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My takeaways/notes from watching Charles Gradante fireside chat so you don't have to:
1.) "likely a black swan somewhere in the future"
2.) "as liquidity drains out of system, I guarantee there's going to be someone standing there with no bathing suit.." -> could be 2023?

3.) "we're not going to see a big market major market correction, or even a near crash until bonds become competitive with stocks"
4.) "Too many people are focused on the market makers (Citadel), the broker dealers (Goldman Sachs), and Robinhood, [but] the DTC is the big dog"

5.) Talking about Jan 2021 sneeze: "The DTC came in and said, 'The system is coming to a screeching halt, we cannot deliver stock.'"
6.) "Lenders added to the naked shorts, wanted their stock back because they saw $GME selling at $300-400 a share, they said 'let me sell it'"

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Every one of you, @USCongress @BankingGOP @FSCDems @FinancialCmte @SEC_Enforcement @federalreserve are part of the problem. None of you are fighting for the taxpayer! NONE OF YOU!!! We have no recourse at our disposal when the FED hides bank names receiving secret loans.
While you're reading this I want you to think of the family who lost their home in 2008. It won't be hard to do, there was a shitton of them. That family lost a home, paid for bailouts, then lived through an economy created through criminality.…
Once you're done reading, pat each other on the back for doing such a bang-up job of setting things on a course in America for yet another economic collapse at the hands of the same people who didn't learn the lesson in 2008. Why didn't they learn any lessons?
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1/9: So, here is a quick glance of SOME of the $GME shit showing how all this shit is related. Aight. Buckle up. Get your #GME tittehs jacked. This is only the beginning. First we got to separate this shit into 2 distinct sections: the parabolic shit and the linear shit as shown.
2/9: First the parabolic. I did mathz to determine the best dates to most accurately represent that shit. For easier math, I replaced dates to relative days so math is easier. Anyways, focusing on the high volume days, we get this fun graphs from 11/5/2004 to 01/10/2008.
3/9: To figure out the limits, we set those regression equations to 0 to determine essentially what day a limit occurred. From those dates, we can then figure out more important numbers, specifically c_1, along with more important dates.
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WARNING ⚠️ Reddit subs are not same as what they were 2 years ago. So be careful when you follow them. There are posts to mislead people.

So what happened today?
Majority of PUTs expired worthless. Retail investors still don't understand how to play, those who know mislead.
As a result of today's trading few millions of new short positions will be assigned to those who hold ITM PUTs. Who wants to be the bag holder of #GME short positions? Definitely not apes. They will race to close those positions.Those who hold ITM calls will be assigned long pos.
Great there are new short and long positions got assigned. Long positions holders are most likely to diamond hands as the world now knows about @Gamestop's intention to be an e-commerce company. So those new short position holders are in deep trouble. Next week could be amazing!
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IMPORTANT! #GME What is going to happen?
On 21st Jan 300-320k PUT contracts are expected to expire worthless. Which is ignition stage of the rocket 🚀 but it depends on what the shorts are planning to do. I'll tell you some of their options. Think carefully and don't fall for FUD Image
Option 1. Shorts have done some sell marketwide sell off to raise some cash this week. They probably have few billions collectively. They could start shorting in premarket to drive #GME price down & try to get some of those PUTs ITM. Then at open they could start loading calls.
Once they have loaded cheap calls, they could start closing their PUT contracts. If this happens then the run will begin. So if you sell a call contract NEAR the money and if that call gets ITM,Then it's your responsibility to deliver those shares to shorts. So be careful!
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