Learn the 8-step process to rid yourself of the need for motivation

A @BowTiedBull slap-in-the-face Wisdom Thread ๐Ÿ‘‡
The need for motivation is for the unsuccessful

If you know someone who needs to be lifted up *emotionally* to achieve something... He never wanted it in the first place

Heโ€™s simply someone who wishes upon a star for the world to give him something he never deserved
Even worse? He thinks the emotional pump up is good for him

The type of person who gets amped up by written words in a text book or a motivational video, will scour the internet far and wide looking for a solution to his problems

It will never come
He will attend seminars and speaking venues. It will never help him
He will try to use the same ideas to sell to his peers

It will never work
Knowing that most people love this type of inspirational nonsense, many, many, many people become rich by transferring this feeling to the masses

As usual, donโ€™t just do the opposite, BE the opposite
Use motivation to sell products because people will make purchases when they are in a high emotional state!

Now, here are the 8 steps to rid yourself of the need for motivation

Choose a huge venue (commencement speeches and motivational seminars are ideal)

Sit front and center

**Wait until the crowd bends to his words**

When that happens, youโ€™ll sense an uncomfortable quiet and focus from those around you
At that moment, Stand up. Slowly

Walk through the crowd

Never look back

As people stare at you, make eye contact until they break first or you have walked past them

Head straight. Don't look down

Time will slow as you feel the scrutiny from your โ€œpeersโ€

Exit the venue
This is not done for attention

When you are quizzed (many will ask) as to why you left at the โ€œbest partโ€ simply say you had to use the restroom

An emotionless statement
Do not say anything negative or positive about the speech, remain in a neutral state (Ie: youโ€™re not doing this to be a hater)

Never mention the incident again

What have you done?

Youโ€™ve taken control of your emotions. Congratulations
This is step one in your long journey to internal motivation

You will not bend to the words of others for โ€œfeelingsโ€ or โ€œemotionโ€ you will only listen to logic and reason

Most wonโ€™t be able to complete step one

This lesson to control your emotions is worth huge $$$

U learned to control your emotions against the masses
Now time to find out what you are actually good at

Find 25 subjects u are interested in
Try all of them until u feel comfortable. Might take 6 months

Pick the 2 where u have the most potential

How to pick?
U don't. Other ppl will tell u that (not friends/family). Usually those who are in that same field

Also, don't find "what u love". Instead find what u are good at, and if u can do that for many hours a day for many weeks/months

Time to stress test your body. 80+ hours a week consistently.

Pick 2 topics u have some knack for

U try one

U may find that you're sick of it after a week, complaining about lack of sleep, the people, the customers, the process of setting the business etc
U try another

U don't complain about lack of sleep, U don't mind the people, the customers etc. You're working the same hours, but you're not tired anymore! You're even energetic

U found a potential revenue stream

Now it's time to re-order your life to go ALL IN on your new found venture (while keeping up normal social personality)

Commit 100%. U care about every single detail, do not cut corners.
Commit every single ounce of energy into the project until u've nothing left
U do have 1-2 hrs leisure time and 6-8 hrs sleep


Write down your accomplishments, failures & future tasks EVERY single day/month/year

DONT tell this to anyone

It's upto u to hold yourself accountable and compare yourself to last year U
Make your income grow faster each year. The โ€œlaw of large numbersโ€ works against you. This is the fun part of the game (it is just that, a game)

Ppl u haven't met for long, when they meet u, should feel that **something has changed!** with u

U are now simply different

So don't talk about it when u are out once/twice a week. Also, u earned it, so leave it all behind

Most ppl dislike their career. U talking about that at all is a terrible decision
And if they find u are successful, they'll nag u

Waste of time

Once u've got everything from 1 venture, it's time to move on to the next

Don't let life pass you by

Fill each year with new and interesting hobbies and ideas

Now that u've ditched motivation, use it to sell!
Use motivation to sell more products and services. Get them amped up and feeling good about themselves, then make the sale

(not saying sell BS. Instead make the connection that masses love motivation)

-> Use motivation to sell to the masses. perfectly fine to use motivation to your advantage to sell products
-> No one should be able to motivate u. U should be internally motivated to do well. External motivators should be telling you to slow down if anything
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It is how you should approach life:
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