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A @BowTiedBull Wisdom Thread πŸ‘‡

When you’re young, you can consume practically anything

The most classic items are cheap carbs:
pizza, ramen noodles, lots of rice, candy bars, fast food etc..
Your body is able to consume these items and see no major impact (when you’re young)

This leads to the belief that food is just a way to get rid of the β€œhunger” feeling

Completely wrong
Around your mid-20s to early 30s you’ll see a dramatic change in your body

You’ll feel worse when you consume unhealthy foods

Your skin will become more dry, prone to acne and pale

Instead of having a glowing/healthy skin color it will look matted and broken down
This leads to a large amount of damage to your internal body

Healing from the inside out takes a lot more time and is not easy to reverse
The answer is clear

Your body does not react to food based purely on calories

While it's true you could eat 3 candy bars a day and lose weight, your body will be in terrible shape after a week of that type of torture
Just look at the experiments run on people who eat fast food consistently

They break down

Taking your diet seriously should begin as soon as you are living alone (low 20s at latest)

If you’ve played any sport at a high level, you know that touch (coordination/accuracy) and cardio go away first
While you don’t need to play a sport that has a ton of coordination involved, ignoring anaerobic activity is pretty close to a death sentence

Yes, we’re taking it to an extreme to emphasize how important it is
If you don’t do any sort of high intensity training: sprints, sprints on a bike, jumping exercises etc...

You’re going to be in quite a bit of pain

This doesn’t show up instantly and is more of a slow erosion over time

Where does it show up? In your sleep
If you feel groggy in the morning it's typically because of lower oxygen intake (breathing out of mouth) and lower blood flow (no movement)

Both of these are caused by low anaerobic activity
Going to the gym is what every average guy does

It just isn't enough

You want to have a body that is used to various types of movement from regular strength (weights) to anaerobic (sprints) to endurance (swimming)
Most people fall into the trap (including us) of focusing on body composition

Sure you look a lot better but you want to feel 100% as well

Giving up intense cardio probably causes you to lose 1 hour of productive work per day
We wish we were exaggerating but it seems to be reality

Note: when you get to your mid-30s stretching becomes a dangerous item to neglect
We luckily avoided this one but we’re leaving this note here in case someone reads it and realizes that they have not been stretching for several years

No stretching = severe injury

Thread FIN!
There it is

Don't forget Good Nutrition and Intense Cardio

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