Today a troll accused me of some things, and I like to look at that sort of stuff and roll it around in my head.

I don’t dwell on it with malice, just curiosity, and my best attempt at self assessment.

The first thing they said was that I’m a narcissist. 1/
That was easy to debunk because I suck. Like a lot.

Then they accused me of crying about my life all the time. I’m sorry if I do that. I actually have wonderful silly kids, and a husband I adore. I just don’t feel the need to rub my happiness in people’s faces. 2/
The third thing they accused me of is being a drama queen. Well if my crown fits, I’ll wear it. 😂 drama is all around us, and I find it and I get into it. I just have a lust for justice, and a desire to protect people. I myself, am not dramatic. I’m boring. 3/
The fourth thing, and the most important thing, they accused me of having a mob of friends that I sick on people. They’re right, I do.

I usually post a joke like “this person thinks I’m an asshole but if they really spent more time with me, they’d know it.😂” 4/
It’s predictable that everyone attacks the person and I just watch like “daaaaamn!”

I don’t tell y’all to attack, but deep down I’m glad when you do. I don’t think that’s healthy. So, imma stop doing that.

I don’t need a Jess mob, y’all are my friends, and I’m sorry.
I just didn’t really have the self awareness to grasp what I was doing.

Hope y’all for give me. Love ya!

• • •

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3 Jun
If you ever wondered why I’m honest about my shortcomings on social media, it’s because I want to normalize being human.

Being dysfunctional, seeing a therapist, having panic attacks, making mistakes, and being a mess are all natural. Social media can make you feel broken.1/
By promoting people with perfect bodies and perfect homes leading their perfect lives. Their kids are all on the honor roll, and their cars are all worth over 100,000 dollars…

And you can feel like crap because you don’t add up.

You’re normal. 2/
That’s all smoke and mirrors, and them only putting on their best face for social media.

I assure you rich people aren’t better than you, or happier.

If you feel like you have to hide your imperfections from the world, you don’t. You being imperfect makes you relatable.
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28 May
I saw someone say that “Karen” is a misogynistic term and that we shouldn’t use it. The truth is; white woman tears, and gatekeeping attitudes have caused a lot of trauma, death, and heartache. White women need to be held accountable for this victim complex we can weaponize. 1/
Keeping trans women down, getting black men arrested and killed, using our voices to harass employees, and people in the service industry, are gross uses of the power white woman tears hold, but there is more subtle things we also need to address. 2/
Body, breastfeeding, parenting, appearance shaming…

Black women feel as though they can’t show up to school to drop their kids off, without looking styled and perfect, or white women will call cps on them.

Did you know CPS takes away more children from black families? 3/
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27 Apr
I was informed a few days ago that a large account we all follow was allegedly sending women unsolicited nudes, and being overtly sexual. As more information came in, it became clear that any reasonable person confronted with the evidence would come to the same conclusion. 1/
Rob Anderson, former congressional candidate for LA, was sexually harassing women online. The story was too big for me, as I knew that no one would believe just me, and none of the women wanted to come forward. Therefore it would be my word against his. I created a group,
full of large and influential accounts to which the victims could speak. We saw screenshots, heard women speak, and saw pictures, we wish we had not. Any woman who outed him was met with online harassment, many times at his direction. Some of you may not believe just me,
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8 Apr
Multiple women, multiple accounts that I trust have come forward to say that JackBear has been sexually harassing them. I hate having to type this, as he has been my friend. You have the right to make your choices based on this information, but here is the information I have:
He’s sent multiple women pictures of his penis, that they did not ask for. One woman went so far as to block him over it, and he followed her on Instagram to ask if she liked it.
He’s described his penis to women. He’s made comments about wanting to have sex with them after offering them help. Which we all know makes a conversation about help transactional. He may not have said “your rent will be paid with sex.” But he alluded to that.
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7 Apr
Back in school I was going through a LOT. There was abuse and neglect and parents that didn’t want to put me in therapy because they knew CPS would be called. I stopped taking care of myself, I withdrew and lashed out, I would hit myself... I was a bit of a train wreck.
I don’t blame the kids that didn’t like me, I blamed myself. I purposefully pushed people away. As my dad got more violent, I got more depressed. Eventually, things came to a head when I stopped talking and failed every class. They found out I had two learning disabilities.
They found a slew of suicide notes, and decided I needed therapy. It took 8 years and countless meds to get me to be ok. I got off of everything when I turned 20, and moved out. I was in a good place, haven’t had to get back on meds since. Has a lot to do with reconciliation.
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