Senescent, sour, Sydney moonhowler @SimonChapman6 has been 'shaking his cane' at #tobacco shops for selling #vapes. Thing is, they are a 'highly addictive' **0%** #nicotine strength.

Hey .. one is even sour, so may be right up his alley.

How ya' like /them/ apples, Simon? 😏
As such.. it is not 'highly addictive', 'highly habituating', or even 'mildly habituating'.

I picked those two up in Sydney the other day at a tobacconist - who was proud to tell me they had no nicotine at all.
Reassuringly, one of those is actually /made in #Australia/. So applying sensible consumer regs(1) for Quality Control should be easy, and save us (consumers) from having to get them from countries that do not demand high standards in construction or ingredients.
Let's look at some others..

"This product does not contain nicotine"
Nice! Dinner Lady makes excellent flavour combos. I got one of their Lemon Tart flavoured vapes recently. Yum!
"Nicotine 0%"
"nicotine free"
"0mg Nic"
Well these folks are just bubbling with excitement to tell us that their vape is "Nicotine Free" (twice) and "Nicotine Strength: 0MG".
"No Nicotine 0mg" (I guess their are only so many ways it can be said?)
This one is a bit different in that it never mentions #nicotine.

You need to read the 'fine print' to see:
Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
Propylene Glycol (PG)
"/Also/ available in 0mg"

This one looks especially useful! It provides an easy way for ex #smokers to taper down their #nicotine consumption (if that's their goal), and the 0mg variant can be used by never smokers without the risk of habituation.

Isn't that /wonderful/ Simon?
And to finish up, another Aussie product.. This one a little more expensive, but boasting a whopping 1800 puffs (the usual is 400-450).
And with a combo of banana & strawberry. Interesting combination. I've yet to find a good banana, maybe this will hit the spot.

"0% Nicotine"
After all, some (rather silly IMO) people might just be using a vape to make a statement about themselves that would impress those they care to impress and irritate those they care to irritate.
An anecdote (know U love those) suggests they'll likely just drift away from it later.
Sidebar: Wonder if @DrBFreeman will be able to squeeze a couple #JunkScience papers out of these images. Unfortunately for her, most use simple colour schemes and even simpler descriptive names, but I never can guess what it takes to over stimulate an #ANTZ.
1) I should come back to the 'sensible regs' though.
At least one country has regs covering nicotine free vapes - thanks to the tireless work of #THR advocates.

#Australia OTOH, doesn't and won't with the myopic regs spruiked by @GregHuntMP. So carry on the #WildWest. Yee-Haa!🤠
@threadreaderapp, unroll please, you wonderful nicotine free bot!

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