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Everyone agrees young people should not #vape or smoke
However, the current fear and panic about youth vaping is not based on the evidence, according to our paper published today in @ijdrugpolicy
Co-author Prof Wayne Hall
In adolescents who have never smoked most #vaping is occasional and short-term
Frequent vaping in this group is uncommon: 1-2% in most international surveys eg England ⤵️ Image
Rather than being a gateway into smoking, #vaping is diverting young people AWAY from smoking overall. Increased vaping is accompanied by an accelerated decline in youth smoking
Eg in the US ⤵️ Image
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Here comes a quite convincing but simple #LongCovid theory by @LeitzkeMarco with an inexpensive LC treatment without relapses.

It is based on a promising case study with nicotine patch.

Please follow the thread 🧵
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I watched the @7NewsSydney Vape Debate moderated by @AmeliaBrace between (then) premier @Dom_Perrottet and (current) premier @ChrisMinnsMP with interest.

Buckle up. It's a 🧵
[Amelia] In New South Wales they're technically only available by prescription, but there's a booming Black Market trade out there.
[Chris] Yeah I am concerned about, I guess, the ability the ease of ability for particularly young people to get access to Vapes.
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@TGAgovau ran an inquiry into #nicotine #vaping. One of the questions was:
"In your opinion, will a requirement for a prescription help reduce uptake of nicotine delivery products such as nicotine e-cigarettes among youth?"
The phrase 'black market' ..…
.. was mentioned in 194 of those submissions.

Herein is a thread of some of those submissions warning of a #BlackMarket willing to sell to anyone.
No age checks there!
Jody Michael Crowe: "Youth will likely turn to the black market"…
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I might as well tweet the @KingsNRG tweetables on #nicotine #vaping in #England as a thread.
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#Nicotine #Vaping in #England report 2022: a thread

Thanks to the amazing team at @KingsNRG for this epic report. #NVIE

@KingsIoPPN @KingsAddictions 1/18 Image
2/18 #NVIE Image
3/18 #NVIE Image
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[A découvrir] 31/05 > Journée mondiale sans #tabac via @WHO #LaMethSci
[A découvrir] > La plateforme Transparence Santé pour se renseigner sur d'éventuels conflits d'intérêt d'entreprises ou de personnes via @Sante_Gouv #LaMethSci
[#Infographie] Prévalence du tabagisme en #France entre 2014 et 2019 #LaMethSci
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The @ato_gov_au is hailing another big victory over #BlackMarket #tobacco in #Australia, via its mouthpiece @ABCaustralia.

Let's take a closer look..
That represents about 2 days and three hours (51 hours) of the annual supply of #BlackMarket #tobacco, a lot of which is imported rather than locally grown.
"But.." squeal ANTZ types in a #ScreamTest ".. you presume just one bust per year. HA! We. Own. You."

Good point. That same page at the ABC links three related stories - dating back to 2017. Here we are nearly 5 years later, with 4 busts to show for it.
Less than 1 per year.
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It's #ADHDAwarenessMonth. This 🧵 is about #ADHD and #nicotine. Nicotine is a stimulant. Prescription stimulants help many people with ADHD. Smoking is twice as common in people with ADHD than the general population. #SaferNicotine #ADHDAcceptanceMonth
...findings have led to the hypothesis that individuals with ADHD may smoke in order to alleviate requisite symptoms of the disorder and further suggest nicotine can be used to improve aspects of cognitive function in these patients…

Some support for this hypothesis has been provided by studies which have shown positive effects of nicotine on ADHD symptoms and cognitive performance in non-smokers with ADHD.…
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It's #WorldMentalHealthDay. This thread 🧵 is about #depression and #nicotine. A higher % of people w/depression smoke than people w/o depression. Depression is serious. Seek help if you're silently suffering alone. This isn't easily "fixed" by a lifestyle change! #MIAW21

E-cigarette use was not associated with an escalation in depression symptoms.

E-cigarette use was not related to the development of depression symptoms over time.…

"It is postulated that smokers are protected from the consequences of these changes, while they continue to smoke, by the antidepressant properties of nicotine."…

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🚨New working paper🚨estimating the effect of #ecig taxes on teens authored with @JCMecon, @Courtemanche_CJ, @AboukRahi, @sammsafford, @AFriedmanPhD Dhaval Dave, Joe Sabia, and Bo Feng. #EconTwitter🧵

Press Release:

Most scientists believe #ecigs are safer than #cigarettes.

Regulating #ecigs such as with taxes therefore restricts access to a reduced-risk consumer product.

#Ecig taxes may reduce #ecig use, but they could also increase the use of more lethal forms of #nicotine.

31 states have enacted #ecig taxes, often with the stated goal of “protecting kids.”

The federal government is considering setting a federal #ecig tax at the same rate as the #cigarette tax.

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Not sure how to make the most of your weekend? Two suggestions:

1 *HELP someone who smokes cigarettes better understand the benefits of switching to #nicotine #vaping.

2 *HELP someone who is vaccine hesitant better understand the benefits of getting vaccinated.
*HELP someone=Not belittle or shame someone. Have a good weekend. Namaste 🙏
If you can't *HELP, I understand but, please, don't hurt.
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1) Just a reminder @WHO @FCTCofficial that the roof you live under is held up by pillars YOU are responsible to uphold.

If you ignore one it could bring the whole thing down.

Failing to acknowledge Article 1(d) and #harmreduction #tobaccoharmreduction is a failure of ideology.
2) That failure is not only apparent after the invention of #vape #vaping technologies but has been glaring at you and everyone that has been watching since 2006.

"The Fourth Pillar of the FCTC: Harm Reduction and the International Human Right to Health"…
3) Your roof is falling down on your head.

You fail to ask the question, "Why do people use nicotine?"

Instead you dehumanize them. Demonize them. You "other" them.

Why are 70% of cigarettes smoked, smoked by the #neurodiverse?

Why do you attack #safernicotine options?
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The @GlobalStateTHR's response to the @WHO's 8th 'annual report on the #tobacco epidemic' calls out its attempt to distract from years of failure to reduce #smoking with a misguided war on #safernicotine products that are helping smokers quit. 1/…
@WHO The WHO's release celebrates progress of its MPOWER strategy. Yet 1.1 billion people continue to #smoke worldwide and 8 million lives are lost annually to #smoking-related disease, figures that have remained static for two decades. This is not success.
@WHO Even progress on MPOWER is underwhelming. 41 of the 49 countries that have not implemented a single MPOWER measure are LMIC - home to 80 per cent of the world’s smokers. 3/
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@GregHuntMP / @TGAgovau pls note:
Reports are coming in that some batches of #varenicline (marketed as Champix or Chantix) have been recalled due to contamination with #nitrosamines.
[At low levels of - much lower than #cigarettes.]
#Israel has issued a recall on those batches of #varenicline as has #Greece, while #SouthKorea is conducting an ongoing investigation..
Hopefully our TGA in #Australia is aware of the problem and is investigating as well.
But this thread is less about varenicline specifically and more about product recalls, quality control & #nicotine containing products such as #snus, #HTP / #HnB & (most) #eCigarettes. Product recalls are not possible in an illicit mkt or practical in a poorly regulated mkt.
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It's not that the ongoing battle between #tobaccoharmreduction and #tobaccocontrol has taught me this, but it shows how easy it is to claim the moral high ground, act disingenuously, and then point fingers at the people they're stigmatizing. Hypocrisy is all too easy. /1
For sure, we should turn the mirror on ourselves as well, because, as I said, hypocrisy is easy. #thr is a balancing act between the ethical and the pragmatic. By advocating for it and selling vaping products and things like #kratom, I have to be open about risks. /2
At face value, that's not hard. Tell the truth. Embrace the consequences. But the consequences aren't just to me. I don't want to lose a sale but more importantly (for me), I don't want customers to keep choosing the devil they know (cigarettes, opioid painkillers, etc.). /3
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The @TGAgovau has stated they will 'educate' docs & pharmacists on #nicotine containing vapes before the Oct 1 regulations come into effect in #Australia. With less than 4 months to go until that takes effect, they seem likely to fail in that promise.
"[#Nicotine consumers] can import products directly themselves from overseas, and that’s what the 110,000 doctors can write a script for now" John Skerritt of the TGA stated.

One problem though is that GPs typically /won't/ write prescriptions for #nicotine.
Part of the reason is that around 80% (in the US) to 90% (in India) of doctors /incorrectly/ believe that #nicotine causes #cancer.

What is the TGA doing to correct those misperceptions - which will make this entire approach fail?
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People in #TobaccoControl often chant a mantra to the effect "#ThinkOfTheChildren!"
Of course, children should be considered, & protected, but why not focus on the harm facing adult smokers? If they can #QuitSmoking by 40 years old (some say 35), they can avoid any serious health implications.
Well, I've thought (probably too) much on this, and suspect these folks all hold the same beliefs:
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Senescent, sour, Sydney moonhowler @SimonChapman6 has been 'shaking his cane' at #tobacco shops for selling #vapes. Thing is, they are a 'highly addictive' **0%** #nicotine strength.

Hey .. one is even sour, so may be right up his alley.

How ya' like /them/ apples, Simon? 😏
As such.. it is not 'highly addictive', 'highly habituating', or even 'mildly habituating'.

I picked those two up in Sydney the other day at a tobacconist - who was proud to tell me they had no nicotine at all.
Reassuringly, one of those is actually /made in #Australia/. So applying sensible consumer regs(1) for Quality Control should be easy, and save us (consumers) from having to get them from countries that do not demand high standards in construction or ingredients.
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THREAD - A current person who smokes in Australia and wants to switch to vaping?
Here's what you need to do.
You'll need to prove to your DR that you've tried every other method currently available BEFORE you *may* be given a prescription for #nicotine
Then you either need to find a local pharmacy that has these products or navigate the Personal Importation Scheme.
Pharmacies will likely have next to no experience in how different flavours can help switching, or a large range of these flavours, devices, trouble shooting, etc.
Our upcoming laws mean that pharmacies req registration to compound/dispense e-liquid with nicotine.
Don't worry, the Personal Importation Scheme means you can buy from International sites, because as a first timer, this should be really easy to research and navigate, right?
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On behalf of KAC, the #GSTHR's @GerryStimson gave evidence to the UK @AppgVaping's inquiry into the #FCTC in Feb - see yday's Daily Express featuring @MarkPawsey MP:…

A summary of Prof. Stimson's points can be found here and ⬇️:…
Professor Stimson:
"The UK is a world leader in #tobaccoharmreduction – expertise, governmental and institutional support, the data, and evidence that access to safer #nicotine products speeds up the switch away from #smoking."…
Professor Stimson:
"The UK’s experience with #THR is being systematically ignored or worse, derided behind the scenes by the
@WHO and #FCTC process, instead of being highlighted as a best practice. Why is this?"…
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@CDCgov 1) My Mom had #BeenSmokingCigarettes for 30 #Years when she had gotten #pneumonia 2x's during the Winter of 1989-1990. Her doctor told her if she didn't #QuitSMOKING , she would #VeryLikely get #pneumonia again. Then, he Highly recommended that she #GiveNicotinePatchesATry . She
@CDCgov 2) decided to try them; for #ThreeEntireMonths , as the amount of #Nicotine in the patches is reduced each month; even though they caused her to get a small amount of hives! 😃 By that time, she was down to #Smoking 1 or 2 #Cigarettes a day; instead of her usual #PackADay Habit!
@CDCgov 3) And, back then, packs had 30 #Cigarettes in them! BUT, she had to keep a #PenInHerMouth every day; & leave the #SmokingLunchroom at work, too. And, for some odd reason, she used #CinnamonCandies to help herself, too. So, she was #TryingVeryHard to quit; using psychological
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@SimonChapman6criticizes #vape advocate for mentioning success, not failure. What's the failure rate of #ColdTurkey, Simon? Not heard you mention that..
#AusTHRInquiry2020 #PH2
@SimonChapman6 criticizes #vape advocate for mentioning success, not failure. What's the failure rate of #ColdTurkey, Simon? Not heard you mention that..
#AusTHRInquiry2020 #PH2
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What Skerrit is saying in regard to not bringing #tobacco under the prescription model is complete rubbish. The @TGAgovau site explicitly mentions novel #nicotine products - #SLT & #HTP.
Huh.. @hollieahughes just said they're due to report by /18th/ December. I'd thought it was the 1st of December.
Emily Banks 'sum total of world experience' .. yeah, with some heavy #CherryPicking.
The Oz #ANTZ /all/ seem to be loving 'the #GatewayEffect' which is a 'real thing'.. 🙄
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