A multi-billion dollar industry is keeping society sick.

First they sell you the poison, then they sell you the antidote.

Know your Enemy.
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In 1961, U.S. President and former 5-star general Dwight D. Eisenhower warned his people of the unwelcome influence of the ‘Military-Industrial-Complex’.
He was referring to the powerful conglomeration of corporations that profited from manufacturing and industrial output the previous four decades of war.
Today, there we are facing a similar threat, from a corporate entity I have called the 'Medical-Pharmaceutical-Agricultural-Complex' (MPAC).
Instead of selling guns, bombs and planes, these corporations profit from selling industrialized food products and their pharmaceutical ‘solutions’.
These companies span the length of the processed food supply chain:

- Agricultural seed growers of corn, soy, wheat, etc
- Agro-industrial seed and chemical manufacturers (Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta, etc)
- Industrial food producers of high-fructose corn syrup, polyunsaturated seed oils, sugar (Cargill, Bunge, ADM)
- Industrial food substitutes: fake meat, insect protein (Beyond Meat, Protix)
These grain-based industrial food products make humans sick. Despite this, there has been 50 years of nutritional gaslighting telling you otherwise:

- Eat polyunsaturated oils for heart health
- Eat wholegrains
- Eat a plant-based diet
- Saturated fat causes heart disease
- Red meat causes cancer
- Eggs are bad for you
- Calories In Calories Out
- Eat Less Move More

All wrong.
When you inevitably fall sick on the industrial sludge and herbicide contamination of your food, what happens?

Don’t worry, there is another immensely profitable industry ready to sell you the ‘antidote’.

Big Pharma.
The Pharmaceutical industry profits from medicating the symptoms and signs of your chronic disease.

- pills to reduce blood pressure
- pills to reduce blood sugar
- pills to reduce cholesterol
- pills to reduce inflammation and painkillers for when your body starts to break
All the while downplaying or obfuscating processed junk food as the root cause of disease.

Which, if removed, would obviate the need for medication in the first place...
Big Agriculture and Big Pharma exist in an unholy partnership of profit and illness, junk food and medications, fast food joints and pharmacies.

Many, like Bayer and Johnson&Johnson, are one and the same.

They sell you the poison, then sell you the antidote.
Bayer, a German multinational pharmaceutical and 'life sciences' company

- sells farmers GMO soybeans
- sells RoundUp herbicide on the seeds
- sells oncology and cardiovascular medications

You couldn't make this up.

100s of millions, maybe billions of people are caught up in a tragic cycle of overfeeding and chronic disease.

- Obese, diabetic, depressed and in pain.
- Continuously feeding on processed carbs, seed oils and sugar.
- On a laundry list of long term medications.
How was this possible?

For the past 50 years, the Medical-Pharmaceutical-Agricultural-Complex influenced

- government policy
- nutritional guidelines
- medical practice
- public opinion

Away from preventive health and towards junk food and ‘prescription pad’ medicine.
They used
- Regulatory capture
- Corruption of science and evidence based medicine
- massive amount of marketing/advertising
The Medical profession bears a heavy burden of responsibility.

Today, the average MD has become a credentialed prescription bot of Big Pharma, whether they realize it or not.
Sticking bubble gum in the cracks in cracks of our patient's illness the form of prescriptions.

The longer the life of the prescription, the better.

Collectively, we have abdicated our duty to healing and by ignoring the #RootCauses of disease.
What can be done?

You have to free yourself from this sad cycle of sickness.

If you are very ill or medicated, see a physician that specializes in dietary reversal of metabolic disease.

But most of you can start TODAY.
- Reject the hyper-processed foods made of carbs, sugar and seed oils.

- Replacing them with fresh, real food, mainly animal meat and fat.
- Be aware of the quality of your food and how it was grown.

- Pledge to buy your food from local farmers markets, farm-door shops, and organic/regenerative farms.

- If you can, raise animals, grow vegetables, keep chickens and work towards food self-sufficiency.
- Look after your physical health by resistance/weights training, and exposing your skin to the sunlight.
These are all radical acts of resistance in the face of a corporate behemoth hell bent on enslaving you through addiction to industrial junk food and a lifetime of prescription medications.
Every purchasing decision is a vote placed, a shot fired and a battle fought.

Don't let them win.

The Rest Is Up To You...

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