In Nov., Trump pushed election lies.

2 months later, the insurrection/first non-peaceful transition of power in U.S. history occurred.

Aside from August being 2 months away, there’s another dangerous parallel:

"Pathologically unrealistic expectations"

On election morning…1/
...I laid out a road map describing how Trump would manipulate/gaslight the election results to incite his base. Basically, it included
1.Create pathologically unrealistic expectations
2.Lie about the results
3.Incite people to react violently

Fast forward to the present.

Not only are Trump, Lindell, and Powell once again creating “pathologically unrealistic expectations”.....

......but we are hearing a former NSA (Flynn) validate/normalize violence and insurrection…..7/…
….but millions of Trump supporters, many/most of whom had never heard of Myanmar, are not only regurgitating Right Wing seditionist incitements, but they’re actively lusting for civil war/insurrection. 8/
Not only is none of this surprising (2018)…….9/
……but the demagogic incitement to violence is also not going away…..13/

This is due in part, because, as analyzed in this thread about Right Wing “mob justice”, Republicans afraid of the mob that were complicit in creating………..14/
The most absurd aspect of all of this:

Our country is in crisis…

….with democracy literally hanging in the balance…

….because of a tribalistic requirement to protect the feelings/hyper-fragile ego of one pathologically insecure/weak man… 15/
Article about "Pathologically Unrealistic Expectations" written on the morning of the election (no paywall)
Thread on the manipulation of neuropsychological fear responses:
Thread analyzing the perpetual victimhood created by "pathologically unrealistic expectations", and how it contributed to the January 6th insurrection:
Article form of the thread above (no paywall)

• • •

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8 Jun
"The leaders of the Democratic Party no longer believe in democracy, & they definitely don't plan to lose another election..."

Incessant projection. This literally describes the Republican Party from the Big Jan. voter suppression laws.

This is one of...1/
...Carlson's go to moves: use actions the Right is engaging in to create a false equivalency...which paints the Right as the "victims"....and then retroactively "justifies" the Right's initial egregious actions.

Basically it's "pre-emptive retaliation": 2/
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30 May
Here are links to two recent podcasts with @psdhitchhiker's ("What Matters Most") and @ProjectLincoln, a link to @IAmSophiaNelson's "Be the One You Need" podcast that we'll be recording later this week, and a link to @joetrippi's podcast that I've been invited to appear on:
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28 May
From a Feb. thread:
"Is Qanon morphing into a religion right before our very eyes?

At a minimum, we're witnessing a perfect storm-like convergence of numerous features of modern society that have created a fertile ground for conspiratorial delusions."…
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26 May
The country is dealing w/the aftermath of "pathologically unrealistic expectations" created by Trump & the Right Wing Media Echo Chamber, & reinforced by complicit/cowardly congressional Republicans. This thread was written on the morning of the election. It's a roadmap: 1/
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9 May
The "intolerance" has metastasized to inhumanity.

I recently touched on this topic in two podcasts where I spoke about animalistic behavior that, if engaged in by humans, would be considered sociopathic.

Basically, my premise was that what separates humans from animals is...1/
...the ability to use judgment/reason to temper/override otherwise impulsive animalistic behavior.

One of the most primal, animalistic behaviors humans possess is a survival instinct….to self-preserve, even at the expense of the collective interests of the rest of species. 2/
Unfortunately, this instinct to self-preserve has expanded from literal survival into a more contextual or relative state, that can be real or imagined. 3/

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