What I actually find most interesting in the video below is Corey Lewandowski saying that he has spoken to Trump more than "100 times" since January 20, given that Lewandowski is now tasked with making sure that insurrectionist Charles W. Herbster becomes Governor of Nebraska
PS/ I guess the question I have is, why is a Trump campaign manager trying to shepherd an insurrectionist Trump stooge into the governor's mansion in Nebraska? How does this advance Trump's interests in a material and significant way, which one assumes it does and is intended to?
PS2/ I don't have an answer to this question and I won't pretend to have one. But I will say that those of us who have written books about Trump have wondered whether, instead of running himself in 2024, he would prefer to have someone run who he totally and irrevocably controls.
PS3/ It is hard for me to believe that Trump feels he would have the access to power he requires if Ted Cruz ran for president and was installed as president via the system of state legislature meddling Trump is now setting up. He might with DeSantis, but not Cruz or Josh Hawley.
PS4/ I think two few people have gamed out what the end of US democracy would mean. For instance, it wouldn't matter who the GOP ran for POTUS if election tallies don't matter. It'd just be a question of Trump handpicking the person he wants to be in the White House (if not him).
PS5/ So in the context of this I do find it concerning that Trump's 2016 *and* 2020 campaign managers are in Nebraska trying to help one of Trump's top insurrectionist stooges become a governor—and I'm concerned that Lewandowski is doing this while in constant contact with Trump.

• • •

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8 Jun
(🆚) NEW: PROOF's exclusive investigation of Trump's Insurrection Day comms center continues below. Its revelations about who was at the Willard are significant—and place the DC hotel at the center of the January 6 investigation. I hope you'll share this.
1/ I'm finding the same thing in investigating the "war room" at the Willard that I found in investigating the war room at Trump International: it's very hard to find any significant coverage of it. That said, PROOF is curating every major-media source on the subject that exists.
2/ Two articles into this exclusive series, a) we have a list of key people we know were in the comms center, b) we have a good list of people who i) stayed at the Willard and ii) would've been authorized to enter the center (whether they did nor not remains under investigation).
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8 Jun
I tweeted today that "the [sedition-hunter] individuals/groups mentioned by Bloomberg are great follows [on Twitter]." I stand by that—even though some anonymous folks I don't know are now saying I declared "war" on them by recommending folks follow them. The internet is strange.
There are a lot of people out there who say "follow me and do *not* follow them," and then try to claim that "they" are "frauds." That's what these anonymous folks chose to do for some reason. What I did today—and will keep doing—is recommending folks I think are worth following.
That said, if you have a high-traffic Twitter feed and mostly just want to do your work and leave it at that, sometimes folks come at you anyway to build their own following. As they're doing it, they always say they're not. So sometimes these fake "wars" are planned—I hate that.
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7 Jun
This is a mostly positive portrayal of the effort by citizen journalists to identify the poor, working-class, and lower-middle-class Trump foot soldiers who committed crimes on January 6.

The efforts of those focused on the rich coup plotters are ignored. bloomberg.com/features/2021-…
Some wonder why I don't tweet about every new arrest of an insurrectionist schlub lied to by rich/powerful Republicans. It's because I was a public defender. I have a good sense of the category of defendants the FBI is going after. My focus is on the people they *won't* go after.
There's no question that anyone who committed a crime on January 6 must to be arrested, and that therefore the number of arrests needs to be higher than the 550 DOJ is planning—as 800 breached the Capitol and some committed crimes outside. But I'm most worried about the plotters.
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6 Jun
(🆚) MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: Team Trump Had a Second Pre-Insurrection War Room

A massive new front has just opened in the January 6 investigation—and right now it's exclusively at PROOF. I hope you'll subscribe, read, share this news, and follow this thread. sethabramson.substack.com/p/major-breaki…
1/ The importance of this breaking news can't be overstated. The discovery, by PROOF, of the first Insurrection Eve war room led to a confession by a US senator that he'd lied to the media; lawsuit threats from Roger Stone and Michael Flynn; and a congressional inquiry in Brazil.
2/ This second war room is *bigger* news because it was more clandestine, hosted more dubious figures, was apparently the nerve center for all other war room sites—including Trump International and possibly the White House and VP's mansion—and was closest to the insurrectionists.
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6 Jun
(🔓) PROOF UNLOCKED: The big news dropping at PROOF tomorrow—on the insurrection—is fairly dark, so I chose to make this weekend's edition of "Lost Classics of the 1960s" the most saccharine-sweet one ever. I hope you'll listen in and share it with others! sethabramson.substack.com/p/lost-classic…
(PS) BTW, even if you're not into pop, the article is well worth checking out for a) the best song by Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, b) a song by the "Argentinian Beatles" (with translation by me!), c) one of the great lost garage-psych classics, and d) a song by..."Fresh Maggots."
(PS2) I should say that "Red Pier" is actually one of my favorite sixties songs, as I think it's an amazing work given that it was created by a group of Midwestern teenagers who recorded one basically-never-heard but pretty decent LP, then disappeared into the midsts of history.
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5 Jun
DOJ now estimates it'll charge 550 people over the insurrection. It's at around 494 now. There have been *no arrests* of any GOP-operative or GOP-official plotters as yet, though we know that the 494 or so people arrested so far were foot soldiers executing the whims of *others*.
I don't know about you all, but while I want foot soldiers arrested, it gives me ~10% the satisfaction and sense of justice of seeing a coup plotter arrested. Like many of you I have variable confidence that the FBI will do its job with respect to powerful prospective defendants.
I'd add that we know at least *800 people* breached the Capitol, and some committed crimes outside but didn't enter, so even if the FBI eschews arresting *any* of the worst culprits—the plotter class—it's hard to see how 550 ends up being the final number of insurrection arrests.
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