My billion dollar startup plan is still to create an exchange where people can trade their weekly recommended healthy alcohol consumption units.

Don't drink? Sell your booze credits to someone else, keeping the population healthy, on average!

It'll use Blockchain of course.
When this draws too much heat from healthcare campaigners, my plan is to pivot it into a wedding planning tool.

You input all your guests' names, your table layout and who they hate, and it works out the optimal seating plan to avoid fights.

Again, uses Blockchain of course.
Priority is the booze credit exchange though as I think that's where the VC capital is.

Plus the tie-ins opportunities with beer-of-the-month clubs are pretty easy.

"Pay £5 more and offset your drinking for a healthier life, on average!"
That's how I intend to soft manage the pivot.

The shift product will be an offer to connect boozy tables at weddings with those tables that aren't using their "free" bottles of wine in the middle.

Blockchain is the key here.

• • •

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More from @garius

7 Jun
I'm constantly amazed how many people seem to struggle with succession in CK3.

It's honestly not that hard to manage. There's a tonne of ways to both limit, and where necessary prune, your offspring.
Like sure, primogeniture is nice, but playing AROUND potential succession issues is both part of the fun.

It's also what important families spent a lot of time doing in the era the game covers.

It's a game feature, not a bug.
Celibacy, Taking Vows, Head of Faith appointments, early granting of titles, careful use of lovers and bastards.

All ways to control your succession.

That's without even considering disinheritance.
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7 Jun
I do wonder whether getting vaccinated at school helps normalise the idea early, regardless of how batshit your parents are on the subject.

Kinda hard to see them as a conspiracy when you're getting jabbed between Maths and Science, then dodging Year 8s trying to punch your arm.
Does the US do booster vaccinations at schools as a standard? I'm guessing not.

Mind you, I don't know if we do that anymore either. If not, I suspect we're fucked next time a pandemic rolls around.

Doing this shit in a peer group, in a place of trust is important I suspect.
Because the most effective counter to "someone on Facebook says vaccines are dangerous" is remembering that you got a bunch of them at school, it was SUPER boring and the worst thing that happened was some dick from 8CE punched you in the arm afterwards.

Pain is a memory booster
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6 Jun
As a Labour Party member I very much wish that BOTH Jeremy Corbyn and Tony Blair would fuck off out of the public discourse.
Being in Labour is like your mum got divorced twice, but both exs keep showing up at family BBQs.

You don't invite them but SOMEONE in the family keeps leaking the date.

"Tony's turned up. His Mercs blocking the street"

"Jez is making a scene cos the potato salad isn't vegan"
Meanwhile Gordon, who she dated for a bit between them and you kinda liked, always politely turns down your invites because he "doesn't want to cause a scene"

Which is a shame, because that one time he DID turn up he brought an absolute STACK of burgers from a proper butcher.
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4 Jun
I like that Twitter Blue is just all the bugs they should have patched out years ago, but for a small monthly fee.
And that the "undo" feature isn't so much an "undo" as a deadman's switch for drunk tweeting.
Coupled with what is essentially a promise to stop fucking with your timeline. Maybe. Probably. In return for a reasonable protection payment.
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2 Jun
Like the DLR, the Victoria Line has grandfathered rights for its CURRENT setup.

ORR have consistently told TfL that alteration to the operational model of either line would require them to resubmit their ROGS HSMS.

ORR have said that PEDs/PED equiv would be required for cert.
And, for those thinking:

"ah but could they come up with a way of staying just the right side of requiring a safety recertification?"

I refer you to my article on the 737 MAX and how much of a not good idea that approach turned out to be there.…
It is worth noting, of course, that the Victoria Line is the ONLY Tube Line where a train has EVER successfully operated at GoA 4.

But it wasn't deliberate.

And TfL don't like to talk about it. 😆
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1 Jun
BTW, if you're wondering what the real price attached to this current TfL settlement by the government is, then a big part of it is killing off TfL/SK's efforts to increase the social housing stock in London.

That's how vindictive this government is.
TfL Business Plans are, essentially, one of the few real things over which the Mayor of London has near-absolute control.

i.e where he gets to set policy as he likes AND wield TfL's significant budget, fund raising and market pressure to facilitate meaningful change.
Both this settlement and the one before it are really about clipping that power and forcing the DfT (for which read 'Cabinet Minister') into the TfL planning and budgeting process.
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