History is not science, there are no algorithms or immutable laws. There is only memory and evidence. The history we all share and our understanding of it is highly variable and dependent on the story tellers. Where I grew up, everyone I ever met shared a story. (1)
It was shaped by the story of the largest migration in human history. Nearly 30 million Europeans came to America between 1870 and 1920. They came to a rapidly industrializing country that was exploding in size and wealth. By 1900 the United States (2)
was the richest country in the world with prosperity exploding everywhere except the South. The country had moved on from the Civil War and reconstruction. There were 9 million black Americans at the turn of the century and 90 percent of them lived in the South. They were (3)
Imprisoned by hate and Jim Crow in the remnant of the American slave nation. The black population of the South was systematically terrorized, killed and brutally oppressed for decades. The ceaseless oppression of the South combined with the rapid industrialization of the North (4
Helped instigate the greatest emigration within the boundaries of the United States in our history. Between 1916 and 1970 more than 6 million Black Americans would leave the Jim Crow South for the North. During the early years of the “ great migration” southern blacks moved to 5)
Northern cities and formed communities. Blacks competed economically against European immigrants and faced profound racism and discrimination while the power of new freedoms within black communities unleashed a creative explosion of literature, music and art. (6)
The Harlem Renaissance stands as a powerful reminder about what can happen when the human soul is freed from the indignities of slavery and oppression. There is a reason why autocratic societies do not produce great art, music and literature. There can be no joy without freedom 7
and there can be no art absent joy. The overwhelming majority of Confederate monuments in this country were built as political statements in the 1920’s. They were built as assertions of White Supremacy not memorials to the war dead. The Ku Klux Klan followed Black aspiration (8)
North and continued to wage racial war against black Americans. Black success was targeted and destroyed in places like Tulsa and in a dozen other cities. The Harlem Hellfighters, the all Black US Army Unit, that brought jazz to France, tasted both respect, appreciation and a (9)
measure of equality that was unimaginable in the United States. The Hellfighters were detailed to the French Army and known for their valor and ferocity. When black soldiers returned from Europe in 1918 their hopes of returning to a more just society were crushed. (10)
Charles Lewis survived the brutality of trench warfare to be lynched in uniform, in his hometown in Kentucky by a murderous white mob. Legal segregation ended during the 1960’s and a black man served as President in both of the first two decades of the 21st century. Yet, the (11)
perpetual struggle of the American story endures. Hundreds of pieces of legislation have been filed all over the country that restrict voting rights. There are some important considerations to note when evaluating the legislation. Let’s apply a three question test: (12)
1. Would these pieces of legislation have been introduced if Trump didn’t lose the election.
ANSWER/NO. 2. Are all of these pieces of legislation based on the lie and fantasy of election fraud that stole the election from Trump? ANSWER/YES 3. Does the legislation make it (13)
easier or harder for Black Americans and other groups of historically persecuted Americans to vote and have an equal voice in the future of America? ANSWER/ YES. All of this brings us to our great national predicament and a couple of profoundly important moral questions. (14)
The moral questions can be found in the hazy spaces where the truth and lie make contact with one another. Is asserting the election was stolen a lie? It is. Is that lie immoral? It is. Why? Because, it has poisoned faith and belief in the legitimacy of our government; Of the
People, By the People , For the people. Why does that matter? It matters because democracies are the only form of government that have ever existed that place the human being in command of the state as opposed to the state in command of the human being. That distinction is (15)
a profoundly moral one inseverably tied to race in this country. At our founding the counting of Black Human Beings for the purposes of a census was arrived at by compromise. They were to count as 3/5ths a Human Being or White person. (16)
The Civil Rights act of 1866, 13th, 14th, 15th Amendments, the Votings Rights Act, Civil Rights Act ect were all passed to establish the idea of equal justice under the law for everyone. We have made progress as a nation but the forces that have always been present in America (17
are emboldened and on the offense. This is @Sen_JoeManchin dilemma. His career in politics has brought him to center stage under the harshest lights of all. What is the right thing to do ? Let’s be clear about two things. 1. The use of the filibuster to prevent a Commission (18
From Investigating the 1/6 attack on America guarantees a generation of emboldened extremists and political violence. The lessons of history could not be more clear about this. 2. The insurrection was instigated by a lie that said Black American (19)
votes from inner cities like Detroit, Philadelphia and Atlanta were illegal and fraudulent. The Fox News propaganda substantially drives the message that Trump’s Presidency was stolen by black people who want to wage war on “Anglo Saxon” culture. A majority of Republicans in (20
America believe they live under an occupation; ruled over by an illegitimate President. Almost EVERY elected Republican is fully committed to Trump whether through agreement, ambition, self interest, greed, fear or cowardice. It is these people that @JoeManchinWV is delusional(21
about. If he sees good faith from across the aisle, then he is a fool. There will be no bi partisanship. There will be no deals. There is only a fight and there are only two sides. The offense is the use of Senate rules to drive immoral outcomes. @Sen_JoeManchin passivity 22
In that fight is justified by high minded arguments that fall flat against the reality of history and the malice of hundreds of Bills that say to Black Americans that their voice is dependent on White magnanimity not God given rights. It’s past time to fight back against this. #

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9 Jun
This is a great piece of political reporting and analysis. It is revelatory and accurate at a surgical level of precision. Every person who cares about winning the 2022 elections for the American Pro Democracy coalition should read and understand what it means. (1)
Strategy Memo: There have been three elections in the last 120 years (1902, 1934, 2002) where the Incumbent President’s party has picked up seats in the first mid term election. Presently, Democrats hold the Senate by virtue of @VP’s tie breaking vote while holding the House by
five seats. @ProjectLincoln is operating on the optimistic premise that Democratic redistricting losses will be 12 seats which turns the majority into a functional -7 minority by the morning of Election Day 2022. (3)
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9 Jun
America tonight. 40% of the population has $400 cash in savings. Huge swaths of the country lack broadband and our national infrastructure is decrepit. Billionaires who fund their own space programs pay no taxes while the countries senior political leaders who incited
an insurrection remain protected by their own coverup. The concept of truth has been obliterated by a toxic combination of algorithms, misinformation and greed. There is an autocratic movement that is large, rich, powerful and on the March. It is maneuvering yet somehow it
Remains invisible to the people who are nearest it and have the power to do something about it. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned about this through the story of Neville Chamberlin. The story is more complicated than most people have been taught. He was an honorable man.
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9 Jun
In fact, Hitler used his short time in prison to write a book in which he articulated his beliefs very clearly. Released early: @nytimes reported that Mr. Hitler seemed chastened and would be retiring from extreme politics as he returned to Austria. @maggieNYT @TheRickWilson
Hitler had another enormous takeaway from the failed coup. He realized that he would have to take power by lawful and democratic means which is exactly what he did. It only took six months to kill ALL remnants of German democracy and it was all done LEGALLY. The Nazis
were genius propagandists.They used democracy to kill democracy. Lies, cynicism conspiracies, hate, blame, grievance and a lack of restraint around the application of violence for powers sake were their weapons. They moved in an ooze of self dealing, opportunism and fantastic
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9 Jun
.@vp has invited the female US Senators for cocktails. It is consistent with the graciousness and good cheer that seem so much a part of @vp’s personality. @MarshaBlackburn will be on that list. She is completely crazy and profoundly dishonest.
She is a purveyor of conspiracy theories that are poisoning our democracy. I love the idea of having cocktails with political opponents that you can agreeably disagree with and debate the issues of the day in good faith. We don’t live in that world and pretending we do is foolish
.@MarshaBlackburn is a purveyor of toxic insanity. She has given moral support to the murderous insurrection through her embrace of the lie that caused it and her refusal to investigate it. These aren’t people you drink with. They are indecent people who stand for an un-American
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8 Jun
Governor, I know you to be a man of good will and I have long admired your steadfastness and refusal to submit to the Trump cult. What is happening in America is something we need to talk about. I think your arguments are ludicrous. Joe Manchin is no hero. He is a politician.
Using the moral examples of Dr. King, Natan Sharansky and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was incinerated in a Nazi oven, to contextualize the current unappreciated courage of Joe Manchin and worse to insinuate that as the American people continue to evolve, one day, with the wisdom
that comes from time and hindsight, Joe Manchin will join the ranks of such men in the esteem of people who admire valor is absurd. Further, the arguments you make are built on bundles of cliches like the one you have highlighted above about loneliness
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7 Jun
.@ProjectLincoln I’ll take a shot at answering this. It might be helpful to invite the eminence grise of America’s fair and balanced network @brithume into the conversation. Fox News is a corrupt organization. In fact, it is the most corrupt public company in America.
.@FoxNews has repeatedly argued in court that it is not a news organization. Fox is a propaganda network in the service of an authoritarian movement built on a foundation of lies. Here, @FoxNews acts with total predictability. They are trying to shield their audience from the
truth. Fox is having the same reflex Soviet censors once had which is to Shield the people from the truth. What other explanation is there? There isn’t one. Where is the fighting front in the great political battle we are having in this country? It is found at the place
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