Literally every viral RW outrage quote snippet is just a blatant, willfully dishonest representation of the video clip they know none of their followers will actually watch. Because lying about Dems is righteous, the only important thing is 'owning' them.
In this case the actual quote is about seeing a bunch of trucks with 'Fuck Biden', Trump flags & dozens of American flags', sending the message that 'this is my country.' And he knows this b/c he posts this (still truncated) quote in the tweet after the viral one where he lies.
But b/c the RW media-sphere is just non-stop lying, whoever Tom Elliott is, guy turned it into, 'I saw a bunch of American flags and that was really disturbing.' And with predictable results...
Anyway, you can expect 'Dems are disgusted by the sight of American flags' to be a top story on Fox primetime for the next 3 days.
lol. come on.
I'm no longer shocked b/c he pushes every bit of RW disinfo (as long as it's target is owning the libs/media) but I thought this one might be too comically dumb/dishonest for him to touch. I was wrong.

• • •

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More from @Wilson__Valdez

9 Jun
I'm not mad. Actually, I'm laughing. I didn't even want to win anyway. I hated this job. I hated serving all you ingrates. Which is why I ran for governor. And most of all...I am not owned.
Compare and contrast. Seems like a huge upgrade. Congrats!
Read 5 tweets
2 Jun
I don't really have anything else to add, other than that this is extremely, extremely funny.
If any of you ever catch me talking like this about my followers count, please tell me to delete my account, instantly.
Btw- I've experienced years of consistent growth and know what that feels like.
Read 4 tweets
31 May
It's hard to tell whether Katie Halper is just so incredibly dumb that she believes her own garbage or she's just completely delusional (whynotboth.jpg) but regardless of her whinging, if she's remembered at all, it'll be as a hypocritical grifter with absolutely no shame.
Katie & her buddy Nathan Robinson stage managed a false sexual assault smear that had been vetted & dismissed by every major outlet, all bc their preferred candidate lost the primary. And then went around shaming people, as she's *still* trying to do to this day.
She wants to pretend it's about principle, which nobody outside of her little partisan friend bubble believes, while going on to defend ppl like Shahid Buttar & Julian Assange. And hey, what ever happened to your friends & frequent podcast guests Sam Kriss & Emmett Rensin?
Read 5 tweets
30 May
Hey where are all the GOP & anti-anti-GOP gaslighters who spent weeks arguing that Dems were being ridiculous comparing them to Jim Crow & all these GOP voter suppression bills #actually *expanded* voting?
Hey @HotlineJosh lets hear some more analysis about how the libs are being hysterical. And maybe some more election wonk nerdery bullshit about how there's no proof that this will actually lower turnout or something. The GOP sure doesn't believe that that's true.
The fact remains like all of these bills, they're designed in response to high Dem turnout & are laser-targeted to attack Dems and make voting harder for them. And, unlike this time, succeed in overturning any future Dem victories.
Read 5 tweets
29 May
Glenn hyper-focused on owning libs over pedantic word choices, while completely excusing the (GOP caused) big picture...and lying about it to do so? Same as it ever was.
This is a great thread. Finally someone in the media has the stones to call him on it.
His entire defense of 1/6 has just been down-right farcical. "Wow the libs said that 1 guy died by being hit with a fire extinguisher but actually he wasn't...therefore everything else never happened & you are hysterical'.
Read 5 tweets
29 May
Look Ryan, the reality is, it doesn't matter whether your buddy Bernie campa. manager David Sirota pushed you to write the story or not. You took an incredibly serious (false) allegation that the rest of the media wouldn't touch & cowardly reported into the public like a coward,
making it a process story, but getting the allegations out there in a backhanded manner. All the other outlets wouldnt touch it b/c they had her on record changing her story multiple times & did not find her credible. But that didn't stop political motivated hacks like you.
The most 'rich' part of @ryangrim's excuse for why he did what he did, when asked, he said, he 'didn't have time to substantiate her allegations' lol. Just gonna write a piece accusing the Dem pres. nom of being a rapist, but Im too busy to actually check if its true or not.
Read 6 tweets

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