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Charlatans like Abramson on some level know that they’ve been peddling a fraud, so instead of defending their debunked arguments on the merits, they resort to bogus appeals to credentialism: a fallacy Seth should’ve learned about in law school
The only reason Abramson garnered a platform was because he pioneered a groundbreaking form of “experimental journalism” which entailed hawking bias-affirming theories to Bernie Sanders supporters about how he was #actually leading Hillary Clinton in the delegate count
Abramson in May 2016: "I’ve been a metamodernist creative writer for many years now, but had not seen an opportunity to bring this earnest, optimistic, and loving art practice into my professional writing activities until Bernie Sanders came along."

Sure thing, Seth
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A thread about the significance of this paper, and this journal acceptance, in the history and contemporary sociology of the economics profession. I have a lot to say....
I. It took 25 years to get from Card & Krueger to the QJE acceptance of a paper analyzing the employment effect of a comprehensive series of minimum wage experiments. This represents an enormous intellectual achievement, for the authors as well as for their many collaborators.
I will list some of them here: @arindube @benzipperer @Sly21 @Alan_Krueger @LarryMishel @jschmittwdc @kavyavaghul @hshierholz
This is far from comprehensive--please add more.
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#Actually, the chart actually shows clear evidence of the beer-wine frontier, with certain types of sprits (e.g. scotch, brandy/cognac) straddling the frontier. 🍺🍷
A few highbrow beers (although there's nothing *truly* highbrow on here) creep over into wineland, but that's sort of what you'd expect.
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So there have been a lot of takes on the UMC #gc2019 votes on LGBT issues.

But the take with the most relevance to non-Methodists is one I haven't seen anybody make. So here goes.
Also, cc @salimfurth for sending the email that prompted this thread
Different churches organize themselves different ways. For example, my own church body, @thelcms , gives a lot of power to laypeople at the congregational level, but then also has a strong center: it's got a very weak mid-level bureaucracy compared to e.g. Catholics, Methodists.
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Why does the Cosmos assign meaning by size, and why, finding us so insignificant, is it so preoccupied with dispatching messengers to let us know?
In that night alive with signs and stars, I opened myself to the gentle indifference of the universe. Finding it so much like myself — so like a brother, really — I resolved to start posting tweets about how SuperMoons are #actually normal moons and BB-8 couldn't really roll.
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Out today! My new, chart-rich paper on trade, globalization & US public opinion:…
So now a thread on why I wrote this paper - the data for which were surprisingly difficult to gather (thanks, @pewresearch, @Gallup, @ChicagoCouncil, etc for the help!) - and what it reveals /2
The malleability of US public opinion on trade is something I first noticed years ago (and briefly discussed in this paper from 2011:…). Trade polls have long fluctuated depending on politics, rhetoric & the economy. /3
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There are a lot of prominent people, who claim to be principled anti-war activists, who led us to believe that Hillary was the *real* threat, that should be absolutely ashamed to show their faces right now. Yet they're all pretending like it never happened.
None of this is surprising if you were paying attention & weren't looking to confirm your biases that #actually Trump might not be so bad (not as bad as Killary). Most of us saw the threat in real time & called it out. It wasn't subtle.
It's just so incredibly frustrating bc it was all so predictable. You demanded that every journalist & pundit who predicted the election results incorrectly be disgraced; yet this was infinitely more consequential. And yet, you've taken zero responsibility for your actions.
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