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I was very happy to join @NickHanauer and @GoldyHA on this episode of @PitchforkEcon to discuss the franchising business model, orthodox IO economics' love of vertical restraints, and the roots of @EconUofU in the 40s Red Scare.…
@NickHanauer @GoldyHA @PitchforkEcon @EconUofU A lot of people's great work went into this & is cited: @brian_callaci @profsheena @sanjuktampaul @Neil_Irwin @sergiotpinto + the Minnesota ban on franchise no-poaches, whose author as far as I'm concerned is @aaronsojourner
I apologize for thinking the Whopper is sold at McDonalds (thus showing that they don't have strong enough intellectual property protections and so all VRs are and should be legal, #actually) and that the COVID pandemic began in February 2019 (I'm not a COVID truther).
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I wrote a thread the other day about people wasting their time building reasoned counter-arguments to obvious bad-faith bullshit, which probably does more to raise the bullshit's profile than to refute it.

An exquisite example here.
Show me the human being, anywhere on the planet, who is gonna read "#actually garages have locks" and change their mind about any of this.
I honestly think liberals desperately *want* this to be an argument. They love arguments & are deeply acculturated to the idea that there's a "marketplace of ideas" in which the best info/arguments win.

"Fuck you & your rules, you can't stop us" just short-circuits them.
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Ahahahahaha Image
#Actually, this is great news for Tucker. Couldn't be better. lol Image
Ahahaha oh my god. This is just too much.

"They always hate most who succeed in journalism"

About Tucker Carlson. ahahahaha. Image
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It's absolutely hilarious that there is this massive, bombshell media scandal revealing the highest rated cable news outlet lying to their viewers and the group of dudes who obsessively post about cable news media all have to pretend to ignore it b/c it's the channel they love.
*me, ranting daily about Rachel Maddow/Joy Reid/Nicole Wallace*

*revealed under oath that a cable news outlet is lying to all its viewers*
Hey uhh so when's a new Twitter Files coming out? Seen any cute dogs lately?
Taibbi has acknowledged it exactly once. It's just not important enough for him to comment on. He's busy on the next expose- Twitter Files 87: Eric Swalwell requested to have a death threat taken down.
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She is new to politics and says she is learning.
It's absolutely hilarious the level of deference (and excuse making) he gives his allies while he gives his enemies (the libs) the absolute worst levels of bad faith. Libs are evil based on this one thing they said 25 years ago but c'mon she said "Hitler was good" on her 1st day.
Glenn is just going through and yelling at every single person who QT'ed his announcement. He is definitely not mad.
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All indications are that the Uniswap team is working on a V4.

In this thread, I’m going to discuss what Uniswap V4 might look like and why.

This thread is 100% speculation. I don’t have any inside information.

As a bit of background, the Uniswap V3 “business source license” expires in April, two years after the V3 release.

To deter another Sushiswap-style vampire attack, the BSL explicitly forbids forks of the V3 code for a period of two years.

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Look, there's not really any point arguing further with Will bc there's no amount of evidence that will get him to admit that he was wrong, but everyone in his original thread said (including journalists & allies like Jeet), there was no actual change in Dem messaging.
Literally every single personal in reply saying this but
#actually it's everyone but me, the right and correct Smartest Boy of Politics who knows better, who is "gaslighting." 🤡
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This is Virginia but it's true everywhere. If you want action on climate change, you have to vote for Democrats.

That's a purely descriptive statement, not normative. You might wish it were otherwise, but it ain't.
This extremely salient fact of US public life doesn't get discussed much because it tacks against the instincts of journalists & pundits. It's "partisan." It's not clever or counter-intuitive. It's not an excuse to explain why #actually the left is wrong or dumb.
The right's views on the question can not be laundered by centrist pundits into a Serious Position Worthy of Debate. It just resists all the standard clever pundit tricks.

And so it sits there, obvious, vitally important, and largely uncelebrated.
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Been out most of the day with family and just checked our buddy Glenn's TL from today and man...there's like 10 diff. insane tweets I want to pull out but I'm just too exhausted. The guy is just very unwell.
And of course in typical Glem fashion, he is accusing all his enemies of actually being the ones who are neurotic, unwell, disturbed, psychotic, unhinged, etc etc.
Oh and also, the REAL people spreading hatred are not the ones who are saying that LGBTQ people deserve to die bc 'groomers' but #actually (aka my allies), but actually it's the journalists who say that it's bad to call for violence against LGTBQ people who are inciting violence
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LOL. Just absolute through-the-roof levels of cope. Conspiracy theorist calling everyone else conspiracy theorists.

There's a reason the other "Russiagate" hysterics have just shut up, will completely ignore it and/or just tweet through it. Image
#Actually it was never about getting court verdicts...which is why we've all endlessly cited the Mueller Report saying he couldn't find criminal conspiracy (due to massive obstruction & limited jurisdiction) as proof that "Russiagate" was a total hoax & ignored the public record. Image
Anyway, Glenn & Matt Taibbi are just going to tweet through it. Never acknowledging that their narrative that they claimed discredited everybody else, completely discredited them. Just pretend like it never happened. Because that's what #vindicated 'journalists' do. ImageImage
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These folks are trapped, perhaps hopelessly, in a bubble in which the only explanation for concerns about youth gender medicine is transphobia. Like, it's *impossible* there are good-faith questions. I'd feel bad for them but they are spreading a huge amount of misinformation. Image
2/A large number of pioneers in youth gender medicine have come forward with concerns -- Steensma, de Vries, Olson-Kennedy, Bowers, among others. You are completely conspiracy-addled if you think some evil puppet masters are controlling the discourse on this subject. Aggravating.
3/ Parker Molloy, in particular, has *actually* worked behind the scenes (and openly!) to attempt to rather viciously punish and denounce journalists who question her preferred narrative on this subject. It's rich for her to claim shadowy influence here.
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None of those hysterical libs will ever face any accountability for being wrong. Now to take a big sip of coffee and turn off every single news source...
Fucking lunacy!!!!
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This is from today, Jun 27, 2022.
Glem's entire feed is of course random grievances and blaming Dems/Obama for Roe. He of course does not state a single time whether he thinks it's a good thing that Roe was overturned, just random tone-policing and out-of-context Obama/Hillary clips.
When the ruling 1st happened his immediate response (after going quiet) was to bizarrely fixate over the fact that #actually it was a 5-4 decision. Which was strange b/c..what a pedantic thing to obsess over. But then it made sense, of course, it was about blaming the Libs.
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Here's the "Senior Investigative Reporter and Spokesperson" at the Southern Poverty Law Center calling for Twitter censorship if you observe that the Buffalo shooter plastered the notorious "Black Sun" symbol -- a favorite of the Azov Battalion -- at the very top of his manifesto
In other words, the symbol displayed by the shooter at the top of his twisted manifesto is the same symbol displayed in the *official insignia* of the foreign military battalion that everyone's currently supposed to be lionizing as brave defenders of democracy. Those are facts
By the way, there was another pro-Azov rally this afternoon in NYC
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All these people like Adam are still salty because he accurately called out the terrible slogan that is "defund the police", which they still can't admit was a mega loser. So instead, you get a bunch of extremely weird character attacks like this.
Lamb's probably not going to win because nobody's paying attention and Fetterman has (relatively) high name recognition, but good lord this is just pathetic.
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There are two things that I think are inapposite about this response, even as it is meant to help. (Akiva is a sensitive and thoughtful person and this is not ch"v an attack. I'll try to make sure it doesn't sound like one.)
1. @btzelemelokim was talking about, as I understood it, the experience of growing up in the frum world and hearing this taught. (Responding to my general point about what we are teaching, and how it shapes the context in which victims come forward and abusers act.)
He was sharing a painful personal experience that illuminated yet another way in which teaching Torah--accurately!--might convey messages that we don't think we're conveying, or want to convey, and that we have to figure out how to explicitly address that.
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She started the race up 35 points and with a huge money advantage. She previously served in that district, had high name rec (including a national profile) & all the other candidates were basically unknowns....and she lost by 6 points.

This is just unbelievably sad spin.
#Actually.... blowing a 35 point lead (a 40+ point swing) in the span of a few months is impressive.
Goddamn all the cope takes are just comical. The 'lengths the Dem machine' went to consisted of running a bunch of ads with her words from a year ago and a few endorsements. Wow. Totally unprecedented 'lows which they stooped to.'

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Alexa- show me the consistently wrongest guy in all of politics.
#Actually Dem primary voters (especially in a majority black district) like Hillary Clinton. Your DSA book club is not representative of real life.
LOL Jacobin
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This is from....yesterday lol
Just 2 vindicated journalists, nailing it.
Well, by Glenn's own definition, it is indeed a coup. Glad we've settled that.
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The FOP has gone full ostrich on 1/6, allowing their allied Republicans to escape political repercussions for supporting a mob assault on cops.

The Democratic response to this devil’s alliance boils down to: well, #actually!… Image
All for a little light trolling of Republicans for defunding the police and presiding over a huge isometric violent crime spike across the country, but the people who represent the actual cops don’t seem to care who funded them.
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Circling circling circling. Wagons keep on circling.

(we've reached the inevitable stage where, in response to overwhelming criticism, all the other beltway journalists tweet about how great & indispensable journalist X is- those dumb dumb readers just don't understand).
What Rachael offered up was a completely subjective opinion- as if it was just an objective fact- devoid of context and stated definitively. She (& other political hacks journos) created a narrative based on nothing but her own opinion and very rightfully got pushback on it.
#Actually, you're just not intelligent enough to understand my extremely savvy point. Unlike you all, I have a very high IQ
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This was 100% expected. These people live for this.
Also, this part was 100% just Rachael Bade being super salty that everyon ratio'ed her shitty tweet yesterday. Because #actually that just proves how right and unbiased they are.
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Oh my god, they're outside with no masks and are a few feet apart. The horror! This to me, reveals all that is bankrupt with western politics! "Low IQ virtue signaling!"

The anti-Lib (but don't call me a Republican how dare you) contrarians are just so ridiculously dumb.
"Nothing is undermining confidence and faith in the efficacy of the vaccine like this behavior" I say as my friend, the guy whose show I appear on 5 times a week is literally pushing dangerous anti-vaxx nonsense, designed to undermine confidence in the vaccine.
"This is how they behave when they believe no one is watching," I say about this video with 2 million views, that Macron tweeted out himself, to his over 7 million followers. lol
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The first and ONLY Supreme Court opinion today is in Sanchez v. Mayorkas, a unanimous decision by Kagan holding that a TPS recipient who entered the U.S. unlawfully is not eligible under §1255 for LPR status merely because he has TPS.…
No blockbusters* from the Supreme Court today. Next SCOTUS opinion day is Thursday (my birthday!).

*with the caveat that every case is a blockbuster to someone!
You all better be ready to wish me happy birthday while we wait for doom on Thursday.
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