No civilized nation on the world *enables* drug addicts to die on the sidewalks like we do

Not Portugal, not Netherlands

Civilized nations mandate shelter, treatment, work

Progressive harm reduction advocates lied about what other nations did

Now 90k/year (+73k in 20 yrs) die
Civilized nations mandate treatment

The philosophy of “Everyone just has to hit bottom” and “You can’t force someone” is used to justify the totally unnecessary deaths of 90,000 people in the U.S. annually

It’s an immoral ideology, and disproven by civilized nations
In Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Vienna, and Zürich, law enforcement and social service workers broke up the open drug scenes, what we call “homeless encampments, mandated treatment, and provided basic shelter, not luxury apartments costing $750k to $1M in expensive cities.
California’s Gov @GavinNewsom must do the same thing & @Caitlyn_Jenner @BeastJohnCox @Kevin_Faulconer must advocate the same approach

It is the ONLY approach that has worked and is the ONLY approach that can work, for inherent physical, medical, and moral-economic reasons.
Progressives must drop the dogmatism and open their eyes to how their policies are counterproductive

Conservatives must stop being so provincial and punishment-oriented

We need to be practical. We need to do what works
This scientific, peer-reviewed paper tells you 75% of what you need to know about how we will end the open drug scenes (“homeless encampments”) that are destroying L.A., SF, Seattle, & Vancouver…
It is shameful for all of us who live here that we are *subsidizing* the mass death, 90,000 per year, of addicts and children by fentanyl, meth, & other hard drugs

It’s bonkers and immoral. No civilized nation has ever allowed such a thing, or ever would

It has to stop
We must break up the drug scenes, mandate treatment, and mandate basic shelter

We must spend $1B minimum on PSAs warning parents & children of potentially instant death from fentanyl

We just centralize psychiatric services

We must build a state+USA movement for those things
We are bringing together parents of kids killed by fentanyl, parents of kids at risk of being killed, former addicts, neighborhood leaders, and experts

These are dark days but once people understand the vision and what works we will get the political response and change we need.
The good news is that all 5 European nations went through the exact same debate we are having in West Coast cities

“All of the cities had initially a period with conflict between liberal and restrictive policies. A political consensus was a prerequisite for effective action.”
All 5 Euro cities recognized that they were dealing with an *addiction* problem resulting in behaviors that were ruining cities for their residents

(“…drug dependence was met as a health problem and drug use behaviour as a public nuisance problem…”)…
In every city the police & social services were involved

In no case was it one or the other

“Low threshold health services including opioid maintenance treatment were combined with outreach social work and effective policing.”

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7 Jun
A Los Angeles mayoral candidate was just nearly stabbed by homeless woman

“She said, ‘I’m gonna start killing people’"

I'm gonna go out on a limb & suggest mental illness or drugs were a factor

We need to shut down the open air drug scenes

What are called "homeless encampments" in Venice Beach and Skid Row in L.A., the Tenderloin and Blade neighborhoods of SF & Seattle, are what Europeans call "open drug scenes," and view as threats to public health & safety.…
Progressive harm reduction and drug decriminalization advocates, myself included, have been misled, and in turn misled others, about what places like the Netherlands and Portugal *actually* did to deal with addiction
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7 Jun
Drugs killed 3,000x more people than nat. disasters last year

Drug deaths increased from 17k to 90k while CO2 emissions fell 22%

We need to get our priorities straight. We are in a drug emergency not a climate emergency

There is no scientifically valid scenario for climate change to ever kill 90,000 people in a single year, much less in the U.S. alone. While the intensity of hurricanes may rise 5 percent, the same science predicts their frequency will decline 25 percent.
Deaths from natural disasters have plummeted 99 percent in Bangladesh and other poor nations since the 1980s, even as the planet has warmed. Globally, the five-year period ending in 2020 had the fewest natural disaster deaths of any five-year period since 1900.
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7 Jun
Rising energy demand + over-investment in weather-dependent renewables = power outages in China, Japan, & Taiwan…
"The power shortages are raising concerns that Taipei’s ambitious plan to decommission all its nuclear power plants by 2025 and replace them with gas and renewable energy could be delayed."…
"The significant reduction in Japan's thermal [weather-independent] power capacity, which comprises 70% of its energy mix, could threaten the country's power supply without a significant boost in the utilization of nuclear power."…
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5 Jun
“My daughter died from one pill”

“I woke up next to 3 people dead"

“I found my son on the floor”

Drug deaths 2000: 17k
Drug deaths 2020: 90k

- Break-up the open drug scenes
- Mandate treatment
- $1B for PSAs
Families demand action NOW

Parents of poisoned children, parents of addicts, and neighborhood activists... we are finding each other.

DM or email me to get involved in our growing movement

@JoeBiden @DrBiden @GavinNewsom @JenSiebelNewsom
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4 Jun
Environmentalists say climate change is an apocalyptic threat. But by forcing nuclear plants to close, they are increasing carbon emissions and making climate change worse. Why is that?

My latest @SubstackInc — please share, and subscribe!…
I debated @NRDC at Yale University

Watch me debunk anti-nuclear lies, expose NRDC's financial conflicts of interest, and call into question the ethics of its silence on Chinese solar "genocide" panels

Part 1 of 3
Part 2 of 3
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2 Jun
“In 2020, the number of fentanyl deaths in the county more than doubled, and the victims were younger, on average, than in the previous two years”

Please RT to demand that @GavinNewsom & @JenSiebelNewsom break up the open drug scenes before more children are killed! Image
At our protest today, four parents of children who were killed by fentanyl poisoning will join @JacquiBerlinn who is trying to save her son from fentanyl

We need more parents & families to speak out to shut down the open drug scenes

Join us! Support the growing movement!
California spends more money on homelessness & mental illness than any other states but have far worse outcomes because we refuse to demand accountability from anyone — addicts, dealers, or government agencies
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