Vitamin d functions on many levels It's part of the innate immune system & also signals to the acquired immune system (T and B cells) to take up arms after 96 hours It is immunomodulatory in action preventing our own immune system from going overboard & producing cytokine storms
2. Research shows that up to 50,000 IU's can be taken for no longer than one week at times of acute infection. but it must be taken with some fat as it cannot be absorbed otherwise and would be unavailable for the body to use. In +, vitamin D has anticoagulant properties.
3. the cytokine storms seem to be related to (generally bacterial) pneumonia which often occurs after the immune system is weakened post virus. Bacterial toxins move through the lung tissue damaging it. Cholesterol is needed to neutralise these toxins so statin users are at a
4 disadvantage.
Vitamin C is found to act as an effective antibiotic if taken at doses of 6-8g for one week. These are far greater than recommended daily allowance but it needs to be.

There are plenty of other measures can be taken.
@ldmn53 @JanBrodsky

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More from @ldmn53

9 Jun
Sad that schools are taking away the events that children enjoy. There is nothing stopping anyone from organising their own event with like minded others. If you deregister your child then the school can no longer fine you for taking your child out of school without permission.
You can always re-register them later.

If you decide to home educate - you and your child can decide what to learn and you do not have to follow the school curriculum.

Don't like history? Then study family history and find out how granny and grandad lived and what they did
Don't like maths? Draw plans for a vegetable patch, a to kart - think of all the measuring and skills involved with that. Follow recipes - you would be surprised how many children do not have a concept of what 5g pr 100g is.

It's great fun making bath bombs in chemistry and
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9 Jun
@Taste_Swansea well it is always a possibility but it would backfire - less brainwashing and more diversity in home education would make students far harder to control. There has been a move - over a couple from encouraging children to being individuals to cooperating @ldmn53
with others. They stopped learning that they could assert a different opinion and still respect someone else's. Debating was removed, more homework which doesn't work - all designed to keep children from interacting and instead following those in 'authority' with punitive
sanctions if set homework wasn't handed in on time. They have been abused for a long time in the system and home education or small groups set up by parents would be far preferable and they would be able to learn what interests them - which is good learning.
Maths out of a book
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7 Jun
1 Citrate can be used as an anticoagulant due to its calcium chelating abilities. For example, magnesium citrate.
Citric acid gives the tang to fizzy drinks and snacks. It can cause adverse effects in susceptible people including rapid weight gain, swelling, numbness
2 in a study 39% of participants in a grass pollen study for allergies were found to have a sensitivity to citric acid.

They were also found to be more likely to be allergic to limonene - a chemical found in the peel of citrus foods.
If u experience weight gain on non-fat
3 foods then search the labels for citric acid. The citric acid used in a whole range of foods is not derived from citrus fruit. Pfizer started to produce citric acid from Aspergillus Niger ( a mould) in 1919 so 99% of citric acid is made from microbial fermentation.
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6 Jun
Therapeutic bread for anxiety, stress and insomnia

porridge oats (you need to have enough to make a firm mix) so approx. 300g
3 ripened bananas
4 eggs
Handful of dried fruit (optional)
800mg of L-theanine
800mg powdered magnesium
200-400g of cooked beans

I tablespoon of sugar (optional)
I teaspoon of cinnamon

Place bananas and eggs in your food processor and give a good whizz around
Place in a separate bowl with the dried fruit
Add the rest of the ingredients to the food processor – apart from the oats-and give
another whizz around
Add this second mix to your egg/banana batter and give a good mix.
Leave for 15 minutes to allow the dried fruit to absorb some of the wet ingredients. (alternatively, you could soak them in a little tea first)
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